Kitwe Council Seizes Alcohol from Illegal Traders

The Kitwe City Council has seized an assortment of alcohol worth K75, 000 from illegal liquor traders.

The move follows an operation by the local authority to check compliance levels among liquor traders in the city.

The alcohol was confiscated from liquor traders operating outside permitted hours and without licenses in some cases.

Kitwe City Council Assistant Public Relations manager Linda Kamanga said the acts were contrary to the liquor licensing Act Number 20 of 2011 and Statutory Instrument Number 64 of 2011.

“Eleven liquor traders were found operating before 10:00 hours, the stipulated operating time for the bars. We conducted an operation in Chamboli, Buchi and Kamitondo, Wusakile, Nkana East and West,” Kamanga stated.

Meanwhile, the Council has seized 34 Mobile Money booths in the Central Business district for being placed without permits.

Kamanga has further disclosed that some mobile money booths were being used to answer the call of nature.


  1. puzzled

    ulikuti tiumwe elo nibroke plus na hang over. so were wil da council take dat stuf the next news we r going 2 read is council workers didnt work they wer drunk

  2. Donaldā¤

    That’s totally rubbish. Seizing 34 mobile money booths despite this economy you have failed to handle. Ataa you can not do anything better like cleaning the city coz most of the old castles here in Kitwe are a source of embarrassment…but kwena mula mpapusha ine, Everything is corruption in Zambia….Rubbish up dates.

  3. Mr. Right!

    Bafika-la-ndon hw do u think those people will survive? they have big families but nowhere to get money for food. Will u start giving them food n other needs? They started that fast business just atleast to have something. Remember, when coming to clean surroundings you don’t carry guns to protect thyselves.

  4. Ivoh Nkandu

    Just busy reading comments

  5. Alvin makoyo

    wats left to drink? Zoona

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