Struggling Times of Zambia Workers Demand Salary Arrears

Times of Zambia employees have continued to struggle with non-payment of their salaries which have now hit six months.

The state owned media institution continues to battle to pay workers despite having been aided by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) last year.

And the Zambia Union of Journalists (ZUJ) has expressed disappointment at the state of affairs at the Times of Zambia where employees are owed several months in unpaid salaries.

ZUJ president Shamaoma Musonda said there has been no commitment to liquidate the arrears despite the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) helping out last year.

“Right now, the arrears stand at six months and promises have not been actualised, leaving employees in suspense and highly demotivated. This situation is causing industrial unrest with the demoralised staff who have over the years given their best to the institution,” Musonda said.

He has demanded that the arrears be paid.

“The workers also need to be told what the future of the company holds as working with such anxiety does not inspire hard work and productivity. We hope that the Board, as promised, will tackle the matter conclusively at a Board meeting later this week,” Musonda added.

The government owes the institution millions of kwacha in unpaid adverts and other services, Musonda said, “and this debt is constraining the balance sheet and operations of the company”.


  1. Leon

    Those gvt workers who are still getting salaries are lucky indeed coz gvt is brock

    • Goran

      Throw away your pens and stop writting the nonsense that you do

  2. professor Clerk Desmond

    Me i dont understand, some sectors of the same government are jubilating for receiving an increment whilst others are wallowing in poverty, are we SAFE???

  3. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Let the IDC close the Times of Zambia because no media Institution in Zambia should be above the law. The same Government closed Post Newspaper Company now what is so special with Times of Zambia? ZUJ and other media outlets should work hard in order to bring the Times of Zambia down like they did with the Post Newspaper.

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Just liquidate the bitch’s ass and pay the people. Government is a systen crearly this nigger Lungu doesnt know the formation,he is a bench warmer.Bullshit!

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