5 Ndola Women who Inserted Beer Bottle in Another’s Vagina found with Case to Answer

Five women who inserted a beer bottle in the private part of another woman suspected to be having an affair with the husband to one of the accused have been found with a case to answer after the Ndola Magistrates’ Court established a prima facie case against them.

This is in a matter where the five accused are alleged to have inserted a beer bottle in another woman’s private part as punishment for having an affairs with the husband to one of them.

Precious Kapambwe, 25, Bridget Chisha, 21, Margaret Mwansa, 25, Catherine Banda, 29 and Maureen Mutale, 29, are alleged to have on December 1, 2018 assaulted the victim, Denise Mwanakumbwila, and occasioned her actual bodily harm.

In the first count one, it is alleged that the five jointly and whilst acting together, abducted Denise with the intention of putting her in danger of being subjected to grievous bodily harm.

In count two, the five are charged with indecent assault on a female.

When the matter came up for ruling on a case to answer yesterday,  Ndola Chief Resident Magistrate John Mbuzi said the state had proved the case in all the two counts.

“In count one, there is evidence that the girl was picked from the bar and taken to another house. In count two, there is evidence that a bottle was found and tendered in. The state has established a prima facie case. I find the five with a case to answer in the two counts and put them on their defence,” magistrate Mbuzi said before adjourning the matter to May 24, 2019 for defence.

Court records show that the victim was having drinks at Startpoint Bar at Masala main market in Ndola on the material day with Harrison Mwanza, who is Kapambwe’s husband.

While there, Kapambwe arrived in the company of her four friends.

However, Mwanza ran away upon seeing his wife.

It was at this point that Kapambwe forcibly picked the victim and took her to her home where she was allegedly forced to undress.


  1. Maureen

    They should be jailed😔😔 that’s wrong an inhuman treatment ,,u can’t believe how heartless some women can be😭😭

  2. Matman

    They together with the man must be given maximum jail sentences

    • Kashif Mulenga

      MATMAN….y should the man b jailed when he was just found drinking with that lady,b in the man’s shoes the ladies were very wrong to do that, the man was just drinking with the lady nothing more.

      • Wallace

        Yes the has nothing to do with that.
        He was just found drinking beer.

  3. Daniel Banda

    These are the problems requiring interventions by prophets the women involved need deliverance. But unfortunately, prophets want to talk about politics.

    • Adedos 2021

      Why don’t you call then preachers? We have false prophets, prophet are in the bible.They were chosen by God. You don’t wake up one day and claim that you are a prophet.You start using magic and tricks to deceive your followers,You start telling women in church to suck your…Your messages are about giving and you accumulate wealth.Give us a break with fake 21st century prophets

      • Daniel Banda

        You are spot on. How can a prophet talk about a people who have not sought for his intervention in any way. A Nigerian fake prophet begins to talk about Zambian politics, leaving problems in his country, why? In the Bible, God chose prophets within tribes of Israel. Zambia does not belong to Yorubas, Ibos, etc. The Nigerian prophets should be looking for solution to end the Boko Haram insurgency rather than interfere in Zambian politics.

      • Wallace Samba

        99 percent Zambian people, women the majority have taken advantage of by fake prophets,blinded blinded away from the real God to waship. They believe in magic not the Holly God.


    This is being inhuman.They need to understand that vengeance belongs to the Lord

  5. Fisunge

    I think the government Shud re introduce marriage interference so that this stupidity of cheating Shud be reduced a bit because of this stupid husband the all are suffering the husband Shud also be arrested for allegedly infringed the right of the wife why did he ran away instead of protecting the both of them

  6. mourihno

    The barbaric behavior of the five women will cost them because the victim may have not known that the man was married as such being innocent let the law take its cause

  7. Mulilo kafyama

    Am just looking

  8. martin chiyesu

    point mourinho sh is inocent

  9. Daniel Banda

    How far did the five women go in education not to know that that there are civil courts for such problems to be heard.

  10. Alu.B

    Let them go and rot in jail.how can a normal person behave like they did?I think insunko shalibakola,now,have you seen the aftermath?

  11. Mr peace

    Bafunika kubapitisa vimabotolo va big castle ba sheet…

    • Wallace Samba

      Hehehe,yebo ,for them also to understand better on what happens when you insert the big bottle of castle.
      They deserve that as punishment,then free them.fipuba

  12. Joseph

    Aba Ba kakwefye pakuti Bana Mayo basambilileko, ubupuba bupweko mu call.

