Zambia Railways Invests $15m in New Equipment

Zambia Railways Limited says it has invested about $15 million to enhance its track safety record.

Company board chairperson Lubinda Linyama said when he addressed delegates at the South African Reward Association (SARA) Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, that Zambia Railways had prioritized track safety for its locomotives through the digitization program that it has embarked on.

He said derailment of locomotives was the biggest challenge that the company faced in the past.

Linyama said the improved signaling and communication system would invariably improve safety on the tracks and reduce derailments of locomotives.

He said the lack of modern signaling and communication equipment had negatively affected operations of the railway company due to delayed delivery of goods.

Linyama appealed to financing institutions and suppliers of signaling equipment to consider coming up with an integrated system that dealt with safety, communication and state of the art clearing mechanisms in order to help improve the performance of the rail transport not only in Zambia.

He said real time communication technology was key to the success of the SADC region’s railway sector which was facing a lot of challenges.


  1. suntwe

    Using ZR train as a mode of transport kuwaya~waya fye mwe,you start off from nkana(kitwe)at 18hrs &you reach lsk 20hrs the following day,limbi ukusenda laguage you can trade best Not amalift yabantu,kuwolavwe wayaya,asavintu mwe

  2. tendai

    it takes a scania irizar almost 4hrs to travel from ndola to lusaka while a zambia railways train takes almost 17hrs to travel the same distance and this investment is another way of squandering the money from the euro bond
    ba paya fama

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