Amos Chanda Resigns as Presidential Spokesperson

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda has resigned.

Chanda has thanked President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the First Lady Esther for the opportunity to have served as Presidential spokesperson for the past four years.

He said the position he had held had accorded him the opportunity to put in the best years of his public service.

Chanda pledged continued support to President Lungu.

He is expected to be redeployed to another position.


  1. Soccer lovers

    Its good to resign than to be sacked mr chanda.u defended your part in good and bad situation.

  2. anthony


    • Chilankalipa

      It is good to resign or be inconspicuously fired under the guise as a presidential aide in insults and rubbish talk when you don’t even deserve the useless paper you use to write what you pretend to call a resignation letter. Once a fool always just that. How many bridges has this rat destroyed instead of building them for the sake of this country’s crossing such bridges to unity?

  3. Patrick Mwale

    What are the reasons for the resignation?

    • Jonas

      The statement does not make sence how does some one resign and given another post.tell us the truth we are nor children.

  4. yokosa

    please can someone tell me what ‘s going on with pf, first it was kalaba now is the big one again Amos Chanda. we are watching

    • Joe Nchemba

      What is big about Amos Chanda

      • mike

        he is useless

      • Chilankalipa

        I agree, Kalaba’s resignation was big compared to this cockroach, a minister is senior to these chola boys, unless one is ignorant, they may think Lungu’s chola boys are a big thing, in fact the biggest resignation this country has ever experienced was that of Levy resigning as VP. mulebako serious bane. But ubupuba nabumoneka, how can you resign and expect to be deployed? 1+1= 11??????

    • Chendabusiku

      How many people or employees have come and gone in Trumps Govt? You are counting two.

    • Joseph zulu

      Just arumar let’s speculations people

  5. Dexter


  6. Nshibomba Mwibala

    Among the PEPs?

  7. Odmeja odmeja

    Good move

  8. PWII

    I dont think one has to resign to be deployed. there is more to this. Lets wait and see

    • bo winner

      You’re right something is pending to be uncovered…. No one can resign and redeployed again.😈

      • George

        I think he wants to join UPND guys 🤗🤗

  9. yangu

    lungu come on.

  10. bo winner

    Well done young man…. Good move.

  11. Concerned citizen

    Don’t hide the truth Chanda my brother tell the people the truth and we are here to make your life easier and safe spill the beans

    • bo winner

      Mwatiiii niboooza one Chanda don’t be stingy update us why have made that move though it sounds sweet to be true

  12. james

    chili okutuleya GOD sees.

  13. Kapyongo

    Ba Chanda is it because of FIC report am sure you are among the PEP, I know you are not alone let’s wait and see.

  14. FGM

    Is it a ruling party cleansing process? People have complained that the president is surrounded by bad elements that are most likely just deceiving him. May the cleansing bring us a better Zambia.

  15. Patrick mwewa

    God help us in this country Zambia

  16. MJM

    I did not like him from the word go, I suspect he has a hand in all these suffering we are facing in Zambia, Bad adviser,

  17. HK

    What did you just say?

  18. Dude

    Elyo umukote afwile, imbwa yanwa imfwi.(someone please correct me with the adage). FIC has something to do with this no matter what.

    • sangwapo

      Ubushiku bwaluba umukote. Ne Chimbwi chinye mfwi.

  19. Canaan kasumba

    so ati 2021 he’s going to stand as a president
    but mu Zambia!

  20. Samson


    • Concerned Citizen

      someone already said that , “isonde eli nalibola”. This is wat i understand by the word “ukubola”. I think the next person to resighn is Mr Lion the king of the jungle and someone will faint. Don’t forget the political slogan wich says, “politics is a dirt game”. Now this is the real dirt!

  21. Nyau

    I suspect he has seen trouble with the KCM issue. He doesn’t want to be associated with it.


  22. Hokulani

    Efyo yaba life bane

  23. Josephat Kakwete

    It’s good to leave office when people are still clapping for you

  24. mushili leo

    why resigning something is fishing

  25. Razor

    He has already said that the constitution doesn’t allow a civil servant to join politics unless after 2 years so it is obvious he wants to stand as an MP in 2021 which will be 2 years from now therefore he has to resign now in order to qualify.

    • kondwani phiri

      which Constitution, the new one is not yet implemented

  26. Indoshi palupe

    Who cares bafik*la!

