Govt Cancels Agric Shows in 3 Provinces

The Ministry of Agriculture has cancelled the 2019 Agricultural and Commercial Shows in Lusaka, Southern and Western provinces in light of the poor harvest recorded in the 2018-2019 farming season.

In a statement issued today, agriculture permanent secretary Songowayo Zyambo stated that the outcome had compelled the Ministry to cancel the holding of the Shows in drought affected provinces as there was “nothing much to be exhibited at the events”.

The Ministry of Agriculture has forecast a 2.5 million metric tonne maize harvest from this year’s harvest, a drop of over a million from the previous harvest.


  1. Bbolex

    Ok sir, is agriculture all about maize enlight me and since when has Lusaka province produced much tones of maize

  2. patriot

    this is a lie i think.

  3. Angoni

    Poor decision by the authorities that be.

  4. Tongaman

    Poor Adminstration,Today Is 29may,the Show Ever Starts In Early May&lasts In Early June,councilling It When Here In Kalomo Its Over,shame To U Pfools!!

  5. Mn


  6. lalaland

    A good move. Stop all unproductive show-offs.

  7. Mwape Musolo

    Do they mean the Lusaka Agricultural Show in August? Is this not linked to the rumour circulated earlier in the year that the show grounds had been sold? There are so many other activities that take place at the Show. Could it not have gone ahead as scheduled anyway? It does not sound right. Something is certainly amiss.

  8. Doyo

    Hahaha it’s happening there is no smoke without fire

  9. Fessy Bwoy

    I dont think agric is all about crops but also other comodities i.e animals. Do these homo sapiens think that we are twaddlers or yobbos? no we are also intellectual bulldozers en we know their agenda very well.

  10. FSimukonda

    Bad decision by GRZ

  11. obert mainga

    The rumor is now became reality. Show ground sold

  12. SHUT UP


  13. jamtone

    This is how it all starts.(SOLD)

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