Mutati’s MMD Backs Mixed Member Representation Clause

The Felix Mutati MMD faction has welcomed the resolutions of the National Dialogue Forum among them the proposed introduction of the Mixed Member Representation (MMR) electoral system.

National Youth Coordinator Gerald Chiluba said the proposal had a proven track record in other countries across the world.

“As a youth wing we would like to salute the delegates at the just ended National Dialogue Forum (NDF) for proposing the introduction of the Mixed Member Representation (MMR) electoral system. This is not a new and untried idea, it has a proven long track record in other countries across the world”, Chiluba said.

Chiluba said the debate over the Mixed Member Representation goes back to 2015 when the clause was removed from the Constitution of Zambia  (Amendment bill) November 17 of 2015.

He said that Members of Parliament at that time seriously debated the matter to a point of subjecting the motion to a vote were 110 voted for the idea of deferring the inclusion of this article until completion of a proper research.


Chiluba said that 39 Members of Parliament whom among them constituted MPs from the UPND were for the idea of immediate inclusion of the Mixed member Representation Article in the Constitution and therefore, consideration  and subsequent approval of the Mixed Member Representation by the NDF is an idea whose time has come.

The Mixed Member Representation Electoral System is usually anchored on creating room for marginalized groups to join government like women, youths, disabled and minority racial groupings.

“We therefore want to graciously thank the National Dialogue Forum for rising above partisan interest by adopting not only youth friendly articles but other progressive ideas that will refine our culture of governance. We also wish to call upon young people to join hands in supporting this progressive long awaited provision by fighting every propaganda aimed at demeaning the Mixed Member Representation”, he said.

One Response to “Mutati’s MMD Backs Mixed Member Representation Clause”

  1. Mario Zagalo

    These clowns again? Lol!! Yaba. Grown men with beards but clinging on to propaganda to earn a place at the table. When the dust settles these chaps will go down as the biggest swindlers in modern day Zambian politics. The have introduced the coup d’état politics of hijacking a party. A suspended and expelled member, funded by PF/RB to hold a “convention” and create a parallel MMD. It is because of you people that MMD couldn’t even field candidates except a handful in 2016. So your RB and PF effectively killed MMD, as if that’s not enough you have continued to masquerade as MMD leaders even when the courts have reiterated the obvious. Shame shame shame for participating in showing Zambia how selfish and Millicent you are. To Raphael, well down on the propaganda tip, you have worked hard to the point where even journalists refer to MMD factions. But it can’t end well for you and Mutati, surely.

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