Lusaka Woman Delivers Quadruplets

A 25-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Slyverest area has successfully delivered quadruplets (4 babies) through a caesarean section.

University Teaching Hospital Public Relations Officer Natalie Mashikolo said  Martha Mwansa gave birth to quadruplets consisting of three girls and one boy around 10:00 hours.

Mashikolo said the girls were the first to be born at 10:15, 10:16 and 10:17 hours respectively while the boy was born last at 10:18 hours.

The babies are currently being monitored in the neonatal intensive Care unit.

Mashikolo said medics attending to the babies have indicated that they are in a stable condition and will soon be with their mother in the ward.


  1. Maps

    I wish God blesses me with a gift like that

  2. Chibe Chibe

    Wow! How wonderful! Lets look after these babies and make sure all of them grow up healthy!

  3. Mwale Rabson

    Those kids are blessings from God, and may His Holly name be exalted more for what He’s done.


    What a balanced blessing, four(4)?? Wow!!!! To God be the glory!!! About abaana balipalwa and will suggest they be given biblical character names like; Ruth, Esther and Naomi while the boys can be Blessing to seal this miraculous blessing.

  5. Alu.B

    Secret Yaba big G,GOD!!

  6. Yves

    What a wonderful gift!!! Big thanks to ba mwine ba Lesa. Madam Martha, take a good care of the children.

  7. Alex

    Wow!Such are very rare cases and thanks be to God for the stable condition they are in.Halleluya!

  8. Mr chola m

    To Almighty be the glory madam take of children very well

  9. BM

    Let me say amen for DAT great gift in their behalf ,the mother and not forgetting de father.

  10. Schoolboy

    God is great

  11. LEE Muchenga

    Glory be to God

  12. jessy

    May God bless the babies and the mother not forgetting the father as well

  13. Simz

    May the government do something about it please
    If I had money I may make sure I give a house for the mother of the kid in order to take care of them
    I wish I can visit her and present a small gift for those blessing babies
    Wish them good health and God be with them

  14. Moira

    Congratulations Martha Mwansa! May God give your enough strength to take care of the babies! Indeed that is a blessing!

  15. Ej

    That’s a very big blessing from God..may his name be praised.. congrats mama Mwansa and I tap the blessing Kiki.

  16. Simfukwe

    Upnd will still oppose that a thing can’t happen to human being except to cows the power of god gives to the lowly god the giver bless the children to stay longer on earth that you had created

    • Ba kng g

      Mmmm but you may God forgve u . Among all thngs u have just remmber ama politics

  17. Cha-cha-cha

    Let the hand of healing from God touch those babies, Amen

  18. Kasanga

    Woo!!!! What a prevalege on Earth God bless you Mama!!

  19. Fredrick

    May God be with her

  20. Brian sehela

    Woooo, wish them all Gods protection. Zambia wakazi bapaka eeh.

  21. Wenger

    It happens everything has got it’s time let’s thank God

  22. Chalo Wandya

    Congratulations mama! You are one in a million! Keep it up

  23. p moomba

    I wish now how these babies produced in their mother’s wumb. Now it biologically. But I now that it can happen because God is greater. May God bless this family.

  24. Clifford Mwiinde

    God bless ,Amen and Amen

  25. milambo

    God Lord, our gracious, kindness who does, what no man can do, glory be to you O’Lord, congrats mama Martha!!

  26. Lillian Moonga

    Congratulations mama, it’s indeed a blessing.

    • Father

      I havent read anyone congratulating the father to those babies . I wonder why this world has become so unthankful to a man . Congrats my fellow father . Ndiwe chikali …….

  27. Blessed

    This z a real blessing from God and God bless you dear be blessed everywhere you go

  28. Mike

    Wow thanks God for such blessings

  29. Ba pondra CHunga

    To God be glory and honour for such a blessing .

  30. Simpito Mukandwa

    Chawama sana ala mwebantu God is Great

  31. Owen chipuluka

    God your name be glorified on earth as it is in heaven. I thank you for the biggest gift and care you have shown to sister martha mwansa we believe with you God everything shall be possible.

  32. fact man

    Very fertile……you ar one in a million….luck you, for some its zero,but u 4-the choosen one.

  33. SEE MIND

    Congrats, keep cares gift from God , you parents blessing pray hard God loves you !!!

  34. Mwamba

    Indeed God is bigger…. All glory to him on the highest…

  35. LN

    Congratulations. The best way you can honour God in such a rare case is to train up all the 4 children in the way of the Lord. Let them know God and form a quadruplet gospel singing group. God bless the family and particularly those lovely babies.

  36. Daniel Banda

    To God be the Glory and honour! Dedicate those children to the Almighty.

  37. Sandra Kawangu

    Our God you are worthy of our praise….what a blessing!! I connect

  38. Jones Mpundu

    To God be the glory… Wishing the family all the very best as they raise the quadruplets

  39. e kangolo

    wat a blessing mama God bless u with your husband

  40. wulu

    Well done the MWANSA. May the glory of God cover you all. Always pray for guidance

  41. muchime


  42. Nalomba Naine ku Mfumu Lesa

    Praise God for this gift. May this family be blessed always. Naifwe fweba kabila twalomba abana mwe Lesa.


    Thank God for everything which have pass through untill you have delivered 4childrens Amen.

  44. Steve chiimbila

    Plz dnt xchange ha babies ba nurse!!

  45. moses

    Wow mama you are really blessed ….

  46. Kakula

    Amen amen

  47. Mulenga

    Woooow congrats swty u really priveledged how i wish thre mine too

  48. ruth

    Comment god
    bless the children……. I wish l was the mom

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