Mine Unions Hold Solidarity March over Govt’s Move on KCM

Mine Unions yesterday staged a solidarity march in support of government’s move to take over Konkola Copper Mines in Chingola and Chililabombwe.

The unions were later joined by different stakeholders, miners, ex-miners and residents of Chingola and Chililabombwe to petition government to quickly find other investors to take over operations at Konkola Copper Mines.

Joseph Chewe, the Mineworkers Union of Zambia president, charged that Vedanta Resources had failed the people of Chingola, Chililabombwe and Kitwe.

He led a group of youths and other three union leaders in a solidarity walk to deliver a petition later to Copperbelt minister Japhen Mwakalombe at the District Commissioner’s office in Chingola.

Chewe said the unions have suffered at the hands of Konkola Copper Mines investors and it was now time for them to leave the Country.

He also advised government not to bring in Chinese to run the mines but look at other serious investors.

“We have come to deliver this petition, we heard what the President said and we are in support of what he mentioned. It is for this reason that we want Vedanta to go; time for them to pack is now, we are tired. Enough is enough, we can’t continue like this,” Chewe said.

He said there was need to consider fencing off Konkola Copper Mines until another investor is identified.

And Mwakalombe said government had already made a decision and will follow the necessary steps in taking over KCM.

Mwakalombe said the petition would be delivered to President Edgar Lungu.

Vedanta Resources have, however, sought an urgent meeting with the government to discuss President Lungu’s position that they leave the mine.



  1. Frank

    for sure they should go.the same action should be taken on small miners like here in shantumbu area we have chines mining but there is no development the population has grown over the years they are taking our minerals we the people are not seeing any benefits

  2. bkombe

    I thank you Mr.President for your bold decision about the KCM mines because some investors just come to steal our minerals and paying the mariners peanuts. Plz, let them know that you have power to decide on any thing this is our Cooper. Let them go if they are not ready to follow what you want

  3. Bright munthali

    Zccm-ih in the short term can run the mine then look for an equity partner.But let us sober up.

  4. Bro Rabson Kumwenda

    Let them go….. Because they have distroyed chingola,and they let as youths no having jobs.

  5. MacLaw Mulenga

    Go ahead Mr president exercise yor instrument of power so that this thieves Vedata they may know hw heavy u’re His Exellency we suffered alot it is high time to excute our mines now nd we thank u Mr HH for endosing Mr president
    Thank you….

  6. ek


  7. Christopher

    But what’s going to be the situation with Kitwe trades school ? Cause am a student there.

  8. Jms

    Iam astonished to hear that people don’t know how and why these investors were brought where is the law everything in Zambia is failing starting with football now you think the president when he talks may change what he put to happen their are so many areas where change is needed please learn to understand that the first thing has to do with our law this stand by the President is to make you close your mouth and focus on cheering the president while things are already worse

  9. Joshua

    Chinese, their only investor’s we have in zambia.

  10. Jms

    U have hit the n-i-l

  11. Dav

    Chinese must be very happy with this move…

  12. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Let the thieves go.

  13. point

    But where, were these unions when these thieves were looting our natural resources? This is when u ar coming out of ur shells, u were supposed to have exposed all these wrong doing earlier than later……

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