ACC Officer Details Money Trail in Chitotela Corruption Case

Trial continues in the Ronald Chitotela corruption case with an Anti-Corruption Commission officer testifying how he discovered that $300, 000 was paid in the Housing and Infrastructure Minister’s FNB account from China Harbour.

Christopher Siwakwi, an investigative officer from the ACC narrated how the investigative wing receive an alert on the alleged trail of money the China Harbour’s Bank of China dollar account into Chitotela’s FNB account.

An ACC officer has narrated how the commission received information that Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela had property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Siwakwi told the court that on June 28, 2017 the ACC received corruption allegations against Chitotela who was accused of possession

He said the ACC also received information that Chitotela bought Farm 148/50A in Makeni and Sub Division A Lot 22163/M in Ibex Hill Lusaka.

“I received further information that the money used to purchase the said properties was suspected to be proceeds of crime. Further information was that the monies used to purchase the said properties originated from China Harbour amounting to US$300,000 whose account was domiciled at Bank of China,” he said.

Siwakwi said he served a warrant on Bank of China to inspect the said account and was presented with a bank statement for China Harbour Engineering Corporation.

“After analysing the statement, he found that on July 27, 2016, there was US$300,000 outgoing transaction to Andrew and Partners who had an account with FNB,” he said.

He said after interviewing an officer from the bank, he established that China Harbour had a dollar account with Bank of China.

Siwakwi said further investigations at FNB, provided a statement which showed that on July 27, 2016, there was an incoming transaction from China Harbour amounting to US$299,000.

“On July 28, 2016 there was an outgoing transaction of US$140,000, payment to Lungu Sim. On July 29, 2016, there was another transaction to MSK advocates amounting to US$154, 000,” Siwakwi said.

Siwakwi later established that bank instructions caused the movement of US$154,000 to MSK advocates regarding purchase of property.

He said investigations revealed that the money involved was for the buying of the Makeni property in question.

Trial continues on Friday.

Chitotela has been slapped with nine charges among them concealing property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

He is also charged with being in possession of proceeds of crime connected to withdrawals of monies ranging from K10, 000 to K20, 000 from an account.


  1. bkombe

    When we say PF Gvt consists of thieves and corrupt Ministers, Mps Mayors and other Govt officials you refuse, now what is this we are hearing from Chitotela ? On SCT thrrr is no proper answers to convince the people of Zambia bow transaction were made. THIVES!!!

  2. Lolo

    PF oweeee! Why is Chitotela still a minister???????Mmmmmmh! Nkani ya zoona!

  3. Joseph Mwenya

    After 2021, Elections bengi bakasokoloka mindyou ba PF, 2021 is around the corner!

  4. Indoshi palupe

    Pompwe,,, just jail him

  5. Angoni

    One thing that i have liked about the PF government is the fact that they have refused to dance to the pressure of prosecuting the people who are suspected to be corrupt using the the media(social media) unlike what we saw during the Mwanawasa days where we saw a lot of corruption issues persued by the Post News Papers, where we could see certain people persecuted via the media. The only worries i have is that the President(Government) doesn’t seem to be coming out strong to warn and condemn the perceived corruption happening in the Government. Please Mr president come out strong and clear otherwise these accusation of corruption in your Government will destroy your legacy. Am tired about these allegations, can somebody some where responsible stop this rot its hating the country.

    • Daniel Banda

      Forgiveness is the bedrock of Christianity but it needs to be made public.

  6. bkombe

    Dununa reverse song shall work against Pf in 2021.All those who voted for Pf agreed to be taken back wards, so you should not complain …2021 know what to do

  7. Daniel Banda

    The president should dissociate himself by doing justice in steady of waiting for the law technicalities. The ACC was created by law the evidence so far presented by its officer are credible enough to have the accused firstly suspended to be followed by a dismissal if he is convicted.

  8. Flanker

    Health information and Technology


  9. Michael chola

    Comment: too bad

  10. maseka elijah

    too bad

  11. Drugsquard

    Our President is suspiciously silent on this matter. These things are a very dangerous and contributing to his political down fall. As the leader, we expect him to clear the air and let the suspected individuals face the law without any political interference. Surprisingly Hon Chito is still in the office and i am sure he is working day and night, with his power as a minister, to interfere with witnesses and evidence.
    Jesus come back soon and give us another Moses.

    • Daniel Banda

      Long voters queues in towns on the day of elections in 2021 will be a bad omen. Because where social media has impact.

  12. Schoolboy

    Let’s wait for the bench of judges to decide the final outcome..

  13. puzzled

    mmmm ba pf nowander we are suffering 2day

  14. De illest

    Where is “don’t kubeba” slogan. Sata may you resurrect please

  15. Kazungo Kendrick DJ zuu

    Yayaya I have never ever seen a corrupted government like PF, LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT. 2012 PF no matter what you are matching out, everything has an end…

  16. Kazungo Kendrick

    2021 PF you will all be jailed. Nonsense

    • msm

      investigate even our councils They have shared land,shops in markets especially in chilenje market.individuals from the council are amassing thousands of kwachas in rentals.pf twachula sana

  17. kenny G

    We are sick and tired of these bunch of crooks..elections are near,people think twice before casting your vote and your vote is your power to yohr life change..


    Awe mwandini bwafya pa Z

  19. Wenger

    Let him rot in jail pliz

  20. Nyam Dee

    Let Ba Chitotela resigne Simple

  21. Lenje

    And Mr President, you still call this ‘witch hunting?’ Chitotela must be fired without delay to pave way for further investigations!

  22. Sir mo

    We are tied of slapping pipo with charges but no actions are being taken,the so called chitotela is slapped with number of charges but still serving the mistereo position.this is bullshit,better u ar quiet than altering useless information.for how long will it take the court to reach the final judgement in a case we’re somebody slapped with that no’ of charges?ndetambafye

  23. Sir mo

    Umunwe pakunya ni quiet😷🤚forward Tata forward

  24. Renard Ng'andwe

    The fall of the walls of Babylon @ hand.

  25. kasanga musukwa

    the president can not do anything about this sinse he is fully conected to all the nine accounts chitotelo

  26. Joshua

    to start with Lungu, his a big thieve, 2021 muleya mwe bampombwe.

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