Deadlock: Kamanga, Kalusha Fail to Agree on CAF Ticket

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and his predecessor Kalusha Bwalya have failed to agree on who should contest for the CAF executive committee meeting after being brought together by Sports Minister Moses Mawere.

Kamanga and Bwalya refused to step aside for each other with the minister advising the duo to settle their dispute through an executive committee decision.

Mawere told a media briefing after the meeting at his office that both candidates were adamant on contesting.

He said that the duo however, agreed to settle the duel according to the FAZ constitution.

Mawere said that government would not interfere in the dispute as it went against FIFA rules.

“We requested to meet up with Kalusha Bwalya and president of FAZ Andrew Kamanga to come to the ministry and discuss issues surrounding the position at CAF, where both requested FAZ to recommend them for the position,” he said.

“We have deliberated. The meeting was very clear. We wanted them to talk to each other. Both of them have agreed that this is a FAZ matter that can only be resolved by a full executive.”

The deadlock revolves around Kalusha being an incumbent at CAF where he has served two terms while Kamanga is seeking to contest on account of being current FAZ boss.

FAZ can only sponsor one candidate for the nomination that closes on May 31.

Football Association of Zambia General Secretary has announced that whoever they will support should be able to pass an integrity test.


  1. Hev rena

    What does thei

  2. Hev rena

    What does their constitution say about third term.Is it wamuyaya for Kalu?

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Kalu please give others chance to contest for the interest of respect & the image of mother Zambia.What picture r u painting at an international level?Shame.

    • Tp

      In kalu’s time I think the national team was better than the one we have today eg a game against Brazil, Japan,Norway etc nomba ba Kananga ni Burkina farso Malawi Zimbabwe

  4. Jr

    TULEYA TULEKULA KA,pa zed and sports


    We need to see new face on CAF and FIFA why zambian footballer u are too selfsh, ala ingawakokola pacintu cimo pa last kuti waiba let kamanga contest,secondly we should know that football is business and we should mean busines every time in order to promote sports in zambia.

  6. NOLET

    YOU are corrupt 4 those disputes causes the team to determine at last you put fire on the couchs head .2019 YOU ARE WASH OUT

  7. Alu.B

    Ngaimwe babili,kalu and kamanga,what’s your problem kanshi,ninsala?

    • Mapesho

      Alu.B you have made me laugh with your comment. Ati NINSALA kikikikiki. It can only be hunger Kikikiki what else?

  8. Considerate

    Who qualifies to run football affairs? One with experience and qualifications or one from the “blues?” Football is all about results. What have we achieved from the two administrators? We even lost to Mozambique an Guinea sure. Notions have improved but not not losing to a much teams. One here has completely failed. I personally, can’t support him.

  9. Considerate

    Meant to write”Nations have improved but not losing to such teams.”

  10. Joseph Roia Tembo

    how can u support someone who has failed on a smaller responsibility with a huge one? under Kananga’s regime, we have failed to qualify for the Africa cup of nations on two consecutive occasions, the most saddening one is the forth coming afcon which will accommodate 24 teams but Zambia. currently we can say we are one of the waste 28 teams in Africa. shame.

  11. Escape from Sobibo

    Ukushupana kwati bena Tom & Jerry Atase

  12. Mr. K

    Kananga you have failed Zambians you will not offer anything leave chance to an icon kalu

    • Tp

      Chapwa fye cause de guy is doing nothing APA ni kalu until the day akalambalala mwiloba


    Does our great Kalu have genuine friends?
    There iz no need for all this hullabaloo. Our hero must encourage, support and vigorously campaign for Kananga.

  14. Gershom ingwe

    Mr Kalusha was Good when was a faz president but kamanga is failed to manage the football why bling confusion Kasi kamanga u should stop emediectry

  15. Titim

    Let the current FAZ president Kamanga represent Zambia. Its time for Mr Kalu to do his own business. People are fed up with him.

  16. SEE MIND


  17. Wanyala

    Kamanga am giving you 24hrs to surrender or else I will be forced to flush you out of Faz,wautwa wena mucha

  18. Chibeza Ng'uni

    Though Kamanga admn has failed to qualify Zambia to the AFCON and on the other side Kalusha Bwalya if given a chance won’t pass integrity test as he involved in corruption charges with his deputy and Secretary, and we can’t afford to lose FAZ resources for nothing, please Kamanga a chance.

  19. Joseph

    Kamanga is not a material to that Position, Ba filwa mu Zambia umo twabeshiba, nomba uko bakaya citako inshi, ala ifintu fimo ku kana fye ati teti nkwanishe ukucila balekusonta ati tapali ifyo balecita aba, kwikala fye ba KAMANGA twapapata, Mwikatusebanya!!!

    • Mwata fk

      For the eight years that kalu has been at CAF what direct benefit have we archived? He has done his part what more does he want? Give others to be on the stage. Simply put leave the stage when people are still clapping. Stubbornness does not pay. Kalunga will fail the integrity test

  20. solomon pleito

    Bena Kananga lekeni umunenu akwateko incito elyo kabili tapaba ifyo mulecita mu faz

  21. WHY?


  22. Madalitso Phiri

    What are we looking for? CAF rep or FAZ president?

    Looking at the two there is no witch hunting as to who has the know how to benefit both Zambia and Africa. We know that already.

    Leadership is about working with the skilled people you have at your disposal and not just prestidge. In Zambia we have this problem. Let Kamanga show leadership for once.

  23. One philippe

    i think one has to contest that position on merit not just because you want to. See, how can you claim that you can feed the entire comminity when there is hunger in your own house. There is nothing to prove here, lets just be honest. If these guys cant work things out let them gice it all up all together.ah!

  24. Henry Zulu

    Kamanga has failed in all angles. We need kalu in this position

  25. Pj

    kalu shud stand,the only person wu shud nt stand again is the zaa president elias mpondela.

  26. Comrade

    I think Kalu is the best mwe!

  27. Dido

    Failing to qualify for afcon for 2 time please mr kamanga,u have to be ashamed of your self, you have all the money in the world just get some rest ahhh

  28. Gibby Zulu

    Kamanga should go to CAF where he will be useless like he has been at football house.
    Kalusha should take over FAZ and Chipolopolo will win afcon again

  29. Noel

    Zambians for Zambia’s Progress. When U ‘ve failed give chance 2 those who can manage. Not even CAF finals sure. Great Kalu = Zambian Football.

  30. Fosale

    Give Kamanga a chance to contest for caf sit like kalu was given when he was a president and went on to destroy our image.By the way kalu cant even contest for fifa because of the charges he had. Kalu your time is gone just join politics like George Weah.

  31. mourinho


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