Ndola Hospital Successfully Conducts Transhiatal Esophagectomy surgery

A team of six surgical Zambian doctors have successfully conducted another Transhiatal Esophagectomy surgery at Ndola Teaching Hospital, a procedure that has now been done for a third time in the country.

Transhiatal Esophagectomy is an advanced surgery performed on people with a damaged Esophagus that results in inability to swallow.

The Oesophagus is the organ that connects the mouth to the stomach.

The operation was conducted on a 31 year old man of Chikankata District, Southern Province.

The patient is alleged to have accidentally ingested acid about 11 months ago and has difficulties in swallowing solid foods and then later could not swallow liquid foods.

Ndola Teaching Hospital Public Relations Officer Sheona Kamwendo said the patient had been feeding through a tube that was passed through the abdomen directly into intestines since.

“In our quest to offer quality health services, our Surgical team has continued making strides by conducting more complicated surgeries. The patient is currently recuperating well at Ndola Teaching Hospital,” She stated.

The surgical team comprised Dr. Seke Kazuma, Dr. Patrick Musonda, Dr Bright Chirengendure, Anaesthetist Dr Mbangu Mumbwe, Scrub Nurse Tina Makwaza and runner Kaira Nankonde.


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  2. Intellectual curiosity

    All by the almighty God

  3. Ab iN ChRisT

    Ni Lesa wabomba
    All the glory to God, the might man of war

  4. Assist one another

    We thank God for his mercy, love, wisdom, understanding and the know-how…..

  5. Tuli Bantu

    Praise be to God Almighty, the creator, for He didn’t want that person to die, for He allowed that person to wait until the operation was done, praise be to Him, but I wonder, who donated that oesophagus? coz every man has one oesophagus, and that, that persons oesophagus was damaged completely, who donated the other one?

  6. Truestory

    Through you Doctors, God has continue showing and telling us that there is nothing impossible that we can fail to do in our own land. Its up to the government to go ahead and purchase the equipments needed for our great Doctors to continue doing these wonderful jobs. I remember losing my father in UTH after he was operated on for stomach complications. My farther was okay even the time we were going to the hospital he was walking on his own and talking, I spent the whole night with him in admission Ward and in the morning the Doctors recommended that he go for operation, we tried to ague but dad himself said to me, Sony these are Doctors and if they think its ryt for me to go Ku theater, then let it be so and I signed. At 08hours Dad was taken Ku theater which lasted 6 hours, around 14hours I saw my father on the trolley being taken Ku ward and I followed. But what shocked me was how he was brought back, the wound was still bleeding and it was not properly closed, when tryd talk to him he just asked were my mum was? I told him she was home and he said its paining and he closed. After 30 minutes the condition became worse and later on my Dad was gone. It was and still very painful. Now the question I still ask myself is, who killed my father?

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  8. Gangsta grabs

    What the hell is transifiko surgery.Lungu nows has doctors going mad

    • Nyengani phiri

      Comment you can’t even write good english wtf

  9. Truestory

    Gangsata uleikalafye nga taukwete ifyakulanda. Ama bange ayo mufokola yalemifulunganya ba iche imwe.

  10. Nickson Chafoma

    great job we thank God for he has done it again…a big five to the team.

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    Our Lord is good, love you Jesus

  12. Youth advocate

    Job well done guys. Praise be to God

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    Ba gangstar pamatako pobe

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    Job well done.


    Good job. God bless that wonderful team of medical professionals.

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    Well done.

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    God is love congratulations to you doctors

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