Pending Takeover of KCM Well-timed, says Silavwe

Golden Party president Jackson Silavwe says the recent pronouncement by President Edgar Lungu to take over Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) is well timed and deserves the full support from patriotic citizens.

And Silavwe has called on President Edgar Lungu to appoint a high-level task team with extensive expertise in mining, management and economics to come up with best modalities to run Konkola Copper Mine profitably and re-examine all the existing mining agreements.

Silavwe said Zambians have been for far too long tolerated the “rants of the profit crazed mining companies”.

He said a report of a technical audit committee chaired by Dr. Sixtus Mulenga showed that KCM was heavily in debt and faced threats of insolvency as atĀ  September 30, 2013, and had maintained the same status for six years.

“ZambiansĀ  are yearning for real economic development powered by their own abundant natural resources. The now Zambian is not afraid to run his own economic affairs. All the minerals belong to Zambians, the foreign investors must share the wealth or leave,” Silavwe. who is also ZCID spokesperson, said.

He further called on government to conduct forensic investigations and prosecute Vedanta Resources Limited for abrogating the agreement.

Silavwe has also urged government to run KCM professionally and avoid political patronage.


  1. muntungwa

    You are very right Jackson. We have enough people to run our mines we do not need these goons masquerading as investors. The time is up and they should just go. We know that they might do some machinations to depress the copper price but we shall weather the storm.

  2. julius

    kikikikik the government itself can not afford to run kcm. becouse nothing is left, all mining equipment (machinery) has been sold, it does’nt have utilities vehicles (all are finished to scrap) . the gorvernment should look for an invester who is ready to start from zero to start mining.

  3. David Bergmann

    Really ,if the government wants to run the mine successfully a lot of money has to be injected into the the trackless equipment department which has no equipment to mine then you can talk abut progress or else it is zero win for Zambians.
    Alternatively let them get a serious investor that can immediately mobilize and let the so called partners(contractors) continue mining and pay them from sales.

  4. Doubt Katwishi

    I did not know we had Golden Party in Zambia. Kwena nangu ni democracy nifi?

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