OPINION: ‘To Congo and Back’

By Amos Chanda

In any difficult economic period, people are easily irritable but I can assure you that in terms of the “unspoken nuances” and “intricacies” of international diplomacy, and the massive “hidden benefits” of good neighborliness, this trip would have justified even a larger delegation.

This is the first trip to the DRC by H.E President Lungu since he assumed power in 2015! Need I say more!

In this delegation, there are three provincial ministers (Luapula, North Western and Copperbelt) whose territories border the DRC; the only female gender in the delegation is Livestock & Fisheries Minister Hon Kampamba Mulenga. DRC  remains one of Zambia’s largest livestock and agro products markets).

And this is only the second international trip by the President this year.

Yes, Etienne Tshisekedi was an opposition leader who died two years ago, but whose son is it that is now president there? How would President Lungu fail to honour a special invitation from a sister nation without any good reason?

Yes, we in austerity times, but there are certain crucial matters of state that would always be an exception. This was a hugely necessary gesture at state -to- state level.

On the sidelines of the state funeral, President Lungu held tripartite talks with his DRC host and H.E Dennis Sassa Nguesso of Congo Brazzaville. In this meeting the President was accompanied by relevant ministers in the delegation.

And in terms of the inviolability of the “principle of reciprocity” in diplomatic practice, this one day trip was a necessary reciprocal  act to honour the DRC president’s visit to Zambia early last year.

Within this year the increased positive exchanges between Zambia and DRC will assure the two peoples of the necessity of sisterhood of these two nations.

(The author is special assistant to the President for press and public relations.)




    Necessary but for the Deputy Ministers.

  2. Maps D

    I don’t understand what the sisterhood is doing and how they are

  3. Fines@five, five

    Comment@@@@===Can some one assist me what the ZR is talking about ?Dr Pompe was in DRC on one day visit and why didnt he sleep in Congo?Kindly lets understand why 😀Dr Pompe did not sleep with ba kasai
    Our Dr Pompwe is just thinking of Chinese and dollars If Kaunda loved money like Dr Pompwe the country will have been in tatas
    Awe the new guys are pompwes !!How can you steal 1.6billion ?sure bafikala??
    Thank you 2021 is your last date in offices good bye ====Kambwili come in bekate bafikala ka lungu pa tanshi 🍼

    • Daniel Banda

      Iwe Doubt Katwishi. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones at others. Are you not aware that there are people serving jail sentences for insulting the Head of State? The law must visit you surely. ”Boma iyang’anepo pali iwe.

      • Doubt Katwishi

        Daniel where did I insult the head of state? You are making me shiver. I meant these under 5 politics who have never been in public places. Please enlighten me.

  4. Mr. BJ

    This plat form isn’t there for insults. The head of state has to be respected at all costs. Next it will be ck to be insulted by you fines. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  5. Sbm

    I agree with you Mr bj…ndeloleshafyee….

  6. Derek

    Ba fine isaka lyansele nemiponto.May God deliver you in Jesus name.HH,Ecl all for Jesus Christ.


    Let us respect each other rather than insults.

  8. Hammer

    Only a small minded people believe that official reason from or a presidential trip is all that happens. A lot of things take place behind the scenes and for security reasons they are never disclosed. And ECL represents Z, he has to interact with his fellows presidents. Haters will always make noise I remember they even used to oppose his trips to the provinces to check on developmental progress citing that he is leaving office.

    • PM

      But this was a funeral. When were so called meetings organized? Hello Congo Brazaville, Lungu is attending a funeral in DRC, can we meet there and discuss bilaterals? Very un african coming from pf which preaches Christianity.

      • Doubt Katwishi

        There goes an under 5 politics. Can someone please help PM understand some of these things.

  9. Doubt Katwishi

    The problem is that these critics have no experience of how to govern public offices. Some of them have not even been MP’S, nor councilors before, yet eyeing for Presidency… I can’t blame them. It’s all about under 5 politics.

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