Maiko Zulu Commends Lungu’s Stance on Mines

Activist and musician Maiko Zulu has said Zambia stands to lose nothing by ejecting Vedanta Resources, the majority shareholders in Konkola Copper Mines, from the country.

President Edgar Lungu has intervened in the situation in the mines which threatened thousands of jobs.

The government has since issued a notice of discontinuance of Vedanta Resources’ shareholding in KCM, a process that will lead to the state taking over of mine.

“It is no secret that despite buying KCM for a song, Vedanta has made huge profits from the copper mine and as if this was not enough, the multinational has been engulfed in legal battles with the Zambian people pertaining to the indiscriminate pollution of the Kafue River and the surrounding environment,” Maiko stated. “The reported eviction of KCM by the Zambian government must be supported by all well-meaning Zambians especially in the opposition and should serve as a warning to other investors not only in the mining sector but across the board. Indeed we have given ‘ba mukukulu’ enough resources and it’s about time Zambian people benefitted from what is ours.”

He said other countries should follow suit and eject Vedanta and its subsidiaries because “they represent nothing but exploitation, greed and crookedness of the highest order”.

In September last year, Maiko stages a lone protest against Vedanta Resources at the British High Commission in Lusaka.

He was briefly arrested and released for the lone protest where he demanded the government’s action against Vedanta owner Anil Agarwal for polluting the Kafue River.



  1. Mario puzo

    Nabomfwa bakulu

  2. Jah rules

    My brother,you ar spot on,,..jah ,Jehovah God will always stand up for the wel being of his people no matter what,,are love ,one country,one people

  3. Tumfweko

    How about some real reggae music now Maiko? Real reggae music not this copycat hip hop we are seeing every Zambian puppet mimicking

    • James Brown mulala

      Kwena chachine bonse they think that imitating hip-hop ekucenjela. We are just losing direction and following other people s compass. Let’s have Zambia music original!

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