Magistrate Defers Ruling in GBM’s ‘Throat’ Case

LUSAKA magistrate Nthandose Chabala has failed to deliver ruling on whether or not former UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has a case to answer for allegedly proposing violence after he said he would “go for President Edgar Lungu’s throat”.

Magistrate Chabala was today, May 28, set to rule on the matter but has since deferred the matter to June 18 because her ruling was not ready.

When the matter came up, she informed both the prosecution and the defence that she was not able to deliver her ruling in the matter because it was not yet ready.

She then indicated that she would deliver the ruling on June 18.

On April 25, magistrate Chabala set the date for ruling after the prosecution closed its case following the testimony of the arresting officer.

It is alleged that Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, on March 2, 2016, said he could go for President Lungu’s throat which the police said breaches the law to assemblies, but he pleaded not guilty.

Arresting officer in the matter, deputy chief inspector Webster Moonga from Lusaka Central Police Station, testified that he charged and arrested GBM because he proposed to cause death or injury to the President.

Moonga said he investigated the case which was lodged by a member of the public.

He said he summoned GBM for interviews and later charged and arrested him for the subject offence.

However, GBM under warn and caution, denied the charge and was later detained at the police station.

Moonga testified that he detained GBM after he had interviewed Richard Phiri, an editor from Hot FM radio station and Logic Lukwanda who wrote the story as the statement in question was aired by the station.

He said he was given a compact disc even though he did not submit it in court as it was with the exhibiting officer who was unwell.

When cross examined by GBM’s lawyers Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri, Moonga admitted that he could not know which Edgar Lungu was being talked about as there were many people with that name.

He said he would not even know whether there was indeed an assembly where GBM allegedly uttered the said words.

Moonga agreed that there was no notice which was circulated by the UPND that there would be a meeting in which GBM would be said to have addressed the people.

Meanwhile, the defence asked the court to acquit GBM as the state had lamentably failed to establish a prima facie case against him.

Ruling will be delivered on June 18.


  1. phiri

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  2. nkhoma

    Comment kkkk the decline of GBM,no one can listen to this fool unless his fellow fools

  3. Simfukwe

    Today abaicipuba for telling you the truth that Tonga’s are tribal his money went I into your pockets and you were smiling today he foolish you will pay the price fools

  4. K.29

    Simfukwe !! How much as Tongas do we owe you??? On serious note my brother, don’t just opening your mouth wanting to please people at the expense of your dear life. You are not in heaven mind you. Stop generalizing, just stick to those individuals you’re targeting not all Tongas. what have we done to deserve all these insults from you people ??? What crime have we commited to deserve all this? ??? Do you think God is stupid when he created us Tongas ??? We are human beings like any of you! !!! Your days are numbered , mark my words.

  5. Kelky

    K ,u are right do they think Zambia is for bembas only wat a shame.may God forgive those that hate us Tongas for nothing and other tribe that seem to b less important in the eyes of the so called Bembas,it hurts me

    • PM

      I am not Tonga but I am sick and tired of all the hate aimed at Tongas. Iam from Serenje district, my niece is married to a Tonga man, my aunt is married to a Lozi man and my brother married a Lozi woman and we are now a big happy family. These stupid people who direct insults at Tongas every day must watch out because we stand as a united nation and ready to usher in a Tonga president and not because he is Tonga but because he is the only capable man to save our country. You have called HH names because of your stupidity and inner fear of hard working successful people like HH. This is tragedy for zambia where we worship thieves and people who have no ideas of our to run the affairs of our country. Someone declares that he has no vision for the country and you ululate and make him president !! Be honest to yourselves and look at the current cabinet….do you see people that can salvage this country or do you see a bunch of thieves. Cant wait for HH to bring sanity and respect to this once great nation.

  6. Kelly

    Sifunkwe whatever u call yoself to b intelligent in the eyes of pipo is not good, u think yo tribe is so special like milk and honey God is not happy with yo tribal thought plz pray to God to forgive u

  7. Tuli Bantu

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  8. One zed manex

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  9. chanda

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  11. yokosa

    People like simfukwe, don’t deserve to live in Zambia. because they will create conflict. Zambia is for people who are interested in peace.

