OPINION: HH Endorses EL’s Intervention in Mines


President Edgar Lungu has sent a very strong message to the mines that the government means business and it will not tolerate arm-twisting stunts from investors in the mines who are trying to use progressive measures in the mining industry to leave the country. This position taken by President Lungu has even been endorsed by opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

HH in a tweet stated that: “We are glad that PF leaders have acted on our recommendation regarding the welfare of our people on the Copperbelt including finding investors for our mines. It now remains to be seen how they will implement it.” He has seen that the position taken by the government on the mines is for the people’s benefit and nothing else hence he had no choice but to endorse President Lungu’s decision.

When President Lungu made a pronouncement in Ndola on Friday to the effect that his government would end the ‘marriage’ with Vedanta Resources, the majority shareholders in Konkola Copper Mines, mixed reactions flew around in all quarters – especially social media – with some thinking the Head of State was out of his mind to make such an announcement. He tasked the Attorney General and his team to start the legal process for repossession of Konkola Copper Mines from Indian Vedanta Resources Limited that has over the years been making all sorts of excuses to avoid further investments after making millions of dollars from a mine they bought for a paltry $25 million. They have made enough money in Zambia so they can now afford to pull stunts thinking the government will budge. In fact, these Vedanta guys have invested in a Zinc mine in South Africa apparently using money made from our Konkola Copper Mine and some of its assets. So does anyone expect President Lungu and his government to treat these guys with kid’s gloves and let them dictate how the mines should be run and how the people on the Copperbelt should be taken care of? No way!

President Lungu went on to warn Mopani Copper Mine’s majority shareholders as well that similar action will be taken against them if they do not immediately make plans to revive operations at the mines. What followed next was a meeting between the Head of State and directors at Mopani Copper Mines where they pleaded to stay and promised that the mine will up its production to maintain jobs in the mining sector.

The constant threats of withdrawal from Zambia and job cuts by these two mining giants caused some deep despondency among miners and a bulk of businessmen and women that do business with the mines. And this has been going on for years all because they are not ready to pay the rightful taxes to the Treasury. How unfair! Any government that cares for its people and the jobs they have in the mines would not stand idly by and watch the mines inflict all manner of anger, worry and hate towards it for things it has not done. It is because of this that President Lungu decided to say “enough and enough” and threatened repossession of these mines. And for his bold stance and leadership shown, we salute him!

And HH has agreed and supported this move because he knows that there’s no other way to get hold of things in the mines than taking the route President Lungu took.

These investors had previously taken advantage of this country’s leadership and they would always be treated leniently after a few arm-twisting exploits – others would actually tremble before them at the slightest threat of job losses in the mining industry. What would follow is suspension of certain policy decisions or leaving to not pay anything at all. But President Lungu has clearly shown that it is actually very possible to stand some ground and make these mines pay to the Treasury what the government of Zambia and its people deserve. After all, there are so many investors jostling to come in and run our mines in a fair manner.


  1. Brian sehela

    I thank you Mr president for this bold decision. Thank u also Mr hh for endorsing, we need such kind of leadership. Our resources should not be exploited.

    • kolona ya kwa Maria

      After KCM is retrieved govt must the go after the one who facilitated the sale. Time is up!!

      • Jane Karima

        Francis Kaunda was charged and convicted. Have you forgotten? Or your focus is elsewhere? The way HH is hated do you think that if there was any truth in the accusations regarding sale of mines he would be a free man? He would be languishing in jail awaiting trial since the coming into power of the new party, after MMD. Think again ba “kolona yakwa Maria”

        • kufahakurambwe

          I appreciate your sober trend of thought.

      • Mpombo Bob

        You started only to prove your hate and stupidity for HH.

    • Bk

      After repposesing the Government should go after the Middle guy who sold

    • Chibe Chibe

      Chris Phiri forgot to say when Lungu made these pronouncements the Kwacha fell

    • Chibe Chibe

      Imwe ba lipota muli ba bufi. HH never said any such thing. How and why did you dream that up?

