Lusambo Empowers Kabushi Constituents…Shuts Ears to Detractors

Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo feted members of his constituency with mealie-meal and cooking oil among the assorted commodities he donated.

Lusambo, who is also Lusaka Province minister said his donating goods worth more than K600, 000 was meant to support some of the vulnerable people in his constituency.

The Kabushi lawmaker also donated 60 desktop computers to schools across his constituency with cement and building blocks given to some educational facilities.

Lusambo has promised to remain focussed on empowering his constituents and not listen to his critics.

He said that as a grassroots person he remained in touch with his constituents that had elevated him.

The distribution was held at Musa Kasonka grounds with Lusambo continuing his tour of the constituency today.




  1. Corruption now will be worse

    These donations, where did the minister get the money from? What businesses does he run? These are the questions the public must be asking today , especially in the light of the reports from the financial intelligence centre (FIC). Being a member of parliament does not qualify one to have so much money just from the blues ! It is high time these donations must be explained with regards to their financial source . C’mon Zambians what’s happening ?

    • Hollywood

      So you think they don’t get paid?

  2. Lb

    Welcome done honorable for the good gesture that you have exhibited , God will bless you for your kindness , You have shown that you are a servant of the people ,

  3. Joseph Zulu

    Ba minister build also police post iwish tasila lungu to became an mp she has used the name of his father well for development in her ward excellent mama

  4. Fisunge

    You on top with silly comments don’t you know that the minister is paid every month ? he’s an mp and he gets sitting allowances and he saved for his constituency to enjoy his presence please it’s not everything that is corruption sometimes muleibwelamo that’s why hh is stinge he can’t even give his coin to the needful for fear of being called corrupt let those who can give give if know anything report him to the acc

    • Lovemore mpofu

      We need good policy so that pipo can sustain themselves not food, we can’t live life of spoon feeding this is corruption in its best

  5. Man B

    People learn to say good words for the goods which our fellow are doing

  6. Luo

    U on top even if mr lusambo ayibila government atleat he help people in the community, not for his own benefit ayi fuck you..,….

  7. Fine@five, five

    Comment@@@@#====Mr Corruption Sir l support you To be sure Lungu gave Lusambo some money to buy some foods for Kabushi Iwe Lusambo bring that truck and give mealie meal to hunger sticken areas Iwe waya mukulela ba kopala bafikala
    The FIC isbtrue that Kalungu nikakabolala enriching your self Ba fikala mwashupa Bushe Lusambo where can you have the money to purchase the food stocks ??Iwe ka lungu why didnt you return the money you stole ??The FIC report is very clesr Mwanakatwe kalihule bwesha indalama muleiba bapompwe Mulekwata insoni !!!

  8. Christopher CJ Mutambo

    Pretty amazing. Keep up the good work sir.

  9. Francis Zulu

    This is far the best way to use money. What the Minister Lusambo has done is good. K600, 000 is not a lot of money. Some Zambians are just stupid. When they are poor they think everyone is poor. Know from today that in this country we have rich people including me. I will soon sink 1000 boreholes for free. Mr Lusambo has remembered his constituency and the people who gave him a Job. Many of you critics You have never even helped your parents. Mr Lusambo, well done.

  10. Shy Q

    Keep working Mr Lusambo we love you those who talk stupidity things over you nima garu yeyalimbe pogona.

  11. Hev Rena

    We accet the donations by this our MP and we conglatulate him.But not everyone received the food in this constituency.The food will only last a few days.Dont give one a fish but a fishing rod.why not drill boreholes or upgrade community schools?Giving cakes and pizza to the hungry gives no solution.Even block making machines for the youth could be better.Invest in productive areas honourable!

  12. Joshua

    All pf govt their are thieves & criminals, so leave Bowman.

  13. Derek

    Gala ikulume if you can’t compliment we’re it’s great.

  14. Bomber p

    God bless you honorable lusambo for the job well done

  15. puzzled

    ok am 4 upnd but what B.L has done is good wetha its stolen cash or wat eva atleast he has helped wat hev rena said is true help them wit things dat wil sustain them coz it wil b hard always spendn k600pin empower them sir nongo ine hh anipasa kasaka kaunga na njala singafunse no funsa

  16. Kapijimpanga

    Why can’t you also steel and donate to pipo with nothing when can a welwisher donate without being called a thief? Let us begin to say thank you BL is hard working condemning won’t help you

  17. Saimbwende

    It’s easy to criticise but what about UPND MPs why don’t they also in ways show affection and love their constituents which gave them jobs a small tree you will see it from the shoots Ba opposition it’s time you grew up all these negative vibrate not helping you

  18. Saimbwende

    If UPND is saying corruption in PF what about your councillor in Kanyama who was caught in the very act of corruption but not even their so called highly educated economist president messiah has condemned corruption in his party stop being petty governing a nation is not running a board meeting where you buy shares in all former state companies you were privileged given to sell these tin pot dictators who can grow to be monistors if given state power

  19. Schoolboy

    good move

  20. Just Wondering

    ……..has the leader of aka red done anything for his community or better still in barotseland? Just asking!!

  21. Dude

    Good question@Just…..Can someone out there with a YES answer provide us with evidence?

  22. Saimbwende

    He has never done anything and this red leader he brags a lot can he be advised to slow down and smell the coffee.What I know is that no 1 single person can solve Zambia’s problems no matter how rich or otherwise it calls for team work not this no it all attitude we are seeing in most of these opposition parties – ati economist,ehh consultant etc we as a nation are facing serious challenges but I believe they are not insurmountable but require our collective we need to be creative by using what we have; rivers,landmass,mukula,the human resource which by far is the greatest.Lets take our rivers e.g. Kafue we can generate employment by starting a water transport business ferrying goods and if possible people from Chirundu to Lusaka and from itezhi itezhi to Lusaka now how jobs are these porters,ferry mechanics &technician,ticketing personnel,IT people etc here we are talking high speed water transport ferries please call for an economic summit without discrimination(not only the so called exparts) and you will see the potential which this country has got

  23. puzzled

    iwe kapijinpanga am not sayin b.l donation its stolen cash i was refering 2 others who said its stolen cash were u hungry wen red my coment dat u ddnt undastand go buy vitumbuwa naka suga u fool n read again am supotn lusambo u idiotic citizen

  24. Kacha kasoti

    The bible encourages us to learn how to fish not to be given fish. We need industries in Zambia so that people can work and take care of their families. Zambians like hand outs so they can shower praises like this. This is not a lasting solution it is temporal. For how long will lusambo dish out these things? We have seen this happen during campaigns do those people still have what they were given? Let’s think big

  25. De illest

    i want to know the number of bags [figure]

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