Chiengi Man Nabbed for Attempting to Exchange Son with Boat

Police in Chiengi District have arrested a 47-year old man of Chilindi village who attempted to sell his 13-year old son in exchange for a boat and fishing nets.

John Chishimba allegedly approached a 35-year old man of Kalobwa village offering to sell his son for a boat and fishing nets valued at K6, 800.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said the incident occurred on 20th May, 2019 around 09:00 hours at Kalobwa Village, Chief Puta in Chienge District.

“It was reported that on 17th May, 2019 around 09:00 hours, John Chishimba  (suspect) approached the complainant and told him that he had a son that he was selling in exchange for a boat and fishing nets and he promised that he would deliver the boy any time,” Katongo said.

Katongo on the appointed day the suspect took his son and demanded that he should be given the boat and the nets as payment for the sale of his son.


She said that the complainant informed Community Crime Prevention Unit members who later apprehended the suspect and took him to Mununga Police Post.

The suspect has since been arrested and is detained at Mununga Police Post and will appear in court soon.


  1. Nkandu

    When other people are crying for children,u are busy making rubbish bussinnes

  2. chewe n

    rubbish parent must be jailed for life

  3. Mwale Z

    But Vibabemba Che Ni Vimasilu.Chinshi Mufyalila Kanshi?Mwapanga Mwana Kunkala Sampo Zoona.Shame!Asebenzele Boma Uyo!

  4. Roby g

    Insala bakalamba, i blame our mbuuya we voted fo

  5. yokosa

    Kkkkkkkk this is just a being, wait until you 2021 see how many people have been arrested for trying to sell their children because of hunger.

  6. Kapunda

    Why selling the future leaders? Life jail kabenga iyo

  7. îçè ritçhâ

    hunger kaili….!

  8. Fisunge

    Sinjala no bupuba chabe the thirteen year old son can help in the field to have more food what was that child eating all these years and I believe he’s not the only child there Shud be a problem somewhere

  9. Kenneth mumba

    these are the habit of bembas more especially from luapula ba tubulu muletusebanya meet fibathu imwe

  10. Kasanga

    Please! my dear friend if something was never meant to be in your life no matter what it will fail.see now!!!!

  11. Robby Chola

    Iwe shikulu watuletelela kubena Chipata, awe kabombele ubuteko, makwebo yashani ayo? Ale nomba mona ifyo bambuya wesu batupontela like Mwale Z…. SHAME.

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