  2. Samson

    I love dat my president, question them bajaila exploiting us

  3. Joe kawimbe

    At last! let these Mining Companiies remember who is in charge. These dudes have milked the country They bought these mines for “peanuts”; have made billions of Dollars which they have externalised, and now believe the rest of us are puppets to dance to their tune…This the behaviour that made
    Kenneth Kaunda Nationalised the mines

    • Chibe Chibe

      No Zambian is in charge. Stop kidding yourselves, you are all playing to their tune. They own the product, the means of production, the market, the sentiment of investors. Zambians only own the labour

  4. Joe kawimbe

    ….”nationalise the mines”…sorry for the spelling error. I was angry..

    • Mapesho

      @Joe, have you cooled down? Hope so, if not visit the clinic. We don’t want to lose you from B.P. kikiki.

  5. Chendabusiku

    Yes, the move taken by Lungu is a bold one that must be commended. HH has lost several opportunities where he would have narrowed the devide between the opposition and the Govt. What HH did not understand is the fact that it is harder to be in Govt that in opposition. So what HH has been doing is condemn everything even the really good things done by the Govt of the day. What you are essentally doing is elienate yourself from the majority of the majority of the people. Agreeing with your oponent on certain clearly important national issues is not a sign of weakness. As usual HH jumps and spoils his own soup by claiming that it was his idea. This takes away even the credit that an opportunist would take for giving a good advice. Growth on the party of HH is still a long way off.

    • Dude

      Chenda night you are spot on.

    • Mpombo Bob

      HH has been talking about reorganisation of mines for a very long time, except that you have been always under the influence of Canabis Sativa.


      This is it.

  6. Okay

    But dont put fucking jeraboz and that guy called fucking simi because only jeraboz will be finding jobs not us people who are normal with papers.



  8. BJ

    To be in opposition is to say no what is wrong and yes to what is right. Twapapa, was it you Ba hh who said what was reported? Awe, mwakula, our Tonga bull. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  9. BJ

    Leadership is about listening to what pipo are saying. To be a successful leader, one has to be the last. Bravo your Excellence, u av won the hearts of many on the copper belt. After all that’s a PF bed room. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  10. Daniel Banda

    I hope those Vedanta crooks are not related to the Gupta crooks in trouble in SA

  11. Jimmy shaba

    That’s patriotism

  12. Mario puzo

    HH pama mines asokoloka,he knows how thick is the soup found in the mines, thanks ba hh for your support,way to go let us learn to put our heads together, some times we put politics aside and help each other.

  13. saimbwedes

    HH thought by opposing everything wether bad or good he was being smart. However, this tribal politician has come to realise that its Zambians who are smarter than him, we have been ignoring him all this time. Zambians by nature dont like someone with the characteristics of HH, claiming to know it all, opposing everything, hypocrite, power hungry, denting the national image, unethical deals regarding privitisation of state owned assets etc. Am happy to see HH endorsing the stance taken by his execellence the president ECL, this is the way to go as politicians. I just hope his endorsement is wholeheartedly, no hidden agenda in it because HH is someone you cant trust

    • Mapesho

      I hope so too. He has been opposing on everything. You wonder if there something we don’t know of for him not to oppose this time? If not, thanks to him. That’s what we have been advocating for, not opposing for the sake of it.

  14. simon kawangu

    Comment That is the problem.hh is a national leader, whether you like it or not and has the right to give his opinion on national issues.Before the Enttebbe raid was carried out by Israeli commandos the prime minister imformed the opposition leader and they agreed for the sake of their country but here it is somthing else.

  15. Mulonda kelvin

    Good move mr president twatotela

  16. Kàirà

    Thax a lot ba HH indeed. You have shown Total Leadership. Thus the way to go, we only have one country. Called Zàmbia.

    • Jt

      Amen 🙏 bro baamo kuusabaulafye ..taabalelanda ..iifya kukula uumushi..kuuti baaleta neechifulufulu muuchalo cheesu 🖕 Zambia 🖕 Nation

  17. Pelekelo

    Mwacelwa bane! This should have happened in 2015 when Mopani retrenched its workers and the government declaring it as a national disaster! Do you know how many people are now destitutes? This is just a campaign strategy! We are not babies to listen to ‘baby sleep! Daddy is gonna buy you a new brand toy’!!!!!!!!

