North Rockland Senior from Zambia Wins Law Day Essay Competition

North Rockland High School senior Changu Chiimbwe says being a lawyer can change the world and, after winning a countywide essay competition, that’s what she plans on doing.

The 17-year-old was honored on Law Day by the Rockland County Bar Association, which awarded her 500-word essay about freedom of speech on college campuses with the $1000 Catherine Miklitsch scholarship. Law Day, held annually on May 1, is a national celebration of the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.

This year’s Law Day theme of “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society” was emblematic for Chiimbwe, an immigrant from Zambia. She said her passion for writing is rooted in her interests in equal rights and immigrant identity in America.

After living in both Zambia and South Africa, her family moved to America in 2006 for better opportunities. Chiimbwe said that her father was especially interested in expanding her educational opportunities.

Chiimbwe is quiet and reserved but says she expresses herself through writing. She also writes poetry and is the editor-in-chief of North Rockland High School’s literary magazine. In 2017, she won a mock trial at the National Student Leadership Conference at Yale University.

The graduating senior will attend Columbia University in the fall. She hopes to become an international human rights lawyer focused on humanitarian law and social crises.

“I think the best way to merge my need to help people with the way I write and speak joins together in the field of law,” she said.

This year’s Law Day celebration in the jury assembly room at the Rockland County Courthouse drew close to 100 people — including attorneys, elected officials, judges and retired jurists.

Also honored was Elizabeth Santiago, who received the Rockland Bar Association’s Liberty Bell Award for her advocacy on behalf of victims of domestic violence, and the Nyack High School Mock Trial team, for winning the county championships.

Staff Writer Steve Lieberman contributed to this article.

(Source: Lohud.com)


  1. BTK

    Congratulations babygirl,may lord 4u owez till Jesus comes.Honestly,I love all your goals baby,plz may Jehovah god take a very good care of you.

  2. Anatasha Claude

    Congratulations 💖

  3. kufahakurambwe

    Stay there my dear…Zambia is way beyond redemption. You will get infected here. Morever you’re not of a different skin tone so kulibe chako kuno ndiwe mu bouyi. Zambia is for foreigners (white). If an STD had a face it would look like Lungu.

    • Daniel Banda

      Did you read about anything negative about any individual country that made her win the contest? The article highlights a family and personal determination to achieve goals. Don’t just complain be determined to achieve something for yourself, family country and the world eventually. Lungu doesn’t have to walk into people’s houses to make them move on with life. This girl is an inspiration to anyone wanting to better their life. Stand up and be counted with or without Lungu. By the way, in Zambia the tenth richest man is worth fifty million dollars and the richest is worth more than five hundred million dollars in the same country whose president is Lungu.

      • kufahakurambwe

        “This girl is an inspiration to anyone wanting to better their life” .. you have totally missed the bus. I am sure you know that there are hundreds of ‘this girl’ in Zambia that have failed to materialize their full potential due to the rampant corruption perpetuated by Lungu & his minions. As for the rich men you speak of, they became wealthy long before these parasites came into play. Zambia was one. Learn to read in between the lines and recognize sarcasm for what it is.

    • Bk

      UPND Mentality

  4. Mr Specter

    Congratulations on your excellent job well done

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  6. michael

    2 things: first, congratulations! second, for Zambia Reports: please consider sending cell phone notifications for big stories like this. it took me a few days to get around to looking at it. If I had a bulletin, I could have learned sooner. thanks!


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