Egyptian President Postpones Zambia Trip

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has cancelled his visit to Zambia citing compelling domestic reasons.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said the Egyptian leader had communicated his inability to travel.

“Due a compelling domestic agenda, H.E President Abdel El-Sisi of Egypt is unable to fulfil his State Visit to Zambia on Friday, 24th May 2019,” Chanda said.

“President El- Sisi has since telephoned his host counterpart, HE President Lungu to inform of this development. The visit will be undertaken at another time.”

Egypt is the current chair of the African Union and had lined up engagements with President Lungu on various continental and bilateral issues.


  1. Chansa

    So Ninshi Ba Muze Baonawilefye Impiya Shakwila Ku Egypt

    • nnnnn

      Zambia under clueless Monkey Lungu is doomed. No world leader other than fellow African thieves masquerading as Presidents will say hello to Barbarian dictator ECL and his cronies.

  2. Dr NJOBVU Martin

    Only free people come to Zambia

  3. solomon pleito

    BaEl_sisi batininine fye ukwisa mukumfwa ama complaints yama civil servants ati Ba lungu batulundila fye 4%

  4. Gangsta grabs

    This chikala chakolwa who calls himself Zambian president can travel even if his wife is in a car bomb and mother in ICU.

    • Mario puzo

      Ba gangster you are just a tokota boy, keep your peace in your pants don’t think you are clever you can not insult the end of state and think everything is ok,we will visit you so that you insult him face to face.this is not a warning we are on to you bro, it is high time your friends will learn from you, insulting bakateka boi is a punishable crime, you only have 2months to leave out side mark my words.

    • simon sakala

      Don’t you have any manners or shame? is this way we talk to the elders?

  5. Kakula

    One Zambia 🇿🇲 🇿🇲

  6. Joe kawimbe

    There was a mistake in his diary. All African Presidents will be in Pretoria today to witness the inauguration of Cyril Rhamaphosa.

  7. Chilankalipa

    Well done! It seems the banner we had prepared has leaked, so we are not going to use it soon. It stated DICTATORS ARE NOT WELCOME.

  8. Mr. K

    Gangsta grabs iwe akatole Kobe ako ubomfya ukunyenga noko Kali kambwa there no way you should insult an innocent person who is the head of state an international figure first Zambian diplomat humble married plus children this president will go beyond 2026 light is always with him

  9. Gangsta grabs

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  10. icekid

    look for good in every person and every situation, you will almost find it.

  11. Jovio

    Nkulolavye nene

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