S.A Court Jails Zambian Man 7 Years for Car Theft

A Zambian man has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment by a South African court for being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Chilala Muhyila, aged 47, was sentenced by the Laphalale Magistrate Court in Limpompo Province, first secretary press at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa, Naomi Nyawali, has stated.

Muhyila, a businessman of Livingstone, was arrested when he tried to cross Martindrift border into Botswana on his way to Zambia.

The court established that he was guilty of being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle, identified as a Ford Ranger.

Muhyila has since been taken to Modimolle Correctional facility in Limpompo Province where he will serve his sentence.

He once lived in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, before relocating to Livingstone with his family sometime last year.

And Zambia’s acting High Commissioner to South Africa Maynard Misapa, who is also Deputy High Commissioner, has urged Zambian car dealers to engage in clean businesses.

Misapa, who added that Muhyila’s imprisonment was unfortunate, said there was need for car dealers to ensure that the vehicles they were buying from South Africa were cleared by local authorities.


  1. Joe Kawimbe

    How terrible! This is one gentleman very well known to most of us Zambians who have lived here for over a quarter of a century. A wonderful, guy, and a gentleman. This is shocking news.

  2. Hammer

    Why trying to justify the theft. The courts have ruled . It was a stolen car, and a ford ranger for that matter. Who on earth starts driving a Ford ranger without proper documents?

  3. Joe kawimbe

    I have just done some research discovered that he is actually a “habitual” car-thief, and some of us had no idea and held him in high esteem. This a lesson to others who may be in the same habit. Stop it!!!!

  4. Car robber victim

    Let him reveal his gang members. It’s been revealed that he is a persistent car robber. There is a cartel in Zambia, which includes Ministers, lawyers, and micro fib ace Bussinesses who gave been swindling oeopl’spoeople of their vehicles in Zambia and then selling them accross,Merveneven in RSA. And then return with other stolen vehickes. GAWKs must grill that Chilaka, and they will break the irganized criminal syndicates. We already gave them banes if the lawyers and micro fib ace Bussinesses dealing in such cross birder organized crimes. Chilaka is a lead to the car tail

  5. muntungwa

    Deserves it period.

  6. Shagi

    Tsotsis will definitely bulela that bull😎

  7. Judicial Car Robber Victim

    Whilst Zambian Courts help car robbers to steal cars…

  8. Robby Chola

    Just be patient and hard working, comfort and riches will follow you. Don’t be in a hurry to get rich, others are through inheritance don’t race against them lest you steal. Sorry mwana.

  9. Wanyala

    Ati bembas are thieves,bafikala.Techi Tonga ichi baikata kwabene.So the bemba has run away,crook clever.wanyala

  10. Burnaboy

    Too ashamed a zambian to steal in south Africa.

  11. Escape from Sobibo

    Azamuziba yesu

  12. International Order

    The number one privilege of living in another country is to t obey the rules. Those in diaspora should not embarrass our country. South Africa should deport this man back to Zambia.

    • Kufahakurambwe

      “Those in diaspora should not embarrass our country!” Why not.. is this a privilege left for your ministers and head of state only? There is more than enough embarrassment for everybody to partake in. I do not hear the owners of the country, Chinese, complaining. #Futsek!

  13. Principled Man

    Eeh Is It Bubomba mwibala then he has eaten the seed,the guy has lived in SA for many years now deside to leave he want to leave a legacy,shame

  14. Vincent

    Well done cops,continue working like that,that’s awesome 🙆

    • kufahakurambwe

      How typical..self hate at work. It must be painful being you.

  15. Wezzy Banda

    Why Doesen’t The Zambian Gvnt Return Him To Zambia? He Is Not Supposed To Serve His Sentence In A Foreign Land

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