Tasila Scores Another Milestone in Kuku

Nkoloma Ward One councillor Tasila Lungu has scored another milestone with the official handover to the community of the newly built Kuku Police Post.

Tasila, who is the daughter of Republican President Edgar Lungu has thanked the partners that made the completion of the police post.

Below is what she wrote:

We have worked very hard with our partners in the local community and businesses, to make our police post a reality – and now it is here!

I wish to thank in particular the Lebanese community who were instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

We wish to also welcome the police officers that will be stationed here as they will now become an integral part of our goal to make Nkoloma Ward 1 and Chawama Constituency a safe environment for all of us.

Again, I thank you all, your thoughts and prayers keep us encouraged to keep serving the community.


Tasila Lungu


  1. Lameck

    Nice one job well done

  2. Barcelona Manager

    Congrats Tasila, whilst others are busy politicising everything you are working hard and engaging cooperating partners to better the lives of your people. Your works will be your witness and when you become an mp in the near future some known cry babies will say its because your father was a President

    • Mwanakalunda

      Of course that’s the reason. So u know already. What was tasila before this? I won’t say what I know.

      • C200

        Well known critics kkkkkkkk.

      • Kabimba-Mumembe

        There is nothing you know so you can not say anything

  3. zilikani

    working hard

  4. Man of feel words.

    But your feral councillors here are just doing nothing and busy blaming there MPs over CDF.Now my quation to you TASILA is that, where are you drawing tha lot of money to buld that PP?

    • Kasonde Musonda

      It is only because it is lungu’s daughter. Were would the other councillors get money to what she did. I m sure if they had similar opportunities the other councillors would do the same or BETTER. She is just using presidential privelege.

      • C200

        Just keep quiet please. You have nothing good to say. Whether the funds are from the president or kopaleti partners, she did not misappropriate but belt the police station. That is very good

    • Ndine

      She has mentioned in her thanks giving statement where the money came from, read again.

  5. Mk

    Job well done

  6. Igwee

    job well done mama for keeping your promise let’s hope other community leaders like you will emulate you

  7. Lee

    Job well done, I can see leadership element in you twalubila balya bafwaya ukuteka but he has never construct even a ka public toilet

  8. LN

    Teach those other sleeping councillors how to raise funds and find cooperating partners. May of them are just enjoying the tittle but do nothing for their communities. Job well done madam Lungu.



  10. Citizen

    Job well done, however it’s time ZP cleaned up their force.
    I witnessed two Paramilitary police grab keys from a motorist while his car was stopped in ttaffic and left his car blocking traffic in mutendere at 18hrs Thursday. This motorist to this day does not have his car keys. Once Chelstone police showed up to investigate the matter, they concluded that they were rogue or not police at all. No police post recieved a key drop-off. What kind of policing is this? This gang is roaming Lusaka waiting to pounce on the next victim. The details of the escape vehicle are ACT 8933 Nadia Silver in color. Rtsa has this info. This crime happened this weekend. Lets stop these thieves before they commit a deadly crime. How did they obtain police uniform if they’re not police? Don’t neglect this you may be next. I’ve done my part. Lets spread info – concerned citizen.

    • C200

      Having a police uniform is easy coz of a lot of tailors with impeccable talent. But they trouble comes when the police fail to corner such perpetrators of those crimes.

  11. chiyeyeye

    natukwata apaku sonta

  12. Gangsta grabs

    If she can withstand my dick you can call that an achievement.Her kanyopilo is no much for my 5″ vandeta.without your father you cant even construct your pussy malepe.fuck u and the nigger standing next to you raising a dollar.

    • D'Kap

      Zambia Reports, I’m sure you’ve seen the above uncouth post. Why don’t you edit out such???

    • Android 7

      Your brain really works in reverse.
      You must be a criminal and seeing a police post gives you the urge to insult our hard work lady. You day are little

  13. Andrew Munga

    Inbox me wanna hala @u,show them how it’s suppose to do done.

  14. Dude

    Well done girly!

  15. Mr Alpha

    congrats Tasila,, job well done

  16. misheck nondo

    Comment well well done madam tasira lungu go are haed

  17. Mmj

    congrats my sister you have a passion for community development keep it up

  18. Jomwa

    Well done,we hope some councillors will learn from you.and again don’t listen from the PhD type of Phd type of people who want to discourage your works

  19. Jimmy shaba

    Tasila thinks outside the box unlike others who are just busy looking for plots to sell illegally

  20. melvin


  21. Johoan

    well done

  22. Alu.B

    Job well done.Dont pay attention to barking dogs,just forge ahead and develop your community.

