Zambia Storm Cosafa Final

Zambia has qualified to the 2019 Cosafa Cup finals after beating bitter rivals Zimbabwe 4-2 on post-match penalties after the match ended 0-0 in normal time.

The Chipolopolo boys will now face Botswana in the finals on June 8.

Zambia scored their spot kicks through Thandi Mwape, Jack Chirwa, Mwila Phiri and Bruce Musakanya.

The defending champions Zimbabwe had their star man Khama Billiat having his effort saved while Admiral Musikwe sent his skyways.

Tendai Darikwa and Marvelous Nakamba hit the target but their efforts were not enough to save the warriors on the day.

It was sweet revenge for Zambia who have lost the last two finals to the Zimbabwe.

Coach Aggrey Chiyangi has parised his team for their resilience that saw them defeat a star studded Zimbabwe side.





    we ae behind you guyz GO ZAMBIA GO

  3. Jk

    Thanks be to God

  4. DUMZ

    Viva Chipolopolo! Well done Zambia! We have shamed the proud Zimbabwean team! Good job ba Aggrey Chiyangi! This is just the beginning of our dream team! We’ve proved our critics wrong!

  5. Zilani Chirwa

    Congraturation to Chipolopolo Boys…you’ve made us happy, we’re proud of you. GO! ZAMBIA GO!…

  6. AK

    Cosafa cup is coming to Zambia

  7. pephias cholichi

    Good luck guys

  8. Mn

    Gud performance boyz u have done it.gud luck as u face Botswana in the final.but don’t relax but much harder so that we can win cosafa 4 the fifth time

  9. Barnabas kabulyeni

    May God bless zambia

  10. Zambian number 1 supporter ngabawina

    We are solidly behind you guys. Go Chipolopolo Go

  11. Arsenal man

    Thanks very much the chipolopolo boys for the great efforts. this years’ cosafa is ours. honest gratitude goes to Jehovah God for giving you the much needed powers. final tulibonse!!!

  12. Wellingtone Mofya

    Atleast Ba Zambia but next time when you meet Botswana in the finals careful and don’t nsula your opponents ..job well done .

  13. Kimz

    Zambians for Zambia go go chipolopolo we are behind u guyz

  14. Depak

    Tough game,but better than the one against Malawi😯

  15. Amigo

    Well done chipolopolo boys do the same on finals.

  16. Uncle D Dominic

    Well done Boyz indeed I didn’t believe in the team at first as many did. But u went on to prove us wrong with Chiyangi on yo side. well done but de effort u r putting in I see u coming with de trophy. Well done ou Boyz waiting to cerebrate with u on 8th/ Saturday.

  17. Mabenene

    Good luck guys go Zambia go

  18. Yo drake masansa

    Go Zambia go

  19. Ackford Mweene

    Good game Zambia Make us proud

  20. Davies Choti

    well done guys.Do it again.

  21. Proxy

    Am the boys!!!!!!!!!!! So proud!!!

  22. Albright

    That’s the way to go.

  23. island fix phiri

    #⚽⚽Go ZambiaπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘‘πŸŒ„πŸ“»πŸ‘Šβš½βš½

  24. elc

    keep it up guys we are proud of you

  25. Kazungo Kendrick DJ zuu

    Viva Viva Zambia go chipolopolo boys, we will be crowned on 8 june

  26. De illest

    tiye nayo

  27. Chrispin Sinyinza

    Congratulations once again Zambia, continue with the same spirit.

  28. Kalulu boss's nchenjele

    Zambia why have you done that?don’t you know Zimbabwe is my favourite team imwe bakolwe?may God punish you for that.

  29. Daniel Banda

    Ten down, one to go! Happy! happy! hooray ! Well done guys. Now there’s light at the end of the tunnel. So local coaches can do better than coaches employed due to inferiority complex.


    Favour is upon you guys keep it up

  31. Sampa

    Thanks Gus you did a superior job

  32. Lee

    Zambia has beaten amagoregore,,proudly Zambian

  33. Derrick Banda

    Comment:Go Zambia Go.Thanx boys but its not over be focused.

    ZNBC,Please televise this final humble apeal

  34. anthony

    osaphwanya team manje

  35. sm

    Comment that was a great performance boys,especially tht many didn’t believe in u except myself am behind u all the way Nd Thanx alot to the number one supporter pastr Malabar

  36. Amigo

    I didn’t believe in our team especially it’s defence but now I swallow my words.
    Now do not take the Zebras for granted. They will be a threat at corners because of their height.

  37. Joseph Mutinta Sahara

    Let Go Guys We Must Win This Game

  38. Jackson

    Go zambia go

    • jkf

      U have made us happy ad fogt about the past, i salute you guys keep it up, make u beat Botswana, go zambia go

  39. Muzo musonda D

    That’s work guys, BRAVO!!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

  40. Muzo musonda D

    Come on chipolopolo boyz BRAVO!!!!πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

  41. N. Ostar

    As everyone saw Zambia has no quick striker. So it’s you job ba coach…..

    • Chibeza

      Yes you are right I think the coach going forward must look at fashion, Daka, Augastine and Mwepu these strikers are quick and the deffense was OK we only need Chongo.

  42. Alu.B

    Way to go guys

  43. Chibeza

    Congratulations boys, after analysing the game Zambia had a better deffense on the end of the day, I wish going forward this deffense must not be tempered the coach has only to bring in Chongo in this deffense .

  44. Mateo

    Chipolopolo boys all the way

  45. King cool

    Job well done , but my concern is that, Donot underlet Botswana, mind you Botswana is also trying to make sure that they embarrass Zambia

  46. Charles micklay

    It’ a bitter pill to swallow for Zimbabwe and a sweet victory for Zambia.but don’t underlate Botswana in the finals cause the cup is ours

  47. Kashif Mulenga

    Go Zambia go Bola na Lesa…..

  48. Kisco mandandi

    Congratulations guys

  49. SEE MIND

    Congrats boys expecting cup cares final >>>Zambia unite. We loose qualifer Afcon bring cosafa cup.

  50. Mi's

    Gud job

  51. Angoni

    Zambian mentality when you win they say you are great but when you loose they call you names. Whether win or loose i will always be their to support you BRAVO CHIPOLOPOL.

  52. papias

    Go Zambia Go

  53. Schoolboy

    Brilliant performance guys

  54. Brainwasher

    Kkkkkkkkkkk k midfield bane not so good

  55. CP

    Go Zambia Go

  56. Chola Francis

    Zambia vs Botswana what time?

  57. Yuka

    What time

  58. Moses

    Congratulations chipolopolo boys. Will ZNBC televise the final?

  59. Aroma

    When is Zambia playing final with Botswana

  60. james

    zad vs boswana twebeniko ama goals

  61. za mwape power

    kaseba lipulanga why musakanya panse

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