NDC’s Legal Battle Begins

The legal battle has just begun in the case where former NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge sued embattled party leader Chishimba Kambwili in the Lusaka High Court restraining him from allegedly masquerading as party leader.

Musenge also sued the current NDC Secretary General Bridget Atanga.

High Court Judge Ruth Chibbabuka is tomorrow expected to hear the matter at 08:00 hours in chambers.

Musenge, after filing his injunction, immediately dissolved the entire National Governing Committee (NGC) interim team but retained Joseph Akafumba as party vice-president.

In his application, Musenge stated that the party wanted Kambwili and the dissolved interim committee to stop parading themselves as senior members of NDC.

He also announced that Copperbelt University (CBU) lecturer Brian Chirambo had taken over as national spokesperson from Saboi Imboela, while Ackson Simwizye was named as the new Chairperson for Elections and Mobilization.

Musenge named Balam Mwila as the new chairperson for finance, while Steven Chewe, Alex Mulindwa, Mernard Monta and Job Nsama were made members of the NGC.

Meanwhile, Musenge proposed December 20 this year as the date on which the party will hold its national congress to elect its leader and other party positions.

But¬† Akafumba¬† urged party members to ignore Musenge’s announcement that the National Governing Committee(NGC) had been dissolved.



  1. Kings

    What is this Musenge up to? he should stop behaving like fool, time is not with us as NDC, so musenge should stop wasting our time as we are not interested in him, NDC will be as cow dung if Kambwili is not with us, we are followers of ck thats why many of us support N D C. Who supports you musenge with your foolish tricks? N D C Leadership Should Concetrate On Building The Party, More Seats Should Be Worn In Palarment In 2021.

    • donald

      Commentyou can not form government NDC Mr data who was more popular took ten yes to be in government do not fool yourselves with upnd they will just use u and do not depend on copper belt and say you can win we wait and see 2021 is very far ecl is in control as of now

  2. puzzled

    ba musene just leave 2 ck

  3. George

    Honestly leave the helm to C.K.because the only MP comes from Roan,thee launching pad of N.D.C.Not Chimwemwe….. Fimo kuibwelamofyee!!

  4. Lisa

    Pf sponsored move to disturb Kambwili. It will be case after case for CK and his cases will drag on until 2021, so he should not be excited about the courts that are Pf aligned and will make sure most of his time is spent at court.

  5. Hd Chewe

    BA Musenge you are a failure where will you take NDC you didn’t even support the current roan mp if it were not CK he wouldn’t have won. insoni ebuntu bane leave
    CK alone nabobene ba pf balekubepa bakakusha filya fine bakushishile lobe.

  6. Staulesi sokosi yanyoko

    This is a pf sponsored move by this louse & foolish young man mwenye indeed he znt patriotic zambian bt a mwenye from india.Mwenye whtevar u are called stop this nosense.We want C.K in 2021 2 save us frm this corrupt party pf coz we zambians are tired.

  7. Sosa v

    Ba musengelela kwa kwabupuba you are grown up can you start behaving like a human being not the way u r, and you Mr fatso you be careful with people whom you choose to be friends with.More over,you are forming a party that needs save the interest of people and then you partner with a wolf….katwishi muleya noyo kabwalala musenge.


      Listen: ‘…the smuggler is broke , So NDC li sampo, balishitisha kale ba shitamo nama new Car tyres’. – Efyo chili !

  8. Soccer lovers

    Ba musenge abena zambia there are more inteligence than u,u dont have political ground bakulu even if u fight u will just remain alon ck i a man to lead that NDC.Pa kasama tabamishibanapo but imbwili everyone knows him.

  9. Joseph malombe

    Let wisdom prevail,let the wise rule with intergret.

  10. Voice of the voiceless

    Are you a man/woman vialling for top job,first count what can be spend for you to be a leader.The work or the job that you are aiming for is costly.We need an ion heart to rule our country Zambia not self ambitious person whose gain is to feed his or her stomach.We are fed up with cheap politicas in Zambia.Zambia is a rich Nation.If we have a well meaning leader whose heart is to serve the national interest,Zambia can be a home of Paradise. This country lack nothing that can fail to drive its economy. Cowardness is a hindrance of progress in a society.let us stand firm for the governance of our Nation Zambia.




    Ba SOKOSI YANYOKO this is what is called NDALE. That’s what politics is on Nyanja. If Dr Kambwiri knows how to put his best foot forward, then let him confidently know this:
    “Mkamwini asamakula mwendo, aniache amudzi nimizu a kachele, akumana pansi”. In other words, don’t debate this in the streets. Confidently defend this in court.


    It is very difficulty to give a befitting comment since we, I don’t know exactly what the Genesis of this part was.If CK is one of the founders then I support his being Part President.

  14. Snr chief

    Musenge bamusepele Ku chimwemwe kuli independent MP that man when he was called pa race to state house,he couldn’t even express himself. I don’t even know why CK settled on him to be SG for the party. That man if it was not for the late Sata this time nga lishilu. He has even failed to run the little Black Power fleets my Kitwe all buses are parked pa club zero.This finished politician awe MWe.

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