  18. Fred


  19. MacLaw Mulenga

    Comment:Thanx Mr HH 4 the supportive move we also thank yu Mr President 4 the action u’re hav taken God bless U.

  20. Observer

    Move sends a serious signal to the mines. However the long term solution is to depoliticise decision making and strengthen government regulatory control and capacity. Political interventions are never a sustainable way of running business!

  21. mwansa

    your excellence I salute you for your boldness and the stance you have taken to intervern in this terrible song that we have been hearing years and years same song,we are very happy you just don’t know what you have done to Zambian people these foregners they Lough at us that your president is the one who is wick now you have shown them that you are the president of this country I tell you these guys are very stupid but we thank you your excellence continue with the same spirit and I want to warn those who unseat our President ECL STOP you are not called to be a president why do you want to be so jealous ata stop ifimano fyamugulu Zambia it’s country known of peace why do you want to bring confusion on this country no we don’t want you to be president of this country, only ECL is the one we know as the president of this country.so stop we warn you.

  22. mwansa

    sorry for some missing words I was fast but you can connect.thanks

  23. Jt

    Aala eefyo iichalo chiifwile uukuba …aapaluba uumunenu mwaakontolola aapo abomba mwatasha ..that’s the spirit Mr hh and our president Mr ECL twaatotela ..🖕 Zambia 🖕 Nation that’s our Moto God bless you .. that is leadership.👏👏👏

  24. Kapijimpanga

    Mr. Hichilema is very coward why didn’t he oppose the presidents division to takeover the mines? He is now trying to wash his own embarrassment he cannot compare himself to. His excellency who is board in division making hakaindes pride has made him irrelevant in this country he thinks he is better than zambians today kcm will be takenover by gvt go report to your cartel where you have invested a lot money to disturbulize the country and zambians time will catch up with you u will regret

    • Mpombo Bob

      This is a very nauseating comment about HH. Poverty can make one stupid forever, I now agree.

      • kufahakurambwe

        Kapijimpanga’s tone leaves much to be desired. It Lacks decorum and civility. Zero substance. This is what one would term an ‘internet’ or ‘key board’ bully.

    • Kazungo Kendrick

      No Mr HH is the wise man, only fools who don’t understand him

  25. FuManchu

    It’s one easy thing to take back what belongs to you and be praised by both foes and friends for after all it’s yours but most importantly it’s the thereafter on what you do with it! Mind you when it was in the hands of those you yank it from both foes and friends had their own views on it! How differently are you going to handle it?

  26. J. K

    Way to go my presidio(HH), by now pipo shud have by now known that you just dont ,condemn GVT anyhow, but you wise enough to compliment and endorse good GVT policies thumbs up Mr president, if only the current cud let their ego down and listen to the opposition.

  27. LUBINDA Mwendabai

    Its not good to always act against what the President is doing to the country, but now brother hichilema u ar uniting the country by all kinds of such a good gesture.Mr lungu yo excellence plz thanks and do much more on mines and other sector s fo us.those who hate u say u ar compainig .let them go to hell bcoz its gerous.sela tubombeko.this is good Mr President and Mr hichilema,keep it up.luitumezi ahulu shangwe.

  28. Fyobefyo Munshebwa

    the picture seems to b real no photo shop!!And thats the bottom line,HH that one z ur elder respect him as u hv done,ur time will come if it will,

  29. vov

    There are more useless investors in our country, please act now let them learn from Vedanta as an example.

  30. Marting Banda

    one zambia one nation! one step at a time Lungu will change the face of this country. even HH himself knows, he has even realised that it’s nosense to oppoz a capable leader of president Lungu’s Level. Join them if u can’t beat them, HH’s moto

  31. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master


  32. The saint

    Great move sir

  33. AM

    It is like we are heading in the right way now ,Mr HH for first time I thank you for maturity stance you have taken at least with this you are attracting my vote. ECL thanks but complete work and above all Glory to the ALMIGHTY GOD, Chingola for JESUS not for Indian gods.

  34. Vincent chola

    That’s the problem of us “Black skin” we don’t just appreciate when someone make good decision..the decision of Mr president is a good one, as for me “congratulation Mr Edger C Lungu..and I would like that C to be Chola kikikikiki not chagwa!..HH thanks as well

    • What decision Kanshi?

