State Objects Dismissed Cops’ Application for Judicial Review

The state has objected to the application for judicial review by the two police officers retired in national interest in the aftermath of the Sesheke by-election.

Attorney General Likando Kalaluka submitted that the court strikes out the order for leave of commencement for judicial review by the two police officers.

The two officers Shapa Wakung’uma and Fleming Chilongo who were superintendents’ in-charge of Sesheke District in Western Province are challenging the decision of the state to retire them in national interest.

Wakung’uma and Chilongo of House Number B14 Chelstone Police Camp and F 22 Sikanze Police respectively have sued the state seeking a review of the termination of their employment in the aftermath of the violent Sesheke by-election.

The two parties are expected to appear Justice Pixie Yangailo on June 7, 2019 for hearing of an application on the part of the state to discharge leave granted to commence judicial review proceedings.

The plaintiffs want the court to exercise its discretion in granting such leave and that the said leave act as a stay of the decision to retire them.

Wakunguma served as commander during the Sesheke by election which was held on February 12, 2019.

He was accused of having commandeered some police officers into beating some Patriotic Front cadres.



    sad news

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Reinstate the two officers please.


    too bad news


    The government should be renient!

  5. Chendabusiku

    This is a classic case and an acid test for where we want to go as a society. For far two long we have all been guilty of ill behaviour and lies. These guys need to be told or shown that hooliganism does not pay. Where is HH ? This he must condemn if he is not part to. This vicious cycle of violence and hooliganism will never end if we do not deal with it now. The police are supposed to be a beacon of good morals and behaviour.

    • mwansa john

      you are happy your friends lost employment tefyo? elyo ninshi mulefwaya ba kada ebo babe ba police tefyo?

    • Oj

      Ba chendabusiku

    • Chilankalipa

      What does the name chenda bushiku suggest? No light no sight, total ignorance if not cadre-ism.

  6. Indoshi palupe

    So, Pf cadres are untouchable, ka?

    • wakishale

      Are Polcice Officers allowed to beat and maim or just arrest. Let the two officers apologise and seek forgiveness other than going to court. A wrong is wrong regardless of the circumstances it is committed.

  7. Lungu Lameck

    Sad news indeed but I wish these guys were loyal to the government of the day that is the way to go.

  8. Jms

    Thats one was of corruption good officers are being betrayed replaced by useless puppets those on those posts if given they must know that are just bad materials

  9. Kelly

    Foolish government who do the pf campaign think they are ,they think they can not b desplined

  10. Kelly

    Leave the officers alone are u going to feed their family foolish minded pipo.so u the so called pf, whatever u call yoseves u think u are a special party that u can’t lose wait 2021 yo hostels will b prisons what a corrupt government

  11. Simfukwe

    Hakainde must come to their rescue it folly now to hide in goats skin when he participated in their behavíour where on earth police compaign with the the opposition hakainde must been 100%awer of what was going on there are many men and women who have been retired on national interest non of these people go to court to have their cases heard they have been trained to sprit the party then go crying and I fob

  12. SOPO

    Let us not politic on every topic, if you follow the case and the above article, it says were accused: That statement in it self means the possibility is 50 50 either they are guilty or not. but since its pf cadres who were beaten up they just retired them. The problem is that most of us Zambians dont care weather theirs corruption, fraud, economic failure as long us we have money and the government of the day is from our tribe or pa chimbuya then all is well. This is Y Their isnt much development since unip, Lusaka depends on the building they built maybe two or three major additions kaili the malls are not for the government,our copper goes from mines to the airport,an average of 2 meals a day while tax payers money is been miss used to pay high government officials even were not nessary, late monthly salaries for our kind civil workers and Well learned government Leacturers etc, let us change coz i can confirm the economy Ummmh has failed, am from kumawa and 2021 someone from their is losing .

  13. brics

    But those cops who shot and killed Mapenzi chibulo went scot free…..when politics become more important than the welfare of the citizens.

  14. Kings

    Chendabushiku Banoko Na Ba Wiso Balitipwa Pakufyala Iwe. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, If You Don’t Reverse The Fake Judgement You Passed On These Two Cops, Let God Rebuke You Because You Have Shown Hypocrice To God. N D C’s National Youth Chair’s Innocent Blood Is Crying In The Zambian Soils, And Where Is The Person Who Hit Him On The Head With An Iron Bar? Some Of The Things You Do Just Show How Un Godly You Are Mr President, Don’t Take The Name Of Our Lord God In Vain, When People Are Complaining You Can Not Be A Lucky Person, Some You Are Punishing, Some You Are Defending. Mr Lungu Do Something For These Officers, For You Are Only Person Who Has The Powers To Reenstate Them. We Are Not Happy With What Is Happening. Chitotetela Is A Suspect Of Corruption But You Still Don’t Want Act Against Him For Reasons You Know Well. God Is Saying Be Kind To Your Fellow Humans When In Power.

  15. puzzled

    iwe chi chendabusiku na chi chifunso sinfukwe the officers did a nice job they showed pf cadres that zambia is not ther mothers country if they had beaten upnd misbehaving cadres they wouid hav been promoted lungu didnt choose himself nothin goes up dat must not come down mugabe was hard were is he

  16. CM

    Balungu kwateniko uluse, ngacali nimwebo bamifumya apomulelila how would you feel? See what you have done with KBF when he wants to challenge you as a president.Tamwasabaile mwafika nakukumutamfya mu party? I don’t cheat people that you are a Christian and that Zambia is a Christian nation. That being hypocrisy

  17. Mwichek


  18. A Fellow Police Officer

    These two Police officers must be treated in accordance with the law.Being a Police officer is a predicament and difficult job,no matter how humble and pragmatic or assertive one is.So you so called the judicial maker must make sure that these fellow colleagues of mine a paid for what they had done.

  19. Sim1

    They should seek forgiveness from the cadre the mistreat.x

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