  27. Justice

    Good for him to resign Otherwise he was suppose to be fired.

  28. CLINT


  29. Rachael kunda

    Point of correction: Ubushiku bufwile umukote need Cimbwi cinye mfwi.

    • Dude

      Thanks for the correction. In this case the ubushiku bufwile umukote=FIC announcement and chimbwi chinye mfwi= Amos resigning.

    • Tilimboyi

      Go well young man



  31. Lameck

    What is happening kanshi?

  32. Daniel Banda

    Khoswe wapatsindwi anaulula wapadzala. ” A rat being chased from the roof top ran to the refuse dump and exposed another rat that lived there. Time will tell.

  33. Mr. Bemba land is great

    I as a zambian regnation from this healthy position throug. His excellency the president
    Of the republic of zambia must not be politicized by faired who belong to hakainde you have failed to remove hakainde who has no value in this country

    • Bob Mpombo

      You are very stupid for mentioning HH in your clueless PF leadership brouhaha!! You are an idiot who cannot think beyond your deformed nose!

    • Future President

      Ba cadre u r next to resign o else u will remain alone its time to run the bush is on fire


    tell us the reason

  35. Fwedede

    Something is fishy, this idiot will soon be appointed by Lungu as vice president and to be honest with you people this is a planed move between lungu and Chanda just wait and see. If that’s not the case then FIC has got something to do with his resignation. Bakabwalala imwe f…. k

    • Jinda

      Let’s stick to the issue of Chandas resignation and stop talking about other innocent politicians.

  36. gift


  37. Kanyembo

    Big fish eatz at night😉

  38. Truestory

    There’s a time to be born and a time die, a time build and a time to destroy. Amos was not a carder, he was not voted on that position but appointed. Hence there’s nothing big about him resigning, its his Democratic right to deicide what’s right for him, moreover there are so many learned people in Zambia who can take up that position. I don’t know who President HHs spokes person is. Or do we know who ba Kambwilis SP will be, bonse fya nkama fyabo, so even Amos was ECLs own choice, that’s why tapali ifya kupapusha apa.

  39. Munchinji

    Most likely fired.


    Mmmmmm, am l dreaming? Me have no word because am surprised.This is a big surprise.Lets not prejudice but wait an see. The inevitable reason is definitely there.

  41. Mch chrissy

    It’s ok let him rest

  42. kwakama nehi

    No smoke is without fire so let’s wait and see

  43. Hev Rena

    Clearly it is Kaizer Zulu whi has finally ousted him!

    • ROKA

      True, who else! Remember, it was reported that they quarrelled at one time.Foe Amos its good you have left peacefully and holding the press conference at State House!But it gave something to think about if really it was a resignation or a sketch!!

  44. Kelly

    Lelo pf lwanya
    2021 is for HH

    • ROKA

      At the moment there is no opposition leadership worth presidential leadership of the State!Change the leadership of upAndOWN, you will how will flock to this party.It needs total transformation from being a tripartite party based- 0n counsinship to a national party and they want a Tonga, put Hachipuka or Matongo

  45. BW


  46. Collins

    What’s worry please.

  47. puzzled

    payipa pano

  48. King cool

    First and foremost I’d like to thank Amos Chanda for resigned from his position,, He has a right to so if not interested anymore,,,(1) There are two things,,,fic and kcm . The English language says,, the guilty is always afraid,,, The Bemba saying also says,” ubushiku umukote alubile, elyo icimbwi canyemfwi !!! Ubushiku insofu ifwile ilyashi libapo lyansofu ..

  49. silawanzi zulu

    Let him work for God for now

  50. brian mumba

    let’s hope dat your resignation is not for katuba ticket.

  51. Ba yoyo

    Wat is the problem Mr Amos

  52. heleman

    it’s not easy for you to understand, let him go

  53. Alick

    Advice: Amos please follow your heart, and stay close with God.

  54. Truestory

    People of this fora what’s so spacial or what is wrong about Chanda’s resignation? Was that position a personal to order? Why can’t you understand the saying! There’s time for everything. Inchinto kwngila no kufuma, chapwa. You who fill you can take up the job apply, if its applicable. I mean than had no constituency, he was not elected but appointed. There won’t be any by election, but its upto ECL to appoint whoever he wants to work with. Nombe ichamikalipa chinshi? Why so many questions which you won’t have answers to. Kalaba resigned and its now history, naba CHANDA bene pala talala. Labeniko fya mu pot 1 teti mufikwanishe, wina azafa na Bp.