      Lungu backed out f this decision the moment he realised he had weakened the Kwacha. He also had not read his country’s contract with the mine owners. In sjhort he was barking like those dogs that dont bite

  35. kufahakurambwe

    Words matter…”they bought for a paltry $25 million..”. This statement is misleading and far from the what actually took place. Vedanta Resources Ltd did not pay government cash upfront when taking over the mine in question. They agreed to pay government over a period of time. Vedanta came in and took over the mine and in three (3) months made a profit of US$75 million and paid government the $25 million (purchase price) from these proceeds. The debt was paid in full. Finally, an agreement was entered into were government would receive 0.006 % of the proceeds of copper mining.

  36. Malengo kumwenda

    thanks alot mr president. it is better to Nationalise some of these mines. ba ECL we can’t fail to run these mines. we have graduates and patriotic Zambians who can do the job.

  37. Mukonkoto K

    Thank you very much Mr President ECL for the move you have taken.Even Mr President HH for UPND Party for being endorsed for the decision that Mr President ECL he has made.Now Mr President what is remaining is to sink those people with high positions in Government who are doing corruption please if you find them please! due with them please!!!

  38. Dude

    P.M say something. Are you sleeping?


    thnx Mr President ECL

  40. Kings

    So All Of You Who Are Talking Nonsanse About H H Because Of Hatred You Never Wanted To Get The Advice He Was Giving The Government Of The Day On Mines, Your Ears Could Not Receive The Man’s Good Words Only Bad Ones Because You Hate Him For No Proper Reason. H H Is The Man Who Stands For The Righs Of The Zambian People, But Fools Cant Understand Him, Thats The Badness. Ecl Should Not Hasitate To Use The Advice He Is Given By The Oppositin Leadership. Criticism Should Be There When Things Are Not Okey, Is H H Mad? No He Is Not, Thats Why He Has Supported The Move That Cl Has Taken. Did He Sell The Mines? No He Didn’t, Thats Why He Has Never Been In Court For Such A Case. The Man Is Patriotic Like Any Other Zambian. Twasanta Bingi Mwane, Litumezi Ahulu, Taonga Comene, Tathokoza Kwambiri, Twalumba Kapati, Twataizya Sana, Twasalifya Nkhanyi, Twatasha Sana, One Zambia, One Nation, We Thank You Mr President For Your Stance.

    • Wezi

      Can someone please teach Kings when to use capital letters.

      • Kings

        Don’t Worry, Am Different, If My You Can Read My Statement Then Its Okey, I Do Things The Way I Feal Comfortable, God Bless You As You Keep On Correcting Or Rather Spotting Our Deliberate Mistakes, Guday.


    Very good comments from all of you, except those who still find time to throw in an insult here or there. This is a national cause we in it together.
    The only people who should be condemned are those who sold KCM for a song and to very wrong people in the first place.
    The next stage is preparing for the take over. It would be less costly to send a team to Chile(please) and learn how they have managed to keep their mines profitable. But we could also ask for a technical team from there to come and look at our situation and give advise.
    This is important. Remember words are words, only performance is reality.

  42. FGM

    Zambia seriously needs a leadership that will always put the country and Zambians FIRST. May God bless Zambia.

  43. Alu.B

    Am not educated,but kudos to the president for the bold decision.The way to go Mr.ECL.For you mr.HH,am impressed that you are now seeing something.Mwebantu,let’s join hands and move our own Zambia forward!Remember that crook who crooked KK that he was to make fuel out of grass in chama?Let us be careful with some of these so called investors,or else they will leave Zambia with nothing but dams!Tuyanganako chabe.

  44. Zekec

    Great men put your heads and mother Zambia
    President Lungu and Opposition Leader HH President

  45. Albright

    That is the way to go.

