Zesco Announces Four-Daily Load Shedding

Zesco has announcement the commencement of daily four-hour load shedding starting from June 1, 2019.

Systems operations manager Abraham Sashi revealed this at a stakeholders’ meeting in Kitwe saying that the move was prompted by low water levels at the Kariba North Bank.

He said the power utility has a deficit of about 273 Megawatts to meet about 1,900 Megawatts usage.

Sashi attributed the low water levels to a poor rainfall pattern recorded in the 2018/2019 rain season.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Division Manager Wilbroad Chanda has called on institutions that have sensitive operations to visit Zesco offices and discuss how the load shedding will be managed with a lessened burden on customers.



  1. suntwe

    As a nation let’s invest in solar energy, I hear that zesco has block the entry of solar stove in zambia,if this solar stove can be allowed in zambia:then kuti mwaisa senda
    ifintambo fyenu ba zesco mwe

    • Patricia suntwe


    • Jay

      Good point. I don’t know why there ain’t no large sensitisations on the public on how they should invest in other energy forms and the importance thereof.
      Solar like you said, recommendable since it doesn’t cause pollution.


    Cause public and government was refused to accpeted to increase % tariffs what’s why coming loadsheding. means you stopped to exporting ?


    We need Solar energy country wide!!! How they living desert countries used solars energy !!!

  4. Anthony

    boma iyanganepo apo

  5. Maximol

    Haven’t you just sold the electricity out of country imwe!

    I don’t trust those words puted in your mouth πŸ‘„

  6. professor Desmond Clerk

    Ok but let your load shading take place at different times not the same time every day so as to confuse the marshroom criminal gangs especially on the copperbelt

  7. cool boy

    we want change

  8. The saint

    Don’t try to temper IBEX HILL

  9. King cool

    Yes it’s true that the water level in the Kariba dam is not enough. But zesco should insure that the load shedding of their lights is done utmost, not the load to be in the compounds only. Or for the long hours.. The survival of the people is Barber shops and saloon, welding, etc


    why can’t we have a solar cooperation that will be a firm as well in Zambia other than just depending on zesco

    • Jay

      I don’t know how true, but I heard Zesco, doesn’t want competition on the grounds of energy supply in the country.

  11. Jerald mawelela

    This Will bring impact to small enterprinuers like those runing barbershops and saloons. And the 4hours is to much.

  12. Khuseni

    We need to invest in nuclear βš› energy

    • E.Tembo

      I agree with you khuseni.I wounder why can’t we invest in nuclear energy or in solar system rather than depending on hydro-electricity

  13. Jay R

    It’s only in Zambia where these kinds of things happen people are busy innovating other sources of energy all yhu do is brag about politics there are no jobs in Zambia almost 75% percent of the youths are unemployed so the av opened their own barber shops salons and cafes jxt to satisfy their hunger so if this happens where will they be getting money from because that 4 hours is alot customers to come every time it’s a game of chances improve imwe we spend alot on your power Kah

    • e kangolo

      am not agree with you recently in south Africa they had load shedding

  14. zambia vision by 2060

    Shameful Country

  15. Edwardian lite

    if they have failed to handle such a simple issue let them ask for advise coz we have better plan’s for this small country called Zambia.the problem is that they just want to chou the money I wonder if they ever get tired Every year problems same issues ,no let same thing change puliziii twapapata .and one thing give us strength to say what we have in our fucking heads it can change same thing some where.

  16. Blessing Tumpuka

    We must block water from going these big rivers in Zambia, no need of government intervention.

  17. Yonabe

    Zesco for sale!!!
    Any one to post it on ama sample mu Africa (FB)

  18. MKC

    Four hours load shedding is too long to comprehend you mean Zesco can’t reduce to two hours only since they will rotate to all the corners of this nation, they need to consider that Barbers, hair salons and many other small entrepreneurs depend on zesco’s power to survive

  19. Dennis kalililo

    Comment. 4 hour is too much,why can’t they reduce it to 2 hours.

  20. benard

    Mwaamba nokwamba ba zesco
    this is inside job u can’t say ‘low water level at the Kariba dam’ ,u are selling power to other countries and you busy saying low water level,who does that..?

  21. saku lubinda

    here we go again 😊😊😊😊

  22. Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda

    We need more options such as thermal energy,solar,wind & wind.But what our leaders are doing is jst 2 sit down & enjoy more allowances given 2 dem.Zambia is not poor bt poor management policies has done nothing good bt bad impact to the energy sector.