  12. Bbolex

    Simfukwe this guy claims to have solely funded PF from the grass roots, he is shooting in the dark

  13. patriot

    When are we going to grow up as Zambians and acknowledge that every tribe and ethnicity in this country is as important as any other. The rest of the world is busy fighting racism, while we are glued to fighting each other as Africans. SHAME!

  14. Mr Peace

    It’s only that Simfukwe is blowing his trumpet to uncover the dangers in Regional Politics particularly at a time when voting was done time back.But truthfully whe announcing the election results let every concerned Zambian pay very much attention to the Southern province results.Its not only because it’s ECL or PF in power but because the leader of UPND is Tonga.I personally spectated a situation where a Tonga man was shouted and degraded as a useless Tonga who did not even deserve to be Tonga by his fellow Tongas just on the grounds that he was wearing a PF T-shirt.I personally don’t belive that if UPND can have a president who is not Tonga it can continue enjoying the popularity it enjoys now in southern.I feel Tongas should begin mixing up with their fellow Zambians in everything.They should stop being segrigative and think that they are OK on their own.No hatrade,no segregation,One Zambia One Nation.Love your friends so you can feel their love.

    • Kay Fluhmann

      We often fail to admit to the truth where politics are concerned, Thank you Mr Peace for shading a little light on this issue

      • Mr Peace

        Thnx for that understanding. Let’s not pretend when we can see the problem. Why is it only Tongas in this subject?No fire no smoke.

  15. nkana

    Let love prevail in our country Basimfukwe

  16. Topnine

    Mind your language

  17. Kanye kanye

    Gentlemen, let’s be civil in our debate, to me tribe doesn’t matter but how able one is. Can a genius tell me what specific component makes a local pig fat? You know as long as we don’t face matters head on, we won’t develop this country. Tonga’s just like any tribe has both good and bad people. However, we should not look at tribe but capacity to deliver. Please let’s all sober up. Simfukwe just withdraw your statement and apologize , tulibenakuluba

  18. Simfukwe

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  19. Mark

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  20. wisdomites

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  21. puzzled

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  22. Amigo

    Sorry GBM you are dealing with people who do not understand idioms. Going for the throat is not too different from the term going for the jugular. It’s literally just means going for all out victory!!!

  23. Mario puzo

    No you guys unless you tell me that you don’t know these people very well,TONGAS ARE TONGAS and they will never change, these people are so segregative, when one tonga is your friend you might think he is your friend,let other tongas come, that’s when you will learn a lesson, one on one tongas are ok not when you are alone among them, their trible cousins are a bit different.

    • mulobezi

      On several ocasions rite on ths fora,I ve read insults directed 2 ecl.BT wen samone says tongas and lozis ar fools u treat hm as tho he has killed 1.truly we lozis nd tongas ar fools coz we don’t at all costs appreciate no matter hw much eforts u put 2 lift our livelihood we shal stll squiz u 2 th ground.don’t expect me 2 apologize.spade 4 spade.

    • Bana Simon

      I agree with you Mario. I have such experience as well. Also the voting pattern says a lot. Only if you choose to be in denial. To some extent I cant demonize Simfukwe. I know where is coming from.

  24. Kashif Mulenga

    Ba SIMFUKWE….are u truly ZAMBIAN…….?

  25. Angoni

    When is HH going to be replaced with a non Tonga so that we observe the voting pattern in southern province? But evidence is already in public ask Sakwiba Skota about his treatment in the UPND after the death of Mazoka on a UPND policy of ONLY A TONGA MUST RULE.

  26. professor Clerk

    people simfukwe is not bemba, i wonder why you are callin him bemba,putting some one in office simply because he’s of your tribe will lead us nowhere but calibre. Tongas no bemba hates you, we love you. I have been livin with tongas for the past 15 years and i have no problem with them…

  27. DK

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  28. G4S

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