  46. ken

    This company is selfish

  47. chibumbu Alfonso

    your exerllency Mr President Edger chagwa Lungu we are pleased with the decision you have made to part company with vendata at KCM and also by giving a sound warning to mopani of changing their conduct if at all they want to continue operating here in Zambia particularly in kitwe mines, it’s a very positive decision and no one can blame you on the decision you have made my self am happy for you and for all copperbelt citizens am assuring you once vendata goes and you bring in New powerful invesiters am telling you you will gain 100% political millage in copperbelt and you don’t expect what happened in luanshya to happen no just go with enough is enough never look back, these people they can tanish your image just chace them out, let them go and run the shops in India

  48. SEE MIND


  49. Jms

    Yes if ministers fail go for it but be careful due to people’s suffering

  50. blackbull

    thank you mr president for at least seeing what the opposition has for the country. now you must understand that the concerns of the opposition means well for the country, dont take anything the opposition is saying ,that they are bitter. we all love our country mother zambia. that is why you see things as if the opposition is totally opposite to what ever the government is doing . that is not true learn to listen from them and not these unlearned cadres in your system.

  51. Sas4

    Congratulations! That’s Zambia, why say so? Because the President ECL’s move and HH applause to our President’s action shows real picture of Zambia a Christian Nation. Not all can be criticized. Bless you our leaders and I speak favour of God upon you. I salute to God for the glory of our Nation.

  52. Luke Javic Jr

    Thanks Mr President and the great opposition leader Mr HH we thank u for for putting your head together we are hambled that’s ONE ZAMBIA_ONE NATION, Guys complaining about the past is not a solution for our nation to grow no, let’s just say thanks to our great leader chapwa whether we will complain mr HH or Mr ECL we won’t benefit anything let’s forget about the past and consider the future and many thanks to our president for taking a good move thank u…. thanks….. thank u

  53. One love

    That’s a good move ba president its not that investor only ,you should have strong term to labour offices so that you deals with these useless investors harassing Zambians ,and corrupt labour officers ,am telling you sir you leave a legacy and you fire more and you chase more we want investors who respect Zambians.

  54. Frank talking Turkey

    Ba Zambia reports please change your comments format. The current one is not good for interaction between readers. It’s not user friendly. You lose readership


    Intentions are good. Compliments of goodwill continue to pour in. All these are words. They are easy and painless. Now should come the most painful decisions.
    1) The President must immediately appoint a THINK TANK of people of unlike minds, who will advise of long term policy on mining by Zambian Companies.
    2) I have made my recommendations on this matter before under the banner INDETU. Zambians must go into mining even if it means employing “white foreign” experts. This will reduce foreign exchange drain.
    3)Any minds run by Zambian owned companies MUST SIGN LOCAL SALES AGREEMENTS, to sale our copper on shore. There’s no need to have another MEMACO. That way even Sales Tax can be lavied on site.
    4) This will limit loses on Taxes on account of none receipts of externalzed resources.
    5) The THINK TAMK may also recommend certain kind of minerals that can be reserved for Zambian Miners only.
    6)That KCM being a pilot project for this purpose should not be given to so called foreign investors.
    Let me repeat for purposes of clarity. Zambian run mines should sale their copper, gold, manganese etc at the end of the mining chain so that they don’t pay for transportation, insurance, marketing, rentals and sales expenses like Memavo did.
    That way, you can also support the value of our Kwacha.

  56. Ntich

    We all belong and support a leader of our choice but my humble appeal is in such moments as shown in the pic HH endorsing what EL has done out of his opinion means we can work together no matter the hurts . So we as followers let’s also learn no t to mix good moments and bad moments .no one is brave in Zambian to uplift the economy but if we begin to get along and help make decisions in such a way and accommodation of ideas from opposition or not opposition the BETTER FOR US ALL

  57. Beston Goodson kangwai

    Don’t let people who are failed to say that is a good move after you sgoal them 1-0 distance themself to there failed political power says Amos chanda.

  58. G.N.Mukuka

    Investments Vendetta has invested in around the world using “our own Zambian copper “we are entitled to a share…. Follow them to the latter.. Let Zambians run the mines.We are capable…. God bless us all!!

  59. Wesley banda

    Even here in Lusaka we are asking u our president to help as coz this Indian’s are not good enough they insout us treat us ….

  60. Kakula

    All one Zambia 🇿🇲

  61. solomon pleito

    So now we can see the outcomes of how HH sold Zambia. $25million partly and using the same company made $75million profit. Hh can not comment insoni shalisa coz when we say he sold Zambia these are the facts

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