Police Warn Public against Swindlers Using Wina’s Forged Documents

The Zambia Police has warned the public against a scam where criminals are using forged documents in the name of the Vice-President Inonge Wina to swindle unsuspecting members of the public through social media.

According to Police Public Relations Officer Esther Katongo, the alleged criminals are using a passport bearing Vice-President Wina’s particulars, forged Immigration documents purporting to be application forms and appointment letters.

She has disclosed that the fake appointment letters read in part: “Your job processing is going on and we want to inform you that your name has been registered in the ICT unit of the staff and employed government organisation of Zambia Immigration worldwide and your salary is K18, 000 and you are to pay K1, 200 for your authentication of your result and two weeks training with feeding allowance and accommodation while training. Your transport and accommodation will be taken care of by the Zambia immigration and you are to pay directly to the Zambia Immigration. Secretary Melinda Ngandwe will call you.”

Katongo adds that the criminals have also provided a ZANACO Bank account in the name of Mwale Nonde in which the money is to be deposited.

She has since urged the public to be wary of such criminals and should not fall prey to their tricks by avoiding paying attention and sending money to the account provided as investigations have been instituted in the matter so that those behind this scam are brought to book.


  1. King cool

    Government have been so reluctant in this case, there is this issue of send me money on this number, the one I use is not working, we have reported this to Airtel no results found till now. It is a very big shame to our investigation team.

  2. Ian Smith

    Police are too reluctant in Zambia and very sure that other police in uniforms are involved and behind that, this issue is a very simple one whose account and which names appears by zanaco, people are being swindled country wide through mtn and airtel and police are aware about those issues.

  3. Chilankalipa

    So if the criminals have given you the account name and the bank, what are you still doing? Is it not obvious that when opening an account, the details and verification of physical address are checked and done by the Bank?

  4. Whiteson

    Ian you are right, come to Zambia, these are issues of “nizadyamo zingati…”

  5. Chilankalipa

    All we need to be told is that Mwale Monde and other signatories to the account if more have been arrested and are helping the police with further investigations. Why bore the public with long stories?

  6. Jms

    Thiefs create situations while working on them you can see now these women you appoint are disappointing you men do make sure to find out but a woman will sit and start crying why letting men do all what is necessary when you can’t lead by example its disgress

  7. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    This is a good move. Please Madam Esther Katongo bring the perpetrators to book. Am one of the victims of this scam and i can even give you the name and Bank account number of one of these perpetrators. Please help us because these criminals are fake and foolish!!!

  8. Davidson Chicago Zilu

    These are very serious issues, but it’s like our security personnel are very reluctant as already said by my friends, I have been reporting such incidences but nothing good has come out, The issue of airtel agents sending us these swindling SMS no good at all,

  9. muntungwa

    This is Zambia!!!

  10. justice

    Vigwileni vimbalangondo ivi.Vifuna kukolola pamene sivinalime.Make sure these criminals are rounded up punished severely. They must be made to realise that crime does not pay.

  11. Wise me

    This can only be done by morons to morons. Who are the people who responded to information from people asking for money whom they didn’t have prior knowledge about. It’s as stupid to respond to such a request it is stupid to take seriously a mortal being whose spiritual foundation is not known how he/she became a prophet and believe that what he emotionally says is coming from God!

  12. Kalaluka wamundila

    this same issue happened to me last year ipayed a lot of money for the job to start but upnow nothing happened .at fist I talked to Margret mwanakatwe idont know if she one or not she said we need someone to work has a assistant secretary for Zambia embassy in Nigeria so I gave her 3000 and she said let me give you the number of the Vice president and don’t Call her its watts up only so she gave me I started charting with her and I also gave her money about 3000 and she gave me appointment letter so when I tryed to ask how far she told no iwas um well so send 650 for reactivation and we shall be told the the particular day to come up to now nothing happened

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