Zambia Douse Flames to Reach Cosafa Semis

Zambia came from 2-0 down to beat Malawi 4-2 on post-match spot-kicks at the on-going Cosafa Cup in Durban.

The flames of Malawi opened the score in the second minute through a Garbadinho Mhango effort that caught the Zambian defence flat-footed and also exposed the novice in goalkeeper Emmanuel Mwange.

The flames doubled their lead in the 50th minute through a Gerald Phiri penalty after Benson Sakala hacked down Mhango in the box.

Zambia picked themselves up with Austin Muwowo slotting home from outside the box with second half substitute Emmanuel Chabula benefitting from a selfless Tapson Kaseba pass in the 89th minute to level matters.

In the post-match spot-kicks Malawi crumbled with two of their palyers sending their efforts over the bar while Zambia netted through Bruce Musakanya, Mwila Phiri, Adrian Chama and Chabula,

Zambia will now face Zimbabwe on Wednesday in a potentially mouth-watering clash.

Zimbabwe is using its full strength team that is preparing for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.


  1. Yuka


  2. Chechukai Mpotalinga

    Wow nice game we appreciate boys

  3. Lombe kalando

    Next time play has a true copper bullets

  4. Henry

    Congrats boys but you should work extra hard coz Zim has a better game.

  5. Maps D

    My wish is that Zambia wins the Africa cup

  6. Maps D

    My wish is that Zambia wins the Africa cup .

  7. Aroma

    Well done the copperbulet

  8. vincent

    Thanks guyz congratratio,2 reach at the top ad next game we on Wednesday performed well go go!!!.

  9. broadrick mpundu

    Comment Zambia national soccer team at the on going cosafa is a mess.starting from the goal keeper to the front.they run like old group of the next game against Zimbabwe

  10. Abiah

    well done boyz

  11. Cliford Mwiinde

    Twasanta mwane bansongwalume

  12. Nauah

    Congratulations 🎊work ⚒ extra hard

  13. jack

    Comment muuuuuu Zambia please watch out

  14. Mr. BJ

    To beat Zim, our team needs to do wonders. Remember we av failed twice to grab the cosafa cup in the more recent time. A team coming from behind to win a game is something. That was no mean achievement. Congrats boys. We are hopeful this time, the cup will come our way. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  15. mwale zindikilani

    why do we always want to experiment when other countries take it very serious and bring professionals to do the job , expect to be embarrassed again by Zim zim.think twice coach and FAZ do something.

  16. Mr. K

    There is no football now in zambia that we can be proud of Zambian football is finished under Kananga fsz must call for an emergency convention to elect a new president now

  17. sonta

    Congratulations boys! we are still in the competition. Hope you have learnt something from those silly mistakes. Lets clame our position back.

  18. Samson

    Congrats chipolopolo

  19. Mulenga ROYD

    Go Zambia go

  20. Patson

    Go Zambia Go


    superb performace #team chipolopolo

  22. Hambani

    Well done chipolopolo boys,
    Thanks guys for winning us the tickets

    On Wednesday do the same
    Will going to bet again .

  23. KATUPI

    Congrats guy go Zambia go

  24. Mn

    Although Zambia won against Malawi it’s not going 2 beat Zimbabwe national team.zimbabwe haz one of the best teams that will play @ again while Zambia haz depends on local weakest local player4 this l feel Zimbabwe will carry the de on Wednesday

  25. Mn

    It’s we tried even our so called proffessionals.pliz if there iz chance 2 use professionals let’s use them on Wednesday and improve on the defense

  26. Anthony


  27. Joseph

    Comment i wish Zambia good luck

  28. Brainwasher

    Even if we won the match the midfield was not playing in recommendable manner,(which means there was some weeknesess ).U know Zimbabwe very well so play like u are playing a final game…

  29. Km

    Cmgratulations the copper bullets

  30. Joshua

    Congrats, but the game was boring, next game change the tactics.

  31. Mr Panji

    Plz work harder guy, Becoz Zim is nt joking

  32. Indoshi palupe

    Amakula yaliwina!

  33. Alu.B

    Watch out for Zimbabwe.

  34. morgan

    Comment: Train very hard to win zim

    • Amigo

      No… Play intelligent football. Training hard with brains yields nothing. Chaf in chaf out!

  35. francis kasekiseki


  36. Mr. BJ

    Negative sentiments will not build our team. For them to perform better, they need our support as country men and women. Team Zambia, go for an out right win.

  37. Schoolboy

    The good part is that you won the match despite conceding 2 goal.well done

  38. tk

    Plz work extra hard guyz we ar behind you not every time loose it too much change de standard of playing football nd some of us wen we want to watch zed football it means we hv to buy Sam panaldos which is no good.

  39. Evance kaseba

    Ine kudabwa ati Zambia 4,Malawi 2,whn I left it 2:0,anyway I hope you won’t disappoint us on Wednesday otherwise I stopped watching u guys.

  40. KENNEDY Mayembe

    Well done guys

  41. Squadrone

    I wonder these penguins coming from behind without seeing and understanding how the game of football is.imwe mwe mangwams stop pointing young players becz bakamifunya …………mutwenu
    Abanenu ku eurpe bomfwabwino let the coach and the players to do wat they can.
    namwisula ifinwa muletambila pa TV mulebyola nakapeta ati iyo amskula.go and coach tukamimone bakoswe.

  42. young kido


  43. William sainela

    Good game but try to play a better game against Zimbabwe with more attacking spirit

  44. Ferdinand mulolo

    Zambia Go . I wish you good luck try your best

  45. Mateo

    Zimbabwe has beaten us in two consecutive finals guys let’s show them how we can play …work hard …God bless the chipolopolo …

  46. ELC


  47. Amigo

    This is not a team… Worse still we have a bench that do not know what to do. The defence loses shape each time it is under pressure. Malawi was the better team.. Watch Zimbabwe rip us apart!!!!

  48. Samuel Ngosa

    Only problm we hav in is xperimenting of players wen its a competition,owez new playerz wu dontav experience,corrupt owez

  49. derrick musonda

    thanks for the boys

  50. Giftsiakalinda

    Remember guys each team play to win but the better team carries the day, all in all we need our team to work extra hard zim is a better side.

  51. Edizo

    Well done guys but twapapata try to change the game

  52. Tàññysøñ

    Good Game Ba Zambia

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