Power FM Withdraws Case against PF Cadres

Kabwe-based Power FM has withdrawn the case against eight Patriotic Front cadres who were arrested for storming their studio, disrupting  a live programme that featured opposition National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili.

The eight accused persons appeared before the Kabwe Magistrate Court for plea yesterday morning but Station Manager, David Mutumwenu, told the Court that the media house had decided to withdraw the case.

Mutumwenu explained that the decision to discontinue the case was arrived at after realising the huge number of people involved and the repercussions thereof, if they are jailed.

Police in Chipata had also arrested PF cadres who threatened journalists at Radio Maria but the case was withdrawn by the radio station before it could even get to court.


  1. Hev rena

    Next time they will come and break your head.

    • Frank

      what is wrong with this country kansh imwe bantu?how do u withdraw such cases these thugs will never stop.next time when they attack u don’t even inform the public.my advise to opposition leaders u r not safe in some of these radio stations.

      • Mavuto

        The power of the khaki envelope, no patriotic and scene person would stand on the way to ensuring that these thugs reform. Next you will be crying for ICC when they squeeze your balls.

    • Chilankalipa

      Kubatumpika uku, I agree with you, next time they will break his neck.

      • Chilankalipa

        Inkwale yalile uluse or uluse lwali inkwale? Never mind there was a eating.

    • Hammer

      It is not the first time a matter is going to be settled outside court . I wonder why some people are shocked

  2. Bbolex

    Such cases involving pf cadres are non starters

  3. cader

    How do you know they were going to be jailed ? Why didnt you demand for payments in damages to your property . Or is it that you have been payed already ???????


    Game over PF! Media take carefull ! Alowed person interview look first thier senses !

  5. Moses

    Mwalyamo mailo ati ifilye tafilebomba bwino

  6. fruits

    Corruption mu zambia God help a so called Christian nation

  7. Leon

    How much money was paid to each of these media house for them to withdraw the cases against the pf cardres.Tell the true

  8. Stomfyo

    Next time when they break your heads don’t even tell us muzivisunga mwebene mweka ma rubbish bamidyesamo kaili sityopeti power fm

  9. martin siame

    one zambia one nation

  10. Daniel Banda

    Who is supposed to withdraw a criminal case? Who took the cases to court, is it not the police on behalf of the state? It’s the criminals versus the people of Zambia not just the radio stations. Let the state prosecute or enter a Nolle.

  11. zebbykas

    hmm this country idont were we are going

  12. Mario puzo

    Just join the winning team you will never complained,aba macolours not aba red

    • Dude

      @Mario yes. If you can’t beat them just join them. Why wait and be on the loosing side always?


    Corruption in ths villge zambia,if it was oposition caders,it would have bn a shame,media houses,sure defiling yo hand receiving a bribe,God forbid..,

  14. Jomwa

    These two radio stations are promoting corruption ,how can they do such a thing to Zambian people. Tomorrow you will be the same stations which will say of govt is corrupted and yet you are the one promoting corruption

  15. Kashif Mulenga

    Mmmmm…..paipa pano sure!!!!!

  16. Old Fellow

    The carders will continue to be big headed knowing they are untouchable.
    Which hand has played it’s game?
    God forgive them.

  17. tell them

    Corruption being seen openly people of Zambia, this radio stations manager was given a brown envelope to withdraw the case, but shame on because next their will do you bad yourself

  18. Eighty.-1

    Hindering justice to prevail.. Disapointing

  19. The saint

    Uluse lwalile nkwale,don’t complain again

  20. plato

    What money can do

  21. Mwa!

    But why should a withdrawal by the complainant raise unnecessary BP? Mind you we are on Earth and forgiving each other is most Paramount unless you are an alien. Every situation I believe on earth gets to be understood from a certain angle. More over the complainant has given a reason for the withdrawal. It’s just my take on the same

  22. The Taliban

    Confused station manager…..so this is how money has taken you.Next time never ever should you open your wrong mouth ati pwe…….

  23. Lumarphi

    Almost the same cases, and the same end?
    Cases withdrawn?
    uhmmmnn, isn’t it obvious their is something else.

  24. Joseph mwelwa

    Murdered kasongo,turn in his grave

  25. kedrick siame

    If it was the opposition cader you would hear it, this is Zambia for sure.

  26. Jn

    This is useless my those cadre must be arrested and jailed for good we are tired of useless cardre .

  27. Mwankole.

    Next time don’t cry when squzz your until they burst,,,how long are you going to feast on that ka envelop they have given you ba mumbwe??these are cases we need to push until justice prevail….

  28. Teacher

    Next time ati pwe,,, we are tired of nonsense,,, why withdraw??? Namulyamo???

  29. Razor

    I urge the cadres to once again storm the station, destroy their property and disrupt their programme whenever they invite any opposition member to come. After all nothing will happen to you as they will just withdraw the case.

  30. Never Mind

    I wish those cadres did not threaten kambwili but instead the station manager himself this is clearly indicates that the manager was actually behind the seen.

  31. Jay

    Zambians even wen lungu gave instructions for the carders to be arrested it was just plastic. This country kaya where we are going. Problem some people don’t want to stand for the truth supporting vaupuba.

  32. Get the facts

    Bowman should also be arrested

  33. CM

    Is vandalism nolonger a case in Zambia not so?

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