Enough is Enough, Lungu Tells Mines

President Edgar Lungu has told mining companies that “enough is enough” and that he will be taking action after meeting all stakeholders during his three-day official visit to the Copperbelt.

The Head of State said on arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola a short while ago that the government would not accept to be blackmailed by the mine investors.

He said he has received petitions from different stakeholders that government must repossess Konkola Copper Mines.

“I have come so that I hear from the mine unions and all stakeholders on the operations in the mines. The reason is simple: people have cried. I saw women, some half naked, some mothers crying that they feel cheated by the mining companies, especially KCM and Mopani to some extent. This message is clear. I want to consult Chamber of Mines; I will be meeting them and mineworkers unions to find out what they think. I also have a position and my position is that enough is enough,” President Lungu said.

He said he would follow the law for guidance on how government can proceed to part ways with some mining companies.

“I am aware there is a law in this country which should be followed, the Attorney General is here, the lawyers are here and they will guide us how we will proceed with this divorce,” President Lungu added.

He has told the opposition not perceive his message to the mining companies as “scaring investors”.

President Lungu will have a series of meetings with various stakeholders while on the Copperbelt.



  1. zebbykas

    thats my president we are tired and fedup up this people chace them

  2. Truestory

    Do anything you think is ryt Mr President and never mind what the useless opposition tutembas will say about your decision on those useless mining companyos,uyo opposition ukalandapo ifya bupuba akaye nesho shine mbwa shinankwe.

    • Mapesho

      Yet some of you were saying that the trip of the President was not important. Don’t you think that such issues are critical? Mwaba Shani kanshi. Imitwe!

  3. James chrispus

    Surely do what you can Mr president expencially with kcm, chingola nayipwa

    • clay kbt

      Just grab those mines back to us zambians. If KCM was in our hands our GDP would be running at around 34 billion dollars annually this would be enough to feed the 17 million people in zambia making it a middle class income country in Africa

  4. Kelvin

    Vedanta of India bought KCM mines at US$25bn surprisingly, they have been making annu

  5. Agogo

    Be careful with investors ! We don’t want to go back to the UNIP government days.Government can only make laws to control the mines including any private investors or else we back slide into the economic quagmire that we experienced during the Kaunda times! Mind you the international community has been watching and is still observing how we are running economic activities in this country .If we fumble with investors it will be very difficult to run the same mines once investors go! Government has failed to run most parastatal companies. Even Zambia Railways is an example.

    • muntungwa

      The idiots must go we can run the mines ourselves period. We are waiting to hear when they will leave.

    • Bashinpundu

      50% of Our population was not born during The time when the mines were nationalized. Let us not repeat the scourge of socialist ideas when free market has finally brought growth to ZAMBIA. The times of nationalization destroyed the every inch of our economy so all noise of taking back the mines is just populist agitation. The mines being targeted for ‘taking back’ are older than the oldest person in ZAMBIA and resource is almost finished and requires major investments to update methods and recovery. We surely do not have the money to do that reinvestment. Unless the easy was out is to ass on the the Chinese who make noise about how much they invest but only produce blister which includes gold and cobalt and it is not declared. Our western partners produce a world class grade copper with highest added value.

    • Shololila

      Yes enough is enough, is the government doing good to there employees, council, zampost, napsa workers. The president has alot to do in his own bedroom before checking on the others. Learn to lead by example.

  6. Kelvin

    Vedanta of India bought KCM mines at around US$25bn,surprisingly, they have had been making an annual profits of over US$500bn.Do zambians know how much money spent to build KCM Hospital in India which is ten times far advanced than the UTH? all of the money came from KCM mines.

    • Idiocy Detector

      Get your facts correct, million and billion stand on two different grounds. You may have an idea, try to be accurate. All in all we are idiots for selling mines cheaply while our fellow idiots reap fortunes from our idiocy.

  7. PM

    It is really silly and mischivious for the president to be making such prouncements like Enough is Enough just to please cadres. Why not wait until you have meetings with all stake holders before making such stupid prouncements. Why have turned airports into venues for cadre briefing instead of calling a press conference where well informed people can ask you relevant questions? You chose to brief cadres on such important national issues!!. Did you talk to your advisers, experts on mining and policy issues, your own ministers of mining, finance and other well placed people before behaving like a cadre you are? Dont cheat yourself bwana president, there is nothing you can do to any investor if no law is broken. Mines are here to make profits on their investment and not create unnecessary jobs..which you yourself has failed to create.

