OPINION: The Kalu-Kamanga CAF Feud Damaging to the Zambian Game

The football rivalry between FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and his predecessor Kalusha Bwalya is back in the limelight with the duo fighting for the nomination ticket to the Confederation of African Football (CAF). It is a rivalry that has refused to wither despite high level interventions from outsiders including a one-time cease fire by former CAF president Issa Hayatou in 2017 when the two egoistic personalities threatened to throw the under-20 tournament into disarray with their shenanigans.

In 2016, Bwalya and Kamanga were at loggerheads as the duo squabbled over who should get the Cosafa nomination for the FIFA Executive committee for Southern Africa.

Kamanga eventually acceded after being pushed by among other forces government and gave the Great Kalu the letter. However, Bwalya withdrew sensing the stringent integrity check at FIFA at the time he was facing corruption charges that later culminated into a ban.

At CAF, the way is wide open for the Great One as CAF does not embrace integrity checks for their elections. The only stumbling block in the Great One’s way is none other than Andrew Ndanga Kamanga.

Negotiating his way past Kamanga has proved difficult with the entire nation sucked into the squabbling of two grown men.

So divided has opinion been that some creative news organizations have even opened a poll on whom Zambians think should fly the Zambian flag in Cairo. Much as this initiative is exciting from a news perspective, the matter at hand can never be reduced to a popularity contest. In any case the two gentlemen would not be voted into office by the Zambian public. One needs to have done their homework in courting other regions to market their candidature. The popularity contests opened by news organizations are extremely naïve and oblivious to the gravity of the matter at hand.

Perhaps the questions Zambians should be asking themselves are, what value does a Kamanga or Great Kalu candidature bring to the Zambian game? In Great Kalu’s two terms what value has been added to the Zambian game? Does Great Kalu deserve more than two terms? Is Great Kalu guaranteed of the support of incumbent presidents who are going to cast the vote?

Kalu also has to deal with that one blemish when he went out of his way to elbow then FAZ president Teddy Mulonga out of the Cosafa race that he terribly lost.

On Kamanga’s part the public would also have to ask the same questions, has Kamanga done enough domestically to join the CAF elite club? Uncomfortable questions around the AFCON qualification failure continue to linger large on his head.

Great Kalu’s army of supporters point to his internationalist statute earned from his playing days as his greatest selling point that entitles him to wine and dine with the elite in football. While Kamanga’s backers believe that being the incumbent his candidature and victory would benefit the Zambian game as he would be lobbying from within. They reckon he could be better placed than someone who is not even in FAZ at the moment to lobby for Zambian success abroad.

Ultimately government’s decision will prove the deal breaker. Otherwise we pray that the Zambian game wins through all this mad egoistic fight.

The deadline for the nomination is May 31, 2019/ May the best candidate grab the nomination.



  1. briven

    I think both of them are just becoming selfish and stupid because their feud is centred completely on personal interests, which should not be the case.

  2. saimbwende

    iwe ci Kamanaga can you withdraw your candidature and leave it to “Great ” Kalu, you have failed the nation both domestically and internationally in terms of football. The Zambia national soccer team has twice failed miserably to qualify for the Afcon under your tenure. We won our maiden AFcon 2012 under Kalusha Bwalya as an administrator. Kalusha Bwalya still remains the only footballer to have won the African footballer of the year from the southern part of Africa, we are yet to see a footballer to break that record. What have you (Kamanga) achieved apart from under 20 afcon cup? Football is not for you leave it to Kalusha who has done us proud everywhere we go in football circles.

  3. Truestory

    Kamanga is Red colour cader mwe bantu, kanshi tamwaishiba? How many times has the red colour failed in this country? So to tell you the truth Zambia will never win under this red colour cader. Nshilumbwile po ishina apa but uwa mano eluke.

    • cozcowjr

      ala kabili, so ka kamanga is aloso a devil worshiper from the east. its true under the red colour you only end up failing to go to grade 8 seven times kwati ni HH

  4. ROKA

    Does CAF have and integrate Committee?If so not then they sent corruption in football governance.Please, lets not caderism in football managent.We have seen proper matured way of running football in this as opposed to the cipantepante style we experienced before Kamanga took over.This was echoed by he delegates who attended the FAZ GM recently!What the Kamanga led FAZ done will start bearing fruits in the years to come,its not instant tubwa, but well brewed tubwa with patience.Just like what FTJC started in 1991 is what what seeing now and the people who condemned are now talking the praise!Please move forward,leave cipantepante behind.The so called great fimofimo and the cadres left the team in tatters.They failed shamelessly to defend the Africa Cup and call that success?Viva Chimanga,if anything he is the right person to contest,heis ont be selfish, the selfish one is the one outside the current FAZ leadership.See how Mr. Mulonga was dribbled!!!

    • cozcowjr

      WHILE YOU ARE SCORING ADMNISTRATIVELY YOU ARE ALSO FAILING TO QUALIFY TO AFCON. What then is the use of running football, i thought your success will be measured by how many cups you will bring and how successful you Board meetings are. Leave soccer to fooballers mukaponapofye pa mutenge

      • cozcowjr

        correction` not how successful your Board meetings are


    KALUSHA was representing the whole Zambia ( including FAZ), and the entire region. I was the responsibility of FAZ, not only to remind him that CAF elections, but especially to find out on time if he wanted them to still sponsor him.
    The double standards shown by FAZ are primitive, and pure Ndale!
    The Chinese have a proverb that means ” your worst enemy may be your best friend who smiles to you in the face, but stubs you from the back”.
    Government should not stand by and say they can not interfere. They should know, not what to do, but how to do, without annoying FIFA.

