Mushimba Hits Backs at FIC Report Accusers

Transport and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba has hit back at allegations that he is one of the top government officials named in the latest Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) report that documents gross misappropriation of funds.

Mushimba has distanced himself from the allegations saying his accusers were trying to tarnish his name.

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I’m not your threat; really Iam not!

My singular focus, the reason for humbly offering myself for public service in 2016, was and still is all about Kankoyo. I envisioned I would speak more forcefully on the needs of Kankoyo and let Kankoyo, my home, have better days. I know I’m only doing this for a limited time as I know I have no monopoly on wisdom; others are more qualified and wiser, they will come after me and take over when my time is up.

So if you must fight, fight your real enemies or those that threaten your desires and aspirations. Leave innocent people alone. You are injuring innocent people unnecessarily in the name of politics. It’s not right. Some of us don’t have much else except our name. We have painstakingly laboured to build that name. Played by the rules. Did everything as per the book. And it’s the only thing we have; why create fake stories and tarnish that?

May God have mercy on you


  1. Bondwe

    Every face tells a story! Ndepita fye!

  2. Sara

    Stupid response. It would have been better to keep quiet than give this Luke warm response.

    You have not descontructed the report on the huge sums of money racing in and out of your account and the report that you are bonking this radio Mwanza lady and gold digger.

    Ka response kabupuba as if you are not a PhD holder or it was corruptly earned like money in the FIC report.


    • IQ

      Was bonking part of FIC report? That statement has rendered your comment irrelevant.

    • Jonas

      You have failed to use your PhD to make clean money shame ,you join those who have not been to school enough to make ends meet. Mukakakwapofye bane

  3. Daniel Banda

    How come? In cichewa there is an adage that says, ‘Khoswe wapatsindwi anaulula wapadzala.’ Could one of those abbreviations in the FIC report displayed by this press be interpreted into the Minister’s name in full? Tell us.

  4. Me, I and myself

    Somebody is really hurt;ba Mushimba, Chinshi mwamu chita?

  5. trust

    Awe,that’s not true, just accept u were wrong.

  6. izzy

    I can’t support that statement from Brian mushimba,all the ministers outlined in Financial Intelligence Report found wanting is true, because they can’t just bring out that report to be known outside by everyone,I think the report is true.

  7. Wezzy Banda

    I Want To See Him And All His Comrades Being Prosecuted In Court.Not All This Talk In Front Of The Press,its Just A Way Of Making It Look Like They’re Being Punished When In Reality Nothing Is Being Done

    • Joseph Zulu

      Bamushimba learn from bachitotela he has been pushed Left right no talk tabala da Sana efyo bachichita abanenu.

  8. Lucky tembo

    May GOD bless us all amen

  9. Kapijimpanga

    Indelolesha fye

  10. Nyengo

    Ministry is right in his words. Pipo in opposition and within pf 2 give him space 2 work. FIC reports not 4 hon mushimba no is 4 zambians 2 see how quick we are geting rich within short time. FIC Is a brain child of pf and it time 2 find solution not politiking. We know pipo are geting rich over night in business, govt and NGO’S But let us come up with laws 2 stop this cancer. Ministries doing busines while in govt shuld come 2 an end 2 give chance 2 others

  11. Jms

    The two main points to bring in mind to the accused one (1) it must be true you did mismanage you post (2) if you think they are accusing you who can hate you so much and whom you hate as well tell the nation otherwise sonta apo wa bobeshe ulupiya

  12. Daniel Banda

    The sleepless and sweaty nights even in June, ‘insomnia’ results into misjudgement and unsolicited responses. Patience is needed lest one disturbs a hornets’ hive and gets stung.

  13. Jms

    I wonder why people use God’s name even if they are found wrong if sin was as fire this Brian couldn’t have said a word we could have just seen his hair on fire you see a criminal is a criminal no matter how you nicely speak to him in any language he will try by all means defending the wrong until a lala fye useless

  14. FSimukonda

    If you are not a thief,why worry wait for the court to prove you innocent chapwa!!!!!

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