  8. Cynthia chipanta

    What of the unhappy workers at chambeshi metals,is the president not aware of what is happening there? So many families will be affected…miners are packed in the fields just waiting for something they are not even sure of,the president should do something about it.

  9. Mmj

    lets take over back our mines control the economy and secure jobs for zambians

  10. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Pm and so called. Agogo I think you are highly positioned in the carted where the aim is to get power through the back door assisted by the so called investor the investor must respect the law of the land zambia is not in a position to quarrel with any foreigner who degrades the citizens after promising to lift the standard of living if you pm and agogo have been working with international community to downgrade. Zambians zambia is ready to chase them out of our country we are not ready to laugh with economic saboteurs in our county the president says enough is enough these idiots must go back in peace and not leave us in pieces

    • PM

      Yes Enough is Enough…but whose fault was it in the first place. Blame your government for having poor policies regarding mineral resource development. 100% foreign owned !! Who said that? Your government. Where on earth do you give your minerals away in exchange for employment? You are the same people who jump ip and down like little monkeys in the maize field every time some fake investors promises you employment in exchange for mineral rights. Whose fault is this? What am saying is your president is playing politics when he says enough is enough. What laws have these investors broken…zero !!. Stop politicising everything. One one wants to grab power here through un constitutional means. Lets talk frankly about the state of our economy. 54 years after independence, no zambian owns a medium scale mine and yet in south africa black people own mines 24 years after independence…why? Government intervention through policies and not Enough is Enough

      • Ern Est

        PM you are right about South Africa and Zambia, I don’t know much about mines stories but it would have been better if the president didn’t try to impress the cadres first instead he would have spoken about it to the press

  11. Christopher CJ Mutambo

    The president is right. Enough is Enough. It’s time the Government take out some of these Mining Companies.
    Even though it’s expensive to run a mining company but still the government should take over these mines or look for other investors.

    • Ernest Mutale

      Pliz no Chinese investors with there cheap labour

  12. Lee

    Also visit nfca mine where casuals are being worked slavery and get paid 1000 kwacha monthly salary and they are being worked six months contracts…… Please government iyanganepo

    • Idiocy Detector

      You wish they can! You seem to know not what they know about Chambians of Chinese origin.

    • Dude

      PM is an educated person whose education is not working for him. He is frustrated. He can’t find a good paying job that’s why he is putting all the blame on the president. My advise PM, try business, or have you been promised a ministerial position by the so called Hakaivotela Heka? Too bad it’s not now, try 2026. Patali!

      • P.M

        Dude…you are wrong. I had a powerful job outside the country for 24 years. Iam now comfortably retired and have come back to Zambia. Iam doing extremely well from my heft gratuity and monthly pension that surpasses what top civil servants in zambia earn. This monthly pension is paid in my foreign account until I die.Iam just sorry for poor zambians who work so hard but are let down by government’s poor policies especially in mining. Iam not looking for an job…I worked hard and on top of all, I have a medical scheme paid for by my former employer. Should I fall sick I would be evacuated for medical treatment outside zambia. All these things I worked for. There is nothing I would want from here, but that cant stop me from talking about the plight of so many hard working zambians. I feel so sorry for you because to you its all about what you can get from standing up for poor zambians. Enough is Enough wont work. Wait until next week..your president will be singing a different tune.

        • Dude

          @ PM, as a professional, desist from using abusive language as it sinks you so low. Professionals use facts not insults to convince others.

          • PM

            Dude…I was simply telling you how mu education has worked for me since you assumed I was looking for a job. Even if I had to use proven facts that threatening and insulting much needed imvestors has never worked anywhere, you wouldnt understand unless you shade off your cadre mentality. What most africans lack are professional contract managers capable of agreeing on long term mutual benefits to both investors and host countries. If you put in place good contracts supported by good policies then you will avoid going to and fro revising the agreemrnts like you are doing with the constitution.

