President Mutharika Re-elected after Court Battle

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has been narrowly elected to a second term in office with 38.5% of the vote.

The incumbent leader, 78, had faced stiff competition in the 21 May election, including from his deputy.

The result was announced on Monday after an injunction ordered by the country’s high court was lifted.

Challenger Lazarus Chakwera, who finished in second place, had sought to delay the announcement because of concerns over voting irregularities.

The head of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Jane Ansah, appealed for calm ahead of the announcement.

What were the results?

The MEC say President Mutharika, who heads the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), gained a narrow victory by about 159,000 votes.

Mr Chakwera, from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), came close behind with about 35.4% of the vote. He had also placed as runner-up five years ago.

President Mutharika’s deputy, Saulos Chilima, finished in third place – winning just over 20% of the ballot.


With high levels of national poverty, the economy and corruption were key election issues.

The vote was seen as one of the most unpredictable the country had seen.

(Source: BBC)


  1. mulobezi

    Thoz hu hav lost shud just concead defeat 2 avoid unnecessary unrest in their country.

    • Lessons

      If the opposition had teamed up Mutharika would have been history.

  2. SMS

    continue to have peaceful election.

  3. Alu.B

    You lose,focus on the next election.simple!

  4. Hev rena

    This country should also amend the constitution to 50% +1 majority rule.Otherwise ruling a country with a minority 38% is unacceptable and unpopular..

    • Chibe chibe

      Why? That conformist attitude leads to slavery. Because most people are doing something does not mean you force everyone to do it. If it works for them then leave them alone

  5. Kapunda

    Boma ni boma same 2021


    in our country we dnt stress God Choosed A Gud Reader For Us We Re Nt Regrtng We Re Enjoyng Mom Zambia Live Long Our Great And Might President U Re Wise Thn King Solomon Yo Love Has Excide Our Expectatns We Lov U

  7. Mpombo

    This is what will happen to upnd in 2021 they will cry and gnash their teeth after getting false hopes of victory It happened to PF in 2016

  8. Gershom ingwe

    Exactly Asogoreli so sorry for oposition careful when you think Boma ni Boma Viva Viva PF


    Ruling Party always Win cause stealing votes. Even here Zambia next 2021 will be same !!!

  10. KK

    Opposition without unity of purpose is useless. The vp lost, he overrated himself. Good lesson to chilima

  11. Crazy Monkey

    UNIP 27 years = humanism = Communist = Cain-type view of life = SATANIC SIDE. MMD 21 years = christianity = democratic = Abel-type view of life = HEAVENLY SIDE. P.F Materialism = communist under China’s influence = Cain-type view of life= SATANIC SIDE. UPND = democratic = christianity under western influence= Abel-type view of life = HEAVENILY SIDE. this battle is not between HH and ECL, no, it is between GOD and SATAN.

  12. JK

    Careful,MMD was in power for 21 years but time came.its a Chinese colonialism as long as they av introduce Chinese language to be taught in shools

  13. ecl

    ndelolesya fye!!!!

  14. ROKA

    One opposition member during a campaign rally said,”tucosepo amulamu,” but they failed to do so why?This is what will also happen in Zambia.We unity of progressive purpose, not just ku cosapo “amulamu”.

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