Sesheke By-election Petition Judgment on Tomorrow

The Lusaka High Court is tomorrow, May 28, set to deliver judgment in the case in which Patriotic Front (PF) Sesheke Constituency losing parliamentary candidate in the February 12 by-election Dean Masule petitioned the election of UPND’s Romeo Kang’ombe.

Masule wanted the court to declare Kang’ombe’s election null and void.

Justice Getrude Chawatama is expected to deliver her judgment at 14:00 hours.

Masule  came out second after receiving 3, 640 votes while  Kangombe polled 8, 496 from a total 12, 516 votes cast.

In his petition, Masule wants the court to declare Kang’ombe’s election null and void because the election was characterized by political violence.

Masule claimed  that  the campaigns in the said elections were characterized by undue influence that resulted from violence and threats to life and property and rampant physical attacks on members of the PF and the general public, resulting in severe injuries to persons and property.

He further claimed that the said acts of violence resulted in several people being occasioned with several injuries and being treated in hospitals and most of the perpetrators of the violence being arrested by the police.

Masule recalled that on Thursday, January 10, 2019, PF member Evans Chakwanda had his motor vehicle registration No. AJC 6658 stoned by suspected UPND cadres and was allegedly beaten with sticks and short buttons.

He stated that another incident was on January 23 where a suspected UPND cadre allegedly removed his campaign.

Masule further indicated that another incident occurred on February 2 where several of his cadres were  attacked by their UPND counterparts at Lusa Ward camp which resulted into damage of one of  their  motor vehicles, among many incidents in Mulimambango, Katima Mulilo, Kalobobelwa Wards.

He accused Kangombe of having acknowledged in the News Diggers Newspaper that the by-election was not free and fair as it was marred by political violence.


  1. Mc

    iwe masule,u dnt think properly,u lost my dear,pipo here in western dnt want u ma pfools,bakoswe

  2. politician

    whenever u join politics nowadays expect such things to happen at one time female upnd cadre was shot died by the police when upnd representatives tried to talk about it his excellence rebuked the opposition that they shouldnt politicise the death of the cadre yet it was loss of someone’s life , and you are busy complaining of cadres being beaten ,y didnt u revenge .my dear brother politics teyabana iyo ! y is it that if anyone lost political election complain is there assurance that once u contest any post u have to ,if that is what u want lets go back to one party state , zambians lets learn to accept the outcome ,lets contest positon to improve the living standards of pipo in ur area unlike having intentions of fattening ur stomuch thats y u r frustrated making a loss out of all the intentions of taking ur children and granys to expensive school wanyala!

  3. Alu.B

    People should learn to accept defeat whenever election results are announced.not ifyama petition

  4. ECL kitwe

    Hope UPND will accept the results in 2021

  5. Sky

    You lost Mr man just go kumalasha ayi!!!!!!other wise…👊👊👊👊

  6. Jimmy Kaidah

    Forward 2021 jst wait ba koswe

  7. Carlossic

    You are just Diminishing the government and our country’s resources for your by-election coz even if their was violence practice during election but imagine Kang’ombe of UPND got 8,496 and Mr Masule of PF got 3,640 which the difference is miles & miles . from this results, by-election imvesa ulesi


    bupuba tabashitisha.Pf has destroyed the esssence of democracy.they will cry and dance when they leave office


    this is an abuse of the courts

  10. Razor

    What was the point of this petition because even if it is in your favour you are still going to waste more money just to lose again. Not to mention the loss to the tax payer through another by election.

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