        • Mario puzo

          Is it you or your neighbor? stupid idiot keep quiet.

      • Foreskin nyirenda

        Dude uli chi nangwa so just shut up

        • Wezi

          Nyirenda you are an empty tin bcoz you have not using logic to shut other people up.

  13. Daniel Banda

    You have the nail on the head HE. Let them leave so that we see what will happen. ‘Mwana akalila bonzo mpatse.’

  14. Doubt Katwishi

    Enough is enough. Sosa Ichalo chilekumfwa. That’s why you in that position Mr.President.

  15. JMD

    That’s my president, ecl go on, we,re nt stable here at mopani we’re workin in fear nd that can lead into accindents. Please let them go nd leav us in pc 4get abt thos foxs who’re tokn rabsh they don’t know wat we’re goin thru.

  16. Daniel Banda

    It’s true, let them leave us, we can manage. After all it’s our people who dig the copper from under ground. Mwana ngati alilira bonzo mpatse alimbane nayo.

  17. Valentine

    I only hope You will solve this problem soon because for us copperbelt we’ve surferd enough.

    • Wezi

      Mr.President, if mines have come to make profits at our expense, let them go. We need partners not exploiters.

  18. Don carlos

    Muzanya lelo!

  19. John Kaunda,

    Do something mr president please

  20. Aaron

    real prophecy shall came to pass. thank God for the divorce of our mine and let be so in Jesus name

  21. Wanyala

    Musukwa Richard mp and James Chansa union President are a let down,these idiots must be fired before sorting out kcm(vendetta)

  22. Razor

    This is just a farce to show the voting public. Nothing is going to change.

  23. Lisa

    Totally agrees with PM. Just like chinese have put a condition to teach chinese language in schools, little can be done about ‘enough is enough’ Dont be euphoric about these Pf reassuraces fore political sympathy but full of errors. Zambia is still paying LAPGREEN huge amounts.

  24. Kilengi

    Meh meh meh

  25. The Observer

    EL is a joker and the mines know very well the type of people they are dealing with. These PF have made so many mistakes with these exploiters. They have let them decide the coarse of their business in Zambia on tax free and they are able to twist the president’s arm. Then today he says enough is enough, it was already enough way back Mr President. You messed already and stop pretending to be fame!

    • AM

      Let’s not put blame on PF reason KCM was sold by late president mwanawasa that where the problem started by selling KCM to lndian company vendata. This is my trouble shooting.

      • Muntu

        PF made the deals that these mines are operating and they carry the full blame and responsibility. They negotiated terrible deals simply to impress themselves and the mines. EL is just talking and will plunge the country in more penalties to the same mines, watch this space!

  26. professor Clerk Desmond

    Zambia could not run its own mines during Kaunda’s regime because she had no enough qualified workforce to spearhead the mining activities. Currently, We have enough graduates from UNZA, CBU, Mulungushi etc…

  27. Agogo

    It would appear many readers are young and were born after 1991, those who are old know when the economy of this country was in shambles due to nationalisation of industries. They have never experienced shortages of things like sugar, cooking oil or even soap or blankets. Don’t forget that you are dealing with multi billion world investors who are specialists in world trade! They know how to sell the copper and make deals anywhere around the world .Continue interfering with foreign investors and you will cry one day! We the old ones have seen it.

    • Hamaindu

      They may be be multi billion dollars but enough is enough. If they are not making profits why stay? T

  28. Mpundu Richard

    Yes we have head.the president is here in cb &he has said enough is enough let him do something during his 3day visit BA cilamo bamwenye it’s like bena ebenazambia let them go no tumaidotwabo Zambia is a Christian Nation .Mr President us your powe

  29. Mufunelooo

    Let’s wait and see what is going to come out of the meeting……., but they have to ensure that there are no job loses at the mines……

  30. Kennedy Chiti

    Thank you Mr. President for saying it openly that enough is enough. Look at barrick and make sure they pay all applicable taxes from the sale of lumwana mine.