  23. bngake@yahoo.com

    Ba ZESCO lets change! No rains, next time more rains oooh loading shedding, why? lack of funds! everytime its excuses awe we need to privatise ZESCO or we go Solar, Govt allowance tax free on solar equipment as per our neighoburs.

  24. Martins Kasompe

    So, this means that the govt has done nothing since 2015 the time we experienced worst load-shedding, despite talking about measures…kaya? money? in their pockets…

  25. Razor

    But we have the new maamba coal power plant now as well as the addition of itezi tezi since the last load shedding and you are saying we still having power deficit?

  26. DR I BANDA

    Please!please! Mr Sashi,lets start with STATE HOUSE.

  27. Chilubo

    More load sheding more suffering on people because everthing will have the increased. This is not the Zambia I know this is a fake one.


    I think pf leadership has failed us cos we voted for them to solve problems but i cant see any convincing achievement ever since mr sata (mhsrp).what technique will they going to use in order to win support of the affected pipo in the compounds!they are just busy stealing public funds mr chitotela day in day out in court over corruption cases and the president is quite meaning he is in support of such acts , am really regretting my vote i wasted to give pf thugs. by the way time is ticking 2021 is around the corner better i give it to upnd cos they never be the failures not until we give them a chance mr hh is an economist unlike this bunch of illiterate cadres we tired of you guys!

  29. selina

    the only people that will be affected with loadshedding ndife bamukomboni 😏

  30. Martha nkoloma

    why can’t zesco invest in solar system for a better future

  31. Chanda

    How did you get 4 hours, why not 1 hour or 2 hours, annually we have low water, can you do an Ishikawa diagram to get to the root of the problem

  32. Nason Tembo

    This development must not surprise us, as we have continued to cut down trees for charcoal. Govt seems least concerned about protection of the environment .

  33. The Princessa

    This really sucks! It’s not like ZESCO and govt didn’t know this was coming. Let’s just all go solar. Zesco is a waste of time. What the hell were the planners doing since 2015??? We try to support local but its not worth it. Four hours! And we expect improvement in this country!!

  34. Neutral Advocate.

    It seems to me that most of y’all fellow Citizens are not for the four-hour duration owing that it is to long, which Will neg affect some entrepreneurs whose operation depend on power. This is a nice concern.
    But before we jump to suggesting our preferred duration, let’s allow the Cooperation to effect “Transparency” in this issue. WHY 4HOURS? IS IT POSSIBLE TO ADJUST? πŸ€”

  35. Julius sakala

    Even though issue of rains it’s s nature of God but as govt we could have pit in some precaution measures but it’s like we are happy with the situation once beaten twice is shy it’s like we have gone to bed all of us utility company please we are tired as zambia

  36. Julius sakala

    Even though issue of rains it’s s nature of God but surely we can do.somethimg let’s not sleep on duty both govt & zesco staffs

  37. Julius sakala

    Even though issue of rains it’s s nature of God but surely we can learn

  38. muzo

    It shouldnt b de whole country bcoz,here in northern province we had enough rains n we pipo of mpulungu n mbala have the LUNZUWA HIDRO.y shud we b affected with this lodshedin? Fake engeneers in zesco.lake tanganyika is jst 10km frm lunzuwa hydro y nt..

  39. Charles Peters

    A schedule would be nice to have at least a week in advance for us to plan our routines and lives, but i suppose as with everything regarding ZESCO there’s no planning and one will be roughly drafted after it has commenced and changed a few times thereafter!!!

    • Ezekiel

      There are lots of energy sources other than hydro let the Govt improve other forms coz load shedding is bad moreover we need to improve this is 2019

  40. Chichi

    From what time to what time?

  41. sikombe

    so its 1 june up when?

  42. sikombe

    so its 1 june up to when? and in kitwe from what time to what time?

  43. Alorah

    why can’t you try other means of supplying electricity to the nation cause this will cause a major loss to other business …

  44. Tiger

    It’s acctuary 6_7hrs not 4,,,,.today I decided to spend my day with my family ,, ,,, I work up@8:59 washed till 9:47 when I decided to make same scon ,upon putting my pan in the oven 2mnuts malait gone till now this is 4;50 .
    U can imagine from 10:17 pls zesco we don’t blem you for the low water in our river but be honesty …….we have pipo who depend on power and if this is not proper addressed are lot will be lost.

  45. Kayombo

    Balifulafye ubu kuluku. Load shedding kwati fya free kanshi ninshi tulalipila. Ninshi indalama tulipila shilebomba inshi? Nga Zesco yalifye muntu umo nga nacimumfwamo. Poseniko amano nga mwafilwa? Retire and give way to fresh minds.

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