  23. kstk

    Well done job
    But the fact is that now days the police officers have to powers to control the public on matter of kadas please government where are you work on this please

  24. Razor

    Where is the source of funds? Is it from chitotela?

  25. Bana Simon

    Bashi Tasila must be a proud Dad. Is it like father like daughter? Kkkkkkk

  26. David

    It to work is now and other business will come later


    Nice keep it please let bonger cllrs learn from you do such who knows just chewing

  28. Idiocy Detector

    Fellow Zambians, why are you pretending to be naive? If you are not a daughter for the President, on what basis would corrupt lebanese do yo a favour? Fimo rule caya digestion before vomiting. Again you might be praising someone who robbed your grand father to buy a diaper for your child.

    • Kasonde Musonda

      I agree idiocy detector. It is just presidential privelege.

    • Pilot filter

      Another low life thinker.

    • Kufahakurambwe

      I hate to have to tell you this but they’re not pretending. Our people are simpletons.

  29. Idiocy Detector

    Daughter of not for apologies

  30. Jonathan Banda

    Why other councillors are failing to do the same? Its because u are president daughter thus the fact don’t fool your fellow counciloi,, do things equai…one day u will answer with your father……..mwana wa koswe wanibela ndalama zanga munyumba…tasila am asking for help from u

  31. nshilimubemba

    Help is always there if you have a noble project, if you have no vision no one can support you.
    Any one who has a good plan and committed to do it people will come along to help and especially if it is to do with the community, if they find out that you are transparent with their funds help will flow in like rain, if they know that their money will not be stolen by the project proposer.
    Many of our leaders have problems to know the needs of the people they represent they end up doing nothing during their term of office .
    It is not difficult to know what people want in their area as a leader you have to listen to them carefully then implement the project to gether noble projects can be easily supported by anyone in the street.

  32. One zed manex

    I wonder why insults are allowed on this platform? Such people who insult should be investigated & be punished for it.this Zambia watch dog can be read internationally

    • kufahakurambwe

      Simpleton! You would prefer to investigate & punish people for insulting rather than those that have caused serious hardships to the nation! You and your misplaced priorities can go somewhere..

  33. Kmj

    I salute you Tasila that is the way to go we have seen ather councilors fattening their pockets instead working for the community they are busy doing all sorts of unwranted things.thumbs up TL.

  34. SEE MIND

    Congrats Tas Lungu. Looks other conselas an example. Find a patners to help and pumping money for diveloper. Dont say because she is a daughter of president no !!!

  35. isaac


  36. Amigo

    Let them talk… Just continue the good work!!!

  37. Biggie smalls

    Legend u are tasila thanks for not forgetting ur roots

  38. Chezi

    Congrats not ma counselor Baku mu Sinda constituency kasangazi liver the bridge went in 2015 until now they is nothing Dan were are look what your friend are doing in their wad wakeup years are going

  39. wisdom

    As Zambian we should learn to be positive at once. Don’t just jump into conclusion before you even get to the root of the matter to know the truth. If you have nothing to say keep your mouth shut. We appreciate the government and those who contributed concerning for the building and the completion of the KUKU POLICE POST.

    • Zambian citizen

      Weldone Tasila we appreciate your initiative.

  40. Major general

    Job well dine

  41. James

    Congratulations TL Don’t mind the low life’s comments

  42. Elizabeth Mulenga

    Congratulations Tasila for that project’s completion and the handover. You are just great young lady. Your works are showing your love for the community. Continue doing that dear. I do not know you young lady, the works are the ones showing evidence that you a focused person and a team leader as well. I have learnt a lot of things from you, humility, love, unity, selflessness, to mention a few. We had several presidents with some of their children in civic work. I can’t start rating their performance for obvious reasons. I have seen that despite you being ba katekaz daughter, you maintain your civic role as citizen of Zambia and not as ba katekaz dota. Continue the spirit of love and oneness. I love that ba councillor. Your fellow civic leader
    Let’s continue uniting together for our mother Zambia.


    Congratulations to the ward councillor for the work you have done to your people who voted for you.

  44. Kolwemubemba

    Better that way, the area will at least be protected from criminals

  45. Chisenga Chimanja

    What a shame to construct a police post for two terms while a area councillor managed to construct a police post in Lusaka

  46. Major General

    Job well done

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