Boat Carrying Uganda Footballers Capsizes

Nine people have been confirmed dead and dozens more are missing after a boat capsized in western Uganda on Sunday.

The boat was carrying more than 50 football players and fans from the western Uganda district of Hoima.

Witnesses say overloading and bad weather are probably to blame for the accident, as rescue attempts continue.

In 2016, about 30 footballers and fans drowned when their boat capsized on Lake Albert.

The passengers were travelling to Runga landing site where a friendly match between two local clubs was scheduled.

The wooden canoe capsized shortly after it departed the docks.

A police spokesperson said that fishermen at nearby landing sites rushed to the rescue and 32 people were rescued within an hour of the accident.

Friends and relatives of the missing passengers have gathered at the shore as police conduct search operations.

The police and Military Marine Unit responded shortly afterwards with divers who have since been able to recover nine bodies, the BBC’s Dear Jeanne reports from Kampala.


(Source: BBC)



  1. AK

    Too bad, in Zambia we are still remembering our national team who lost their lives in Gabon

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    Safety measures please

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    And you have a president with no ideas on how to improve the transportation means in Uganda clinging to power like a fly on Pa Fi mafi. Ebupuba tulemona nakulya njikwite.

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    Imwe sure! How can a logically thinking captain load 50 people into that small boat?

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    Too bad, may their souls rest in peace

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