2 Mpika Men Jailed 5 Years for Ivory Possession

Chinsali Senior Magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala has sentenced two men of Mpika to five years imprisonment for allegedly being in possession of elephant ivory contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

This is in a matter in which Clement Mwila, 31, and Tedson Mukupa, 32, both of Mukungule Village in Mpika, were jointly charged with a count of unlawful possession of government trophy contrary to section 86 and 130 of Wildlife Act Number 14 of 2015.

Facts before Court were that Mwila and Mukupa on June 28, 2018 in Chinsali District, whilst acting together with other persons unknown, possessed of four pieces of Elephant Ivory weighing 12 kilograms without authority.

When the matter came up for Judgement, magistrate Chilingala ruled that the prosecution team had proved the case beyond reasonable doubt and found the two guilty of the charge.

Magistrate Chilingala convicted the two accordingly.

In mitigation, Mukupa pleaded for leniency stating that he was a first offender who had learnt his lesson and was remorseful while Mwila remained silent.

Magistrate Chilingashi said Mukupa’s mitigation had been taken into account but the offence was to serious hence the five year sentence imposed on them to send a strong warning to would be offenders.


  1. puzzled

    has the courts oso arrested n charged dat elephat dat killd a farmer in chipata dat nigga is a murderer justice shouid prevail wen u r found wit a gvt trophy u r arrest but wen an elephatisis has kild a family trophy noting z done

  2. Flanker

    Not fair
    It tells that people are interested in material things not taking care of humans. 5yes is too much. Actually he has just gotten his part of the property in the nation.

  3. Zed

    5Years?? then Chitotela must be jailed 50years

  4. poverty

    Be fair !
    Coz nothing is hidden from God’s eyes.

  5. DK

    Mr Puzzled, l wud lyk u 2 intricate more on ur point. Do u really mean those incarcerated hv de same capacity of reasoning with dat of an elephant? U ar a human, diverge to an animals which doesn’t think and hv no etiquettes.

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