ACC Nabs Chitotela On 9 Fresh Charges

The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested housing and infrastructure development minister Ronald Chitotela on nine fresh corruption-related charges.

Chitotela was recently arrested on corruption related charges and is currently appearing in court over the same.

Before the matter could be concluded, Chitotela was today summoned and interrogated for four hours before his arrest, according to his lawyer James Matalilo.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing

Honourable Ronald Chitotela, and charged him with 9 Counts of possession and concealing of property suspected to be proceeds of crime,” ACC public relations manager Timothy Moono has stated. “Honourable Ronald Chitotela, 47, has been charged with one count of Concealing property suspected of being proceeds of crime, and 8 counts of possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to Section 71 subsection (1) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act Number 19 of 2010. Chitotela has since been released on Bond and will appear in court soon.”


  1. Impyakusu ichinyo

    The case is going nowhere kabili the big fish is involved

  2. Shagi

    Interesting fact is that justice is on the side of the fattest wallet.

  3. mambwe

    too much cases this man why cnt the president just fire him he is letdown to the government.

    • Chilankalipa

      Bring evidence to prove that my minister was arrested and that the ones who arrested him are not fake ACC officers and that they are not just jealous of the wealth my minister has worked so hard to amass in the shortest period of his ‘honesty’ service to this nation. CMZ.

  4. Songo

    While a hungry man will be jailed 2 years for pilfering an orange, justice is very sympathetic to the rich man who plunders millions of dollars worth of national wealth.

    • puzzled

      Why is lungu not taking any action.Chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi

  5. Patrick JB

    Sure this man

  6. Agogo

    And you still call him honourable! This man should already have been suspended from carrying out government duties. And I think these are some of the things the so called ndf should have recommended in the quest to improve our constitution so that the President should suspend a minister who has been charged and arrested for a criminal offence .Because as it is ,the President says the current law does not compel him to fire a minister who has been arrested until he is convicted. What a shame on our laws.Zambia my country oh GOD help us!

  7. Frank

    agony is being sent by your boss to arrest a commando marin who is hiding under Water with an asenal of fire arms

  8. kakoma justin

    the poor will always be the victim

  9. tmk Thomas jr

    Comment he is not honourable any more. he gone against the constitution, he is suppose to protect it.

  10. Truestory

    Honestly he does not deserve to be called honourable, niba kabwalala aba tata.

  11. The saint

    The Bible says those who have,more will be added to them and those with non,even what they have will be taken away.eyaba Bantu.

  12. Starfara

    Leaders must lead by good examples, now are these good examples??? Any way, anything hiden shall be revealed to light!!!!!!!

  13. Josely

    The Man is too much.. Why can’t the President just demot him… We don’t want such people in our country

  14. Alu.B

    9 fresh charges!Uko,manje yazanda ka?waiting for the outcome.

  15. kalowa e

    After 7days at bla bla bla he z innocent kaya pa zed

  16. Escape from Sobibo

    I miss Mwanawasa has we are talking right now under mwanawasa “chitotela ngali Ku mukobeko ,,let me end here they can arrest me napita naya

  17. DR I BANDA

    I wish it was in Malawi, where the President does not t/te nosence,or in Britain where a leader resign on moral grounds.

  18. C5

    Country men and women of Zambia, I promise to gan R. Chitotela down wherever we will meet becoz is a dangerous CRIMINAL.

  19. DR I BANDA

    The QUESTION is.Why is the PRESIDENT quiet on this serious matter?Lets not hide behind Article so so here.QUESTIOOOONE?

  20. BTK

    Maybe people who are suppose to arrest him are partners in whichever business he conducts.

  21. tech one

    judgement after 2021

  22. kasanga faith


  23. Tondolo musuma

    Fire the chap

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