Katumbi Returns to Congo after 3-Year Exile

Top Congolese opposition politician Moise Katumbi has arrived in the Democratic Republic of Congo after three years in exile.

The former Katanga governor arrived to a thunderous welcome from his supporters and the bulk of the Congolese people.

Katumbi has been living in exile for the last three years, after he was charged by former president Joseph Kabila’s government of several crimes including fraud, hiring foreign mercenaries and illegally acquiring a second citizenship.

Convictions against the 54-year-old politician have since been dismissed under the new government led by Felix Tshisekedi, paving way for Katumbi to return to DRC a free man.

Katumbi’s party, Ensemble pour le Changement, had tasked the new president to demonstrate a commitment to democratic reforms by releasing political prisoners and facilitating the return of exiled politicians.

Katumbi, along with another opposition heavyweight politician, Jean Pierre Bemba, supported Martin Fayulu, in the election won by Tshisekedi.

Fayulu welcomed Katumbi home on Monday, posting on his official Twitter account;

‘‘No matter how long the night, the day always ends up rising. Welcome home Moïse Katumbi,’‘ Fayulu said.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Welcome to your mother land Moise Katumbi.

  2. Trustor

    Just be focused MK, your time will come.

  3. The saint

    Peace is now there in Congo, that’s good

  4. Mulilo kafyama

    We need peace in our continent, that is what we want next in Zambia is HH

    • Hoter mpokosa

      We want hh to the nation in 2021

  5. Mushemi

    Welcome home MK.

  6. BWALYA sakeni

    Cawama continue your good work

  7. Youth advocate

    Wow this is really great. Wow am really happy for DRC

  8. Luck Muwaya m

    Welcome home is sweet

  9. Kings

    Congraturations Your Excellence The D R C President For Your Right Move, Moise Feal Free And Be Patriotic, We Want Peace In Africa.

  10. FGM

    AU and SADC failed the Congolese people because they supported dictator Kabila. Indeed however long and hectic the night may be , the day will eventually RISE!!!

  11. SEE MIND

    Welcome home >>Katumbi. All opposition party leaders work with ruling party hand in hand to revamp economy buld new DRC. GOD BLESS ALL CONGOLESE.

  12. KILLION Habenzu

    Welcome back Mr katumbi we thanks God for protecting you in three years. Enjoy your country DRC

  13. Njekwa wa lubinda

    Welcome back to the land of affluence. It’s time to change Drc into a shining prosperous nation. May God bless you in your political career.

  14. Paul makasa

    Returning home is one special thing a person will long for welcome home uncle Chapwe

  15. Malanda

    This is the right move mr president I think this is a reason to African president coz they think they become more superior when voted to power forgetting that democracy is foreveryone everyone. Moise don’t feel comfortable now talk and work hard talk for the poor and the voiceless people .

  16. Rev. Chikontwe

    Some very good news today. Praying for you your family the DRC and all political and leaders in that great country.
    Rev. Chikontwe (London UK)

  17. Jms

    Everything has time welcome Mk

  18. Joseph Zulu

    God loves Peace makes welcome to your. home soil

  19. Mateo

    Yes …we back where ..we belong..home is home

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