China Civil to Lay Off 400

About 400 workers employed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation in Kitwe and Chambishi will be laid before the end of this year due to financial challenges, the Company’s Human Resource Officer has confirmed.

And authorities have directed the immediate closure of the China Civil Engineering site due to poor sanitary conditions.

Luna Moyo made the disclosure when Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu and his Counterpart Kenny Siachisumo of Kalulushi District made an impromptu visit at the Chinese site.

She stated that 450 workers are set to lose jobs out of the 700 employed by the Company because of increased operational costs for the Chinese firm engaged in various construction activities.

Moyo said the company had already engaged affected workers, saying the process was being done in phases to manage operations without serious challenges.

“We supplied some materials to some companies who have not paid us and this is constraining our finances, so we are planning to remain with 250 workers because of these financial challenges,” she added.

Moyo said so far, about 200 workers have been laid off and were given one month notices before the termination of contracts.

Mpundu directed labour officers to attend to complaints from some workers laid off by the Chinese company.

Meanwhile, Siachisumo has directed that the site be closed due to poor sanitary conditions and alleged mistreatment of workers on site.



  1. ECL

    Enough is enough chinese can go, Amos chanda will take over the company as interim manager, K.zulu will liquidate it. give me beer first coz i should teach these chinese a lesson. one zambia one china.

  2. HH

    when i gave you a very good piece of advice you said hh is bitter, what kind of president is this who can’t even forsee trouble ?????

  3. Jj

    We now know all this kind of work these Chinese are doing why not we take them on ourselves kanse ai


    Chinese cpngrats go a head. Zambian government too much thievings u cant used your own materials without pay you back lay off all just renain 100 workers !!!

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