  31. Jimmy Kaidah

    Now u er talking like a man this hw a leader u should be

  32. Mpolo jr

    Yaba Comment

  33. Kings

    Posa Tumone, Are You Sure? Kikikikikikikikiki Lungu Ubufi tabwawama, Ale Tumone Nga Walikosa, Ati Enough Is Enough, These Guys Have Cash, So Mr President Be Careful, They Can Shut You Up With Bribes, Utusaka Twa Ndalama. The Problem Is That They Know Our Weaknesses, And They Capitalize On The Same. After Law Its Business, They Want To Make Money, And Not To Create Employment Mr President.

  34. AM

    That is my President talking bold as a Lion the all meaning Zambian is behind you, specially to the vendata KCM they are bad and good for nothing investors who are not even worthy to be called investors cause they got KCM on credit yet they can’t even appreciate us as Zambians. Why should a Zambian be insulted in this way? Fellow Zambians let’s not politicise every thing, I’m speaking what is true and hard to swallow in chingola KCM in the passed had engaged 2 contracts to mine copper for them namely JES mining and U&M and use to happen was this once these contractors progressed in works and reached the point of getting copper ore KCM frustrates them and terminates contracts with them ,once they are done they go there to harvest the done deal,with this have seen vendata as devils to our country remember they made profit after 3 months upon takeover reason the Anglo had done the first done deal for them already.Please people of Zambia let’s unit and let’s not let the devil investors sale our mine to other fellow until nothing to point remains.

  35. Pm you're a useless o position you should mind your spitting mouth

    Pm you’re not normal

  36. Observer

    Mr. PM, you may have a wright observation about what the President has pronounced to ‘cadres’ on the Copperbelt, but its important that you restrain your verbal diarrhoea when addressing the President of our land. I do not agree to your reference to the president’s speech as, “stupid pronouncement”.

    • Mario puzo

      Pm is crazy if he has worked so hard why is he back go back and stay there.you demon

      • PM

        This is my country. I went away to make money so that I can come back and live a comfortable life. Whats wrong with that?

  37. Justin

    God help mother Zambia…!!!

  38. Kufahakurambwe

    The Zambian government sold the copper mines to an outside consortium for US$25 million because they could not manage to keep it. The company that came in and took over the mine and in three (3) months made a profit of US$75 million. They did not pay the Zambian government upfront in cash for the mines. They were going to pay them over a period of time. The company raised the US$25 million at the governments expense and gave it back to the government and the debt was paid in full. Moving forward government was then given .006 % of the proceeds of copper mining. Keep on praying.

  39. Joseph Zulu

    Mr president hear your people there no way investors become powerful no , that’s why Trump is controversial on china.ilike him on trade with anddealing with businesseslet them go in India

  40. G.M

    Words without actions are meaningless

  41. Kolintolism

    Govt can’t run mines, that’s why they sold them in the first place.they failing to run thier own govt,how can they handle additional pressure.they should just replace kcm with another company.as for mopani closing mindolo North and central shaft it has been long overdue.those mines have been exhausted and were supposed to be closed in 2008.any person who has worked in the planning engeering offices of these two mines will attest to this facts.but with kcm enough is indeed enough

    • Ntoni Nkando

      I totally agree with you Kolintolism. Having worked in Mopani’s Geology Dept, I can attest that the mineral reserves at Central and Mindola North shafts have been totally exhausted. The main utility of Central Shaft is that, thru it pump chamber, it serves as the main route for watering SOB & Synclinorium shafts. Mindolo North shaft has no ore body to talk about below 1380 feet level. The ongoing campaign to villify the Glencore-owned mining company based on falsehoods will soon backfire. The public is being misinformed for political mileage purposes.

