Lungu Heads to C/Belt

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected on the Copperbelt for a three-day working visit.

The Head of State will arrive at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola at 09:00 hours.

According to a programme obtained, President Lungu is on the same day expected to meet traditional leaders in Lufwanyama  before commissioning 21 housing units for police officers in the same district.

President Lungu will further engage Mine Unions and Chamber of Mines to discuss a wide range of issues regarding job loses in the mining sector before making a stop in Ndola.

The Head of State will then officiate at the UCZ Health Fun Run at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium before meeting major contractors on the Copperbelt on Saturday.

On Sunday, President Lungu is scheduled to attend a church service at Christ the King Pentecostal Church then later Commission construction of the Masaiti District Phase one project before flying back to Lusaka.

Copperbelt permanent secretary Bright Nundwe said the Head of State is expected to commission expansion works at Mukuba University Campus in Kitwe’s Itimpi area.

Nundwe said President Lungu is also expected to inspect various development projects in the Province, among other engagements.




  1. Sylvester Moomba

    How is it that all commissioning of every area is having one name, what are ministers going to commission. It is only in a Dictator country where you find one name every where. Leadership is best where they is shared responsibility among all the work force from a cleaner to the top most level. Individualism will never bring development in any field. Not only is it very expensive to have the head of state commission grave yards when there is a local government minister whose intureradge will not involve all service chiefs. Now there is even this clear recklessness where one wants to re introduced Deputy ministers with no work.

  2. Joseph Zulu

    Tapaba icisuma pacalo wat do you want the president him to do apart from that inspection of projects.

    • P.M

      Attend to pressing issues like the ailing economy instead of having fun runs…idiot

      • Dude

        P.M u sound frustrated. Your degrees seem not to be earning you anything. Don’t blame it on anybody, not even the President. It’s not their fault that you have failed to sell your value.

  3. Mwa!

    Dear your work schedule is so different from that of a head of state and period.Protocol my dear

  4. Hollywood

    Job well done Mr president. your works are 100%fare with no tribalism may the Almighty God be with you. Loving you is my regarded


    There is no problem for the President to check on the work that are done in the Province, may be you have other faults but on this one you have failed,

  6. #fellow-citizen/a_b_l

    Definitely your excellence.seriously our country is developing

  7. Wise me

    The job description, is the problem! Let’s hope it does not attract those huge allowances. While the presidents have had immunity while in office in which they can over- exercise some powers, the problem comes when they leave office. When the late FTJ (MHRIP) went flat out disbursing Presidential Slash Funds it looked like a normal Presidential responsibility, but to some of us it looked deicitful and foresaw trouble for him when out of office and it came to pass. He must have spent a substantial amount of money paying lawyers during his court cases; part of which he accumulated from allowances during his tenure of office. Remember his successor set a removal of immunity precedency in this country. I would think that some of the meetings with stakeholders like chiefs should be held at State House while most of the projects should be commissioned by Ministers and PS’s to save money spent on huge Presidential contingencies’ allowances unless during these times the civil servants involved have foregone these entitlements, which is unlikely, the economy is bleeding unnecessarily. No politics involved, just thinking.

  8. pf

    I Love That Move.
    And I Wish U Gods Protection.

  9. Goma

    But here in chama he commissioned two roads 1year ago but nothing is happening, is it just a ceremony to show that he is working or what? For those who know chama district in muchinga province the roads am talking about are muyombe turnoff to lundazi and again muyombe turnoff to isoka via muyombe. These two roads become impassable during rain season.In chama and muyombe we don’t see the reason to vote for pf in 2021 if these two roads have not been worked on.

  10. Joseph mwelwa

    Are these projects completed or about? The cost of living must also be inspected carefully .

  11. Zimba

    Commissioning without implementation, come and work on the two roads u commissioned here in chama district muchinga province,muyombe turnoff to lundazi and muyombe turnoff to isoka via muyombe.don’t just fool people, if these roads have not been worked on then forget about our votes in 2021.u commissioned these two roads 2 years ago but not even a 1% if work has been done.

  12. Lisa

    Open CBU. Students must not roam the streets for too long, they have the brains to be better future leaders than most of those cadres around you.

  13. Joshua

    After, the visiting of HH in kopala, today its mr ECL. the man has failled to run this country.

  14. Phiri

    Let the head of state do his job

  15. Charles

    Please it is not just Major contractors that are affected, also make time for the small and medium contrators and hear them too!

  16. Mr. K

    Hakainde will never stop campaigning to him the ground is fertile when pipo are complaining he was on the coperbelt to cause confusion the president is other copperbelt to inspect national projects and also look at the issue of miners bcz some investors are paid by the cartel so that the armtwist gvt to bring political fertility for upnd to win elections hakainde must know that pipo will not forgive him time for him is gone pf wamu yaya

  17. Pj

    Bazapita bamudala aba mu 2021 kaya..

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