Mukata’s Appeal Judgment Set For May 23

The Court of Appeal has set May 23 for judgment in the appeal case in which murder convict Keith Mukata  appealed against both his the death sentence and conviction  slapped on him by the Lusaka High Court.

In his appeal which was heard by president of the Court of Appeal Chalwe Mchenga, the appellant, through his lawyers, submitted that he was not guilty of murdering his security guard Namakau  Kalilakwenda, saying he might have been shot by intruders.

One of Mukata’s lawyers, Keith Mweemba, submitted that the police had a duty to investigate each aspect of a murder because “if they do not, the accused might have been prejudiced” and set free on a date to be announced by the Court of Appeal.

But the state argued that Mukata, who was UPND Chilanga Member of Parliament at the time, was connected to the shooting of the Kalilakwanda.

The state asked the court to dismiss the case and uphold the sentence.




  1. Okay

    Just hang him, he is a murderer

    • HOWARD

      Kill him!! Kill him!!! Kill him!! Kill him!!!

  2. jugement

    the court must add another 10year
    law is law boss.

  3. The saint

    Mmmmmmm kanshi he

  4. The saint

    He is still pa world, just do your work ba court

  5. Black America

    Law is Law

  6. Kings

    Now What Is The Benefit Of Sentencing Someone To Be Hunged Or Life Imprisoment When The Children Of The Dead Person Are Not Taken Care Of? Mulekwata Amano Guyz In Your Judgements, Let The Offender Be Responsible For Whatever The Needs Of That Family That Has Lost A Parent In That Manner Than Packing The Causer Of That Problem In Maxmum Prison Awaiting Death With Free Food, Its Pointless. As At Now Who Is Helping Those Children Left By That Guard? I Think Inonshita Baleculafye When Mukata Is Safe In Mukobeko, Nani Uushakafwe Pano Calo? Foolish Judgements.


      ba king dont vomite stinking things take forestance its your father who was murdered in this way will you say free that busterd called mukata? kwateni amano mwileka satana akubomfwe

    • The Last Don

      That’s shallow thinking iwe kings law is law he has been found guilt there fore he must be punished weather the dead won’t be back yes but the constitution and the law of rule must be upheld up to the standard of fairness not because he had little change he must be killed in fact now now atase

  7. BJ

    Uenda no lupanga, alafwa lulupanga. The case you committed one needs to hinged.

  8. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    No one is above the law regardless of political affiliation or position in the World. Let him just face the wrath of the law.

  9. Alu.B

    Am not educated,but justice should prevail here.Law is law,no matter what!!

  10. Zattie Bee

    He is gulity but killing him who’s gonna benefit by killing him? I hope he walks out free n judge himself either by repenting or …….. God forgive Him…

  11. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Forgive him he is manterly disturbed

  12. kedrick siame

    If you was belong to the ruling party their can withdraw your case now I’ve head in the statement that you are a opposition my dear you will be jalled.

  13. justice

    I think the best is to hung him so that his children face the same problems the children of the deceased are facing. He is very stupid. How do you take someone’s life and you expect to live on. Death on you.

  14. Razor

    He should have just appealed the sentence and not the verdict. Maybe the sentence can be commuted to twenty years but verdict remains guilty.

  15. Mulilo kafyama

    We put everything in God’s hand


    I think all pipi here are all happy about hunging someone, let us think dic way foreinstance u da one saying u are going to be cruxified coz of da case u did ,hw can u feel ,u think of your family ad dat case u didn t commit but bcoz dey found a dead body in your compound it qualifies u to be jailed is dat fair? Oppositionz are in soup bt belong to da ruling bcome bread n butter y dic country

  17. mj

    I think da mfcker mukata deserves to die.. he is a ruthless fool who can kill someone in cold blood..

  18. Hollywood

    Looking at the man’s face it is something else.I think that the man must be forgiven and he should take all the responsibilits of the deceased family. For give and forget.thank you All

  19. Aaron

    Some other things hapening awe mwe u cant coment is he a mp or a councellor?

  20. merciful person

    forgive him please just look the way he z looking please

  21. chikala chandi

    imwe mother fathers ,fackyou all ,if you have nothing to post go fuck each other in your usses and get buckets of water and wipe your sticking fucking mouths. bastards u will all die for the bible says for dust you are and to dust u shall retain. fuck you judges, fuck you lawyers ans the judicially. idiots judges are we going to be eating your fucking feces.

  22. prudence mulenga

    What is it hang him

  23. Walick

    Indeed life is short,mr kalilakwanda gone for good,I still remember the best times we shared in ngombe compound at dela one bar and kaira tarven were you used to roast beef every time you knocked off from work sir.your son bwintu is striving to make ends meet,may your rest in eternal peace until we meet on other side.

  24. junjuni bala

    Mmmmmmmm but sure is zambia a Christian nation ai?

  25. MR ZED

    It happens he was controlled by the serpient called the devil!

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