LCC to Register Herbalists

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) will next month commence the registration of traditional healers in the city.

This follows the local authority’s realisation that some traditional healers or herbalists and those dealing in imported herbal medicine were illegally conducting businesses around the city.

Council Public Relations manager George Sichimba said like any other business, traditional healers or herbalists are required by law to register with the Council and obtain business permits before embarking on their businesses.

According to Sichimba, the procedure is that after registering with the the Traditional Health Practitioners Association of Zambia (THPAZ), traditional healers should  obtain business permits from the council.

He said Local authorities are mandated by law to register and regulate all businesses in their respective districts.

“However, many traditional healers and those dealing in imported herbal medicine have not formalised their businesses in Lusaka. This scenario makes it difficult for the local authority to monitor the business activities of traditional healers,” Sichimba said.

He has explained that the registration exercise was meant to protect members of the public from being duped by some unscrupulous traditional healers whose whereabouts and personal details were not easily established.

Recently, LCC held a fruitful consultative meeting with the Traditional Health Practitioners Association  of Zambia (THPAZ) executive led by its president Dr Rodwell Vongo.

The meeting was hosted and chaired by LCC director of legal services Bibiyana Bulaya.


Sichimba has disclosed that the  local authority will in due course have another meeting with all traditional healers  to sensitise them on the registration exercise and the provisions of the law.


He adds that foreign traditional healers and herbalists will also be required to register with THPAZ and LCC before practicing in the city.



  1. The Taliban

    Just ban them no need even to start registering them,these are witchcrafts….

    • Barcelona Manager

      The Taliban; Exactly my thought, these witches are a big nuisense if anything this should even be extended to facebook Satanists under the guise of Illuminate fimofimo

  2. Joseph zulu

    Fine let them comply with the law

  3. Alu.B

    Am not educated,but some of these traditional doctors are liars

  4. Mario puzo

    Traditional healers and Christianity do not move together, one wonder if really this is a Christian Nation, Chase these witches and wizards.

  5. steve

    Comment Labour minister to meet them why don’t they participate on Labour day with their baners


    Where are we going with all the herbalist or so called spiritualist in this BLESSED COUNTRY and GREAT NATION zambia.This is a direction where this country is heading to,i believe that even the ritual-murders are been embarrassed by this regime.If we are proud of our nation as a Christian Nation,why are we prohibiting herbalist to be operating in every corner of our country?….

  7. junjuni bala

    Is Zambia really a Christian nation?

  8. Luke Javic Jr

    Stupid is George sichimba how can u allow witches to opparate in a Christian nation like Zambia remember this is not Nigeria where these witches made an organisation called Nigeria wizard association, nosense we are Christians not illuminate

  9. Luke Javic Jr

    Ati pwanya chinena what’s that?


    witchcrafts and traditional healers are fall under satanism very soon will hear the registering of witchcrafts. Ichalo caluba GOD help us.

  11. Truestory

    Ba council naimwe apakulila nga pa bula mwikalefye. Ati regulate what? Indoshi, are you serious? I didn’t hear anything to do with ing’nga Ku NDF not even mu constitution tababamo, now why give them ama license? Ishi imiti isha bupuba shilya apa esho mwingachita regulate sure? Limbi naimwe tayema so mulayako?

  12. Truestory

    Iyi zoona, ba Steve you’re ryt. Why tabasangwa Ku labour celebration nama barner yabo? Pantu fyabuloshi ifi ba chita, fya mu darkness.

  13. Justin

    I thought Zambia was a Christian nation to allow such witchcraft…God help us

  14. Davies Daud

    Just ban them there need of calling witchez insted cal some #prophets_0r_pastor

  15. Flanker

    Entertainment and health for all ages


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