  42. Bumptious

    KCM inasaduka chishala manje

  43. PM

    The drive to introduce Electrical Vehicles (EV) is unstoppable. What will be the impact of the introduction of EV’s on copper? The EV’s will take 6 times more copper than the current conventional vehicles. In addition charging stations will also require copper. How is the country positioning itself for that future demand for copper? Are we going to continue exporting copper cathodes and import finished components for EV’s? These value addition opportunities are what should be occupying our minds. We have been exporting copper cathodes and ores with very minimal benefits for the country. Little attention is being made towards value addition. It should be a requirement going forward that all mining rights issued should have a value addition component. Investors should be compelled to make value addition within the country happen. Today the EU employs more than 30 million people in value addition activities from the raw materials sourced mainly from Africa. Kaunda gave us Zamefa…has it grown?Value addition if well established could create millions of jobs in zambia and bring in the much needed foreign earnings. Mines should be made to leave at least 20% of their production in the country for value addition. Lets look beyond just trading in copper cathodes and ores. Drastic, robust and effective policies should be advanced to have our minerals processed and products made in zambia. Havard university researchers have for years lied to Africa that value addition in Africa will cost us the opportunity to earn money from exports of raw materials…Bullshit.. Iam currently working on a paper on the impact of EV’s on copper using my own resources. This is what the officials at the mines ministry, reseachers at unza and other institutions should be engaging in instead of politics everyday !!!

  44. Truestory

    PM if you given to run the affairs of country, tell me. How many jobs will create? How would run the mines? How much low would you bring he dollar? How would you build Zambia? What type of investors would you bring? How much can a bag of meal meal be costing? What formula would you use to amend the constitution? Answer my questions in a well explained manner

  45. PM

    Simple answer to your questions…I would appoint competent people with proven track records in the areas you have mentioned to sort out the mess. However the mistakes we make is to assume the president has the brains to solve all the problems. There is no such president on the whole world. The job of the president like any other CEO is to motivate his work force to get desired results. Thats what I would do!! Motivate you to find solutions instead of looking up to me for solutions.

  46. Truestory

    Ichalo te company, ichalo t ng’anda, yes you can do better to look after a company with a small number of people, and think you are a great ladder, you amass a lot of wealthy to yourself and day am so wise but not with running a country. Lyashi limbi, a country is surrounded by a lot of forces from both in and outside forces. So my advice to who are saying nabafilwa, join politics and one day you may accidentally win elo mwinga liila tata.

  47. Truestory

    Thank you PM well spoken. Now do know these days you can’t trust even your own brother? Do you agree with me that everyone is only interested in prospering themselves? So for to find the kind of people you’ve mentioned its impossible? The problem is that everyone would wants to become president and so they will make you fail so that they finish you. Look at how our biggest opposition political party behaves. It has no stability, so tell me if today we were to give them as Zambians to rule us. How would they rule us. With the instability that I see in them today? Now my brother which political party do you think stands on the best platform to lead this country?

  48. PM

    I am not advocating for any political party but rather on good governance. Yes it is difficult to find decent hard working people but we have to start somewhere. Today some CEO’s of big organisations are not qualified in the core business of the organisations they lead but have the ability to mobilize and motivate workers to attain the goals of the organisation. There is little difference in running a country. Its all about mobilizing cituzens to work towards the country’s social and economic goals. Forget about the opposition parties for they are not in power yet. We waste so much time on supressing other political parties instead of mobilizing the people towards a common cause. Lets first put tangible policies to protect our country and its people from exploitation by local and foregn onvestors. Empower your people through workable programs. Make the people feel they are part of the country. Make people take ownership of the country and not bystanders watching few people loot the country. That way you inculcate sense of patriotism in the citizens and they will not listen to wish wash parties promising them what they already have. Its not about money and handouts but opportunitues for all. Zambians are hard working people and all they need from government are good policies to protect them from evil forces. I have travelled round the world and to me I rate zambians up there as hard working people.

  49. Truestory

    Well articulated, you have pint my brother, but with the crop politicians that we have today, you can see even the way churches are being run. Its really pathetic my brother kuti waleka no kupepa, they have all become useless to the suffering citizens. Now if the so called men of God can become so mean, what about the politician? ZRA is everywhere my brother, but to benefit only a few, mu church. So you can imagine? Ichalo na chonaika yama.

  50. Joshua

    mr ECL, has failled to run this country economy, how much is the price of meal meal ? how $ 1 = k14. how abt CBU it’s close, and UNZA, lectures, their not paid their salaries, and today is busy telling his cadres, that enough is enough.

    i hope you ve learning a gud lesson , what happened in ROAN, by elections, copperbelt, its no longer pf strong hold. here it’s abt 21 000 jobless in mines sector.

  51. sylvester busiku


  52. Truestory

    Ba Joshua think before you talk, ifyo mulelandapo tefyo. Tefya bunga fili apa, its about the mines. Can you run a country you if you were given to do it? Ukulanda kwalyanguka tata.