  6. chat powers

    I think kamanga should be given a chance being the current officer bearer at the moment, kalusha should wait for the dust to settle its too early for him to contest any caf position let’s give the current faz chief a chance this rivalry is detrimental to zambia soccer…?

  7. Daniel Banda

    The CAF is at faulty in this, because it has no exclusion criteria. If the administration of football in Africa is through various associations then Kalusha is being mischievous. He no longer in our football administration. Even in governmental issues former Presidents don’t sit on regional, continental and global organizations. Is that common sense? Why do VB people like starting a storm in a tea-cup.


      We are talking about regional elections here and our chances of winning for zambia and the region. Mr Teddy Mulonga had been FAZ president much longa than Mr Kamanga has been. He lost. Kalusha can easily win votes from RSA, Botswana, Zim, Namibia etc.
      Remember that these countries will also have candidents. Kalusha is the incumbent, he has the right to stand. If we lose the seat by one vote, it will be because one Zambian candident didn’t vote for the other. Exactly what happened between Kalusha and Molonga.
      I suppose it’s very Zambian to politize everything and in the end disagree. We are a very disagreeable people, aren’t we?

  8. Oscar

    Kalusha wants to go there just for corruption, that’s why he his a cadre of corrupt regime.

  9. Oscar

    Kalusha wants to go there just for corruption, that’s why he his a cadre of corrupt regime.his got no morals bane he refused to vote for kalaba on african player of the year.

  10. Ak

    Kalusha may have his short comings just like every human being but if the CAF constitution allows him to stand he should not be victimised. Kalusha’s life revolves around football. Kamanga comes from the corporate world and he is seeking to bring his administrative and business sense to football. Whilst Kalusha has proved himself during his playing days and Faz days Kamanga is yet prove what his leadership can deliver in football both at Club level and National team level. Kamanga in my view should support his brother Kalusha. He needed to ask him, my brother are contesting or not for the sake of unity. Why can’t Kamanga choose a different position? Why target what his brother is still holding? Its like two brothers or sisters contesting the same parliamentary seat.

  11. Mr Man

    I think Kalu deserve that position

  12. Mercy

    I think these rivalry is not about football but about a woman. Men are crispy creatures. Who knows?

  13. Bana Simon

    I know. You could be right Mercy. These men!!!

  14. Frank

    can u tell me how the country has benefitted from kalu ever since he became a fifa committee member,how many of our players are in europ because of kalu, how come zambia cannot play high profile friendly games like England,Brazil, Spain,et.c.kalu is selfish as for kamanga only because he is incharge of faz otherwise equally am not impressed with his current results.how I wish ponga liwewe could Stand

  15. Razor

    How can someone who was found guilty and fined for corruption by world governing body FIFA be even considered for any position in football. They can’t even be considered at local club level.

  16. Roger Beachey

    Poorly written editorial with shallow insights. It does not help the reader come to a conclusion. It’s just gossiping



  18. THE ONE


  19. KB

    Kamanga has done nothing to Zambian football since he took over . Failing to qualify for AFCON for two consecutive seasons,and he still wants a position in CAF,I think kamanga is just after money he knows nothing about football management.neither kalu or kamanga should not contest because there all failures..

  20. M'bale

    It’s time President Lungu thought of honouring Great Kalu for what he has done for our country. Ministerial position in sports can be very appropriate. Look at Brazil, the honour which was conferred on Pele, that’s what Kalu deserves.
    Let Kamanga take CAF position so that he too gains international exposure.

  21. Aggrey Mulako Njekwa

    The incumbent President of Faz Andrew Kamanga filed his nomination successfully two weeks ago.How? They received notification as office bearers and acted upon it.So this issue of stakeholders to chat discuss is in vain.So let Kalusha try to lobby other Countries who are not floating a candidate to recommend him,even SAFA in South Africa can recommend him if he is so desperate.


    Go back to South Africa Kalusha Bwalya is where u live, u failed to vote Kalaba u voted a South Africa play Rena a French man voted Kalaba Zambian are not fools plz leave Faz a lon,Go back to South Africa don’t use Zambian as you tool or a ladder!!!!

  23. Kangwai Beston Goodson.

    Go back first when Kalu left administration of faz all line of foofball ladder where in a good position starts from under 17 up to senion national team be near to quealify even the shipolopolo.But when kamanga comes and take over all teams failed to go threw only under 23 for Chambeshi who win africa cup and go to world cup.The least failed thats a line of kalu so what is kamanga let me sleep here.

  24. BJ

    When two elephants fight, it’s the grass which suffer. In this case, it’s our beloved game being disturbed. Both men have shown to us Zambians how they do not feel about our Country. Kalusha is known to opted to vote for SA prayer, leaving his own kinsman Kalaba. So far we would have been saying, Zambia being the only one with two great players. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  25. BJ

    When two elephants fight, it’s the grass which suffer. In this case, it’s our beloved game being disturbed. Both men have shown to us Zambians how they do not feel about our Country. Kalusha is known to have opted to vote for SA prayer, leaving his own kinsman Kalaba. So far we would have been saying, Zambia being the only one with two great players. Ndeloleshafye!!!

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