Over 2,000 Prisoners Get Presidential Pardon

Over 2,000 prisoners from different facilities in the country have been pardoned by President Edgar Lungu ahead of tomorrow’s African Freedom Day celebrations.

This is according to Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo who says what the President has done is in accordance with Article 97 of the Constitution of Zambia which provides for the Presidential pardon and substitution of severe punishment imposed on convicted persons.

Of the 2,182 pardoned, 2,032 are ordinary inmates, 29 female inmates with circumstantial children, 31 are aged and 25 are convicted foreign nationals.

Kampyongo has since appealed to members of the public to accept the former inmates to help them integrate into society.

This year’s celebrations will be held under the theme “The year of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons: towards durable solutions to forced displacement in Africa”.


  1. Alex Chanzi

    Great Move And Hoping Sinjela Is Pardoned. Kopala Efintu

    • That's too many!

      Why? Are they PF jerabos?

      • Zulu Peter

        iwe which why?,I think you need to be eliminated from the country and world at Large cause you are a thratening to national interest…

  2. wiseone

    kwapwa twasanswa.. 😕

  3. Gift

    Well nice move by the president

  4. marv

    that’s really a great move by the president but those people will need something to lay there hands on for a start without which most of them will still come back to that place

    • Then it's no great move. It's mere grandstanding

      2000 ba kabwalala released into our so9😫😫😫 then its a rotten society

  5. Golden

    may the good Lord continue to bless Zambia thank you so much Mr President for the great job you done

    • Kwame kaite

      Am so happy for the pardon hope my brother has been considered

  6. Kaumba nguvu

    It’s a good move.but let’s not forget about the people who wanted justice over them how are the gona feel?the lost alot and the wanted jusice to do it’s job..so we gona take justice in our own hands.next time am robbed I will just shoot the burger cz if I take him to the policy he will be let free one day and haunt me for taking him to prison..

  7. E.phiri

    May God almighty help them to be better citizen(s), never going back to prison again..may their hearts,doings,minds be transformed for the greatness of others…..I, Emmanuel Phiri I SIRLUT OUR PRESIDENT MR LUNGU E.C for this n other more good things..I am humbled.Thank u n never giver up doing good…….Your cenciary E. Phiri


    may be my young bro will be among thz gyz let us wait and see 2moro i prez u GOD. wel done mr presdo

  9. Tboss

    We give thanks to God, hope my Dad is on list!!!

  10. Womba

    Hope they have reformed, coz we were at least free when they were convicted.

  11. Analyticus

    Bachepa nokucepa. Zambia celebrated jubilee in 2014 and all the prisoners were supposed to be freed because we are a Christian nation. God has a case against Zambia for that. Pardon more Mr President

  12. Kuma Ceee

    Don’t they release list of names of prisoners we want to know if someone we know is pardoned

  13. lovemore mwanza

    we thank you president lungu for great concern of this nation.

  14. Amigo

    Thank you ECL. What about paying victims of crime next time?

  15. i thought its just a rummer

    My first born son eveningnight came to me running while shouting Daddy,daddy chapa neighbor chi-criminal stammering..!!!!!!!!!.. i came out i shouted.WHAT?????.. THE F*CK AGAIN.

  16. puzzled

    maaayooo!!!! so the criminal i took 2 police n promisd 2 kil me when he is out n i said enda chabe chikabwalala after lo ni 15 yrs y mr presidento am finishd

  17. Mercy Misozi Phiri

    God bless you Edgar Lungu for what you have done. I hope my uncle Musa was also pardoned

  18. Maybin Mwelwa

    What A Great Move Mr President And Thanks For Your Concern.

  19. Albert Mbenga

    Glory b2 God Almighty..thanks Mr Presdo for keeping the law moving

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