  53. ShakesPeer

    PM thanks for the well thought & insightful reasoning over this subject matter. Our Mines.

  54. Mazuzyo

    Mwacelwa! Mwasensela lilya akasuba kawa!

  55. justice

    Iwe ci PM learn to respect the head of state By saying ” your President” .What do u mean? Who is your President? Do we have two Presidents in the country. We know you are talking about Hakainde Hichilema as your President who Will never rule this country. Iwe ngati unasebenza and ukudya bwino nkhala cete.You may have a point but keep it to your yourself because your comments are full of insults for our beloved President.

    • P.M

      The last time I checked…this was a free democratic country and Iam free to say whatever I want to say within the confines of the constitution. Who are you to tell me to shut up. Why always bring HH in every shallow discussion? How many political parties are in zambia? What makes you little dysfunctional brain assume Iam for HH. Even if I was…why should that bother you and your president.

  56. patrick njovu

    The President is very right in his on personal capacity and he says enough is enough period. Now understand that which is cardinal in all this . He will first of all talk to the steak holders that includes THE UNIONS, THE CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE, THE INVESTORS, ie THE MINE OWNERS and after which the President will be advised by the learned economist and lawyers of this great nation . Remember not to listen to some disgruntled politicians because this issue is hypersensitive.

    • Mangelepa Sandals

      Ni campaign strategy! All along he has been saying all is well in Zambia! So don’t be surprised if all this story goes quite! We know this things, that’s why we dearly miss king Cobra.

  57. Dennis yombwe

    Welcome to copperbelt province Mr president, as a Zambian citizen who want his country to develop in mining and contribute to national treasure , be strong on this investors and show to Zambian that you are CEO of mother Zambia.

    • Mangelepa Sandals

      No butter balemishinga pa menso! Abalelya

  58. Pelekelo

    You are now taking this issues seriously because 2021 is around the corner! You could have acted in 2015 not now and we are not babies! Bwalica nomba! Get enough packing bags!

  59. Ntoni Nkando

    Our near bankrupt Govt is in no position to run the mining and mineral processing assets of KCM and Mopani. Repossessing (or compulsorily acquiring) these assets would oblige GRZ to pay Vedanta and Glencore billions of US dollars in compensation. To say nothing about the huge liabilities we would immediately owe international lenders whose loans have been secured by charges or mortgages on KCM and MCM’s assets. Talk is cheap; the devil, as they say, is always in the details.

    • Mapesho

      That’s why the President said he will consult the attorney general and other stakeholders before proceeding with this “divorce”.

  60. d man

    Mr president pliz do yo work to help the poor miners from both kcm and kcm you are the last hope

  61. jarule


  62. Margret Folowisa


  63. Mr. K

    U. N. I. P gvt nationalised the mines 51% gvt 49% for ba zungu gvt had to pay salaries buy mine equipments build houses for the miners run hospitals mine schools clinics maintain township roads bars just to mention few while muzungu with 49% spent nothing the mines collapsed today the so called investors they are poketing 100% giving slave conditions to owners of copper while developing India the reason is simple hakainde presently promised the pipo on the copperbelt that when he comes in power he will chase the so called investors it means he is a shareholder he is instructing Indians what to do so that Zambians rise against gvt why does he not not condemn any wrong doing he always enjoys the suffering of the pipo so that he comes to power. Zambia is looking at him critically come 2021 akaloba ilyauma

  64. Patson

    I think if government gain full control of these mines the economy will be revived.

  65. lameck

    Mr President, you have seen the cries of the people so act.. i know some of your advisers are not with you and will advice to make you fail in 2021. repossessing mings is not a bad idea just mobilise engeering and administrators to run the mines we have what it takes to stand on our feet, dont be fearful take a stand sir

  66. lameck

    Mr President, you have seen the cries of the people so act.. i know some of your advisers are not with you and will advice to make you fail in 2021. repossessing mines is not a bad idea just mobilise engineering proffessionals in mining and we have them around and abroad, administrators brought on board too to run the mines we have what it takes to stand on our feet, dont be fearful take a stand sir

  67. anthony

    wapya munzi

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