  13. Samson

    That’s inhuman, let them face the law

  14. Banda

    How big was a bottle used to have been inserted in the vagina? If it is like a big coke no problem leave them

  15. Truestory

    The question the court should ask those women is? Bushe bena taba chitapo ubuchende nangu ulubembu? And did they catch that girl in bed with that guy? And to the other 4 women y did they interfere in other peoples affairs? Balakakilwa pa bwambo bushili bwabo, elo nga balyupwa ninshi chapwa bashilako abanabo amamba yabalume babo. Nga balekele umwine wamulume ayilwile nkondo nomba bafwile cha nyongo.

    • Mario puzo

      Limbi nabo they were going out with the same man.

  16. Jms

    Punish the man also

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Harrison Mwanza is really a coward. He should not have run away.Had it have been Mwansa he would not have run away.Easterners ?kikikikiki

      • Alex Mwanza

        I we ka Katwishi,icindike ala!kkkkk

        • Doubt Katwishi

          Honestly ba Mwanza, running away? ku kosa. Fisanga abaume. Kikikiki.

  17. Truestory

    Iwe chi Banda ninshi yako niyikulu monga botolo y kokakola?

  18. Mangelepa Sandals

    Insaka bane! You mean among the four No one could advise the others? Justice! Send a message to all would be offenders.

  19. Professor Clerk Desmond

    any one to answer me please before i comment on this matter. Why did the gvt remove marriage interference?????

  20. Kelvin

    people sure its true the world is going to an end

    • isaac

      that’s true the world is going to an end


    I was feeling very low, but after reading some of the comments above, i am feeling irie

  22. Emma Chanda Njovu

    My bro Doubt, I am bemba and married to an easterner. What should I do?

    • Doubt Katwishi

      My sister just go in liquidation and find another investor. This time go North.Kikikiki

  23. Attack Mayor

    Punish them

  24. Alex Mwanza

    I we ka Katwishi,icindike ala!kkkkk

  25. Rock Genesis

    ladies stop drinking ”ati wat a man can do i can also do it” your drunkardness has pave your way to JAIL manje

  26. Ba#Counter

    Its her own fault… How do you go out with a married man..?? Foolish

  27. Power man

    Boma isebeza, bazamangiwa coz low is low

  28. Owen chipuluka

    They should be arrested. Because they never had full evidence she did not find them in act.

  29. Hamz

    Let there punishment be in accordance with the crime but also consider relationship feelings for the married woman period.

  30. Shy Q

    Bad people, are bad people.. and they suppose to treated badder than bad.
    We want them to face the wrath of the law of Zambia, and behold beyond of their stupidity imagination.

  31. Mwamba Munkonge

    Mwanza is a problem here, how do you run like a whipped dog? Mukulambulu, ayange namaka, it could not have escalated to this far. Now the mother of your children will go to jail.


    Nichani chinalengesa

  33. isaac


  34. Japhet mulenga

    That’s too bad ,may god deliver u

  35. Sbongile soko

    The law must be firm on them… That’s an indecent assault

  36. David Malinga

    This issue was supposed to be sorted out by the husband and the wife that’s all. Now imwe banamayo fyakuifwaila, how can you surely involve yourselves into other people’s affairs?? It’s now a lesson to you and the law ll deal with you accordingly.

  37. Phiri Andrew

    My advice to Mwanza, marry that young girl, she had suffered a great deal at the foolishness of your wife and her accomplice. I watched that video. The action was barbaric. NO ONE WOULD LOVE HER SISTER UNDERGO THAT MUCH TORTURE AND WORSE STILL, THE PUBLICISING OF THE SAME VIDEO. INFACT, THE ACCUSED ARE LUCKY, SHOOTING & AND PUBLICISING OF OBSCENE MATERIALS AS THAT GIRL MADE NUDE, ARE CRIMINAL OFFENCES. Ask my mulamu, Iris Kaingu.

  38. Kiñg Rœxiēly

    They should arrested for surely,
    Why why women a person who has fear zoooona
    Kimu sali yoooo yaeza chalo batili batamiwe

  39. Heart broken

    These people did well, because as who are in marriages we suffer a lot with these so called prostitute’s and government is not doing anything that’s why people in marriages are killing each other it’s because of the removal of marriage interference women and children are safering they have no where to go so please those who are in marriages let us did what we can atil Boma iyanganepo let support one another.

  40. Joe kasuta

    Just arrest them these ladies they all criminal lets them face the law.

  41. Dkay

    chimo ni chimo it doesn’t matter who does it…never take God’s position!!

  42. Nondo

    This matter is not simple,so we call upon all the involved victims to exercise selfconself- next time,for now justice!

  43. Open minded person

    Let then suffer the consequences of failing to comprise over the issue

  44. Open minded person

    Let then suffer the consequences of failing to compromise over the issue

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