Lungu Commissions Police Houses in Lufwanyama

President Edgar Lungu has commissioned 21 housing units for police officers in Lufwanyama District on the Copperbelt Province.

The housing units are part of the 12,000 being constructed countrywide for officers under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

President Lungu said the handover of the housing units is a demonstration of his government’s desire to address the housing deficit in the country.

“We are handing over 21 housing units to the Zambia Police Service in Lufwanyama District. This may seem like it’s a drop in the ocean. However, it will go a long way in ensuring that our security officers live in decent houses,” he said.

President Lungu is hopeful that the houses would act as a motivation to the men and women in uniform to work even harder.

He has since urged officers in rural areas not disappear as government had put them on a plan to have decent housing.

President Lungu has further emphasized government’s commitment to take development to all parts of the country.


  1. Alu.B.

    Motivation for men and women in uniform.

    • Pombo

      He should visit Peter Singogo police camp in Ndola. I’m sure he passes by that eyesore when driving to Ndola rural

      • Chibe Chibe

        Kwena bapombo bamuNdola you can’t go to the prisons and get bakaili to clean up that dirty Singogo police camp? There is free labor but you don’t care about your surroundings. Amano nikuma bribes fye

  2. Mario puzo

    What about teachers? just coz they do not handle guns

  3. Pondoka

    What about teachers? bcoz they don’t have uniforms, motivate chalkbreakers by constracting houses at each school.

  4. Hollywood

    I love you my President you are the chosen one


    My President you are doing great on this one.It is my great wish that teachers be considered also for decent accommodation being the ones who produce uniformed officers also.Mr President, are you aware of the Principle of accumulative impact of small expenditure? Let’s take a senarios of a School in town like Copperbelt or Lusaka with about 82 teachers but with only two houses.It means that 80 are on Housing allowance.Now, take just a massive minimum of K700 per month.This translates into K56000 paid to these teachers per month and 672000 per year.Planned and spent well, this amount can build a decent flat at such a School.Meaning a flat to accommodate two teachers can be constracted each year.To retain revenue, Government can still pump in money for construction of more teacher’s houses.Further, let’s have more computations.Lets say, of the earlier availed number of Civil Servants countrywide-237,000 about 7000 are accommodated.It means the Government spends a minimum of about 230000*700=161,000,000 per month and 1, 932,000,000.How many flats or just houses could be/ ha been constracted.I think Mr President we need to think this way with you at the head.We can be recouping money back from teachers while they live decently.Think about this.

  6. Mk

    Fikombo primary school has no teacher ‘s house not even one

  7. HH

    I love it what teachers houses..as a Lungu boi Chitapo Infiniti kaili….😂😂😂😂😅

  8. P.M

    Where will these policemen live after being retired? Introducing affordable home loans is the way.

    • Chibe Chibe

      Chachine those homes are temporary. A policeman leaves them when he retires
      We should be working on empowering them when they retire

  9. Bright munthali

    In terms of development you can’t take away anything from his excellency ECL and PF please let us give praise were it due. Akawawa wa…..

  10. Fisunge

    PM you’re asking where they live after retirement they will get there dues and build their own do you know why they re kept in the camp together it’s for easy organization in case of crime or trouble getting one officer from one place from the other can be a challenge and the other thing is there lives are in danger from criminals so those are the two reasons why this thing started way back with the colonial rules as much as the teacher is equally important the minister of education Shud loby from government like his counterpart in home affairs but new schools have more than 20housing units

    • Abene ba Nyekese

      Much as it is a good gesture, the point is empowerment with affordable loans. Do you always have to wait for retirement package to do something meaningful?

  11. suntwe

    I conquere with many colleagues on the need of constructing more teachers houses,BA teacher twachula staying in grass thatched houses,tumoneniko pliz naifwe baka teka

    • Abene ba Nyekese

      Good plea. However, cry for affordable loans so that you can do something for yourself. The Government is constrained with resources. There are many projects going on. We have to complement their efforts but they need to give good borrowing environment for now.

  12. gfnhyhgyhuh

    eastern province mtema primary school as zonal center without electricity, already wired polls just pass by the school . It is along the road going to the hospital and the chieftainess nyanje is not even tared

  13. Lee

    Selectiveness is what Pf believes in.

  14. Maxwell banda

    Well done Mr president….

  15. Ba fuckedup kid M.P zimba district

    Failing to control the economy he is there eating free food while in town 3 tomatoes k5 and he says he is a good leader.If we who live in good houses and work for the government are suffering what more ma street kids awee plz ba lungu

  16. biti j

    Comment i have liked the say motivation to men &women in uniform plz keep on

  17. Mulilo kafyama Stavon

    Edgar Lungs, is a hard working person, May God bless him.

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