    • Me, I and myself

      Point of correction. Personal to holder not personal to order!

  55. Japhet Kanyanda

    Surprising unbelievable anyway everyone has opinion and principals to decided and do what your heart tells you.

  56. Japhet Kanyanda

    We wish him all the best and we advise him to remain loyal to his former boss not to turn against him.

  57. walapwa

    Why is he running away…..

  58. sheke

    This is comedy kkkkkk…

  59. enalo

    Ama citizens saleni amano . Fintu fyAlubAnA. Let
    2021 come.

  60. enalo

    Ama citizens saleni amano . Call a spade a spAde, not a big spoon.

  61. Loadist

    Emanuel Mwamba would be a perfect replacement. Infact if I were Lungu I would just swap the two. Chanda knows way too much about the inner functions of statehouse to simply discard. His ability to respect the confidentiality of what he knows is of utmost importance. The PF especially statehouse can not frustrate him too much lest he starts singing. On the other hand Emanuel Mwamba has proved himself both in competence and Loyalty.
    Mwamba for special assistance for press!!

  62. kaps

    he is afraid of something wait and see

  63. Hypocrisy

    I think this is the time now when people of zambia must sense that lungu had nothing to do with governance!!!

    • Dude

      I think this more reason that I believe in his excellency ECL. There is transparency and no sacred cows in his governance

  64. Narsh

    Zambians let us avoid speculation and only comment when the truth about the matter is availed in the public domaim.

  65. Jms


  66. zilikani

    what is the reason?

  67. BTK

    The Anti-Corruption should launch investigations 4de boy,coz 4 what i know z dat resignation moves with shocks.wait & see

  68. Bright kalota

    It’s good to resign than been sucked good move

  69. Ngwazi yeniyeni

    Woipa athawa yekha palibe omthamangisa.An evil man runs on his own without anyone chasing him.There must be something fishy here,its like the little man is scared of FIC reports.Plz FIC,ACC & DEC work together & expose them coz we’hv suffered mwandi.

  70. Francis aft

    Soldier go soldier come balack remain

  71. Patriotic Zambian

    Mukwai tulelolela appointment letter! Ba kateka am readily available and equal to the task! So help me God.

  72. Dude

    Do you have a grade 12 certificate?

  73. Dennis

    Hope he has not foreseen up some dangers in the future otherwise wish you all the best.

  74. Nyengo

    Amon resign not common in zambia if u are appointed by the president. Mr chanda feels it is time 2 fill the space in politic it up 2 him or join private sector his choice.

  75. Ngandwe Renard

    There never been such a resignation accompanied by an appointment Into the private sector. I feel like CHANDA is sitting on the time bomb likely to explode at any time.

  76. Elijah Chisenga

    In the first instance, I would like to thank Mr CHANDA for making this decision of resigning, in bemba we say” icikulya,bacimwena kumampalanya”Unless if you’re Innocent,I say, thank you for your decision, icikalilwa pa nsaka,Bwali

  77. chitimah nyirenda

    Mr lungu is doing his best and I thank him for that because he wants to remain with hard working people in his part

  78. Joseph Mwenya

    Ba PF, yaba, tefintu, Nabaku Bedroom baaba ukuilekela? Awe bengi fili uko tuleya, come 2021!! Bwafya icalo ici. Amos alituka Imbwili ( C.K.)

  79. CN

    Whether he resigned or not he did nothing to help uplift the living standards of the majority poor Zambians. His language towards many people was bad and alogant

  80. Mapesho

    Against all odds, ECL will still make it come 2021, mark my word!


    Unless is never followed by if….

  82. Roda

    We know it all Amos! You have been caught up in the Vendata saga and asked to resign instead of being fired! “”Mpombo wibilima! Ala ababilima tabafika”!



  84. Ba bad

    Bull shit

  85. BJ

    Dr. DUDE, our Bemba adage goes ” ubushiku bwaluba akakote, ne chimbwi chinye imfwi.” In any case, Amos’s departure is just of those things. In more developed nations, this cannot be given the news space it has gotten. Making it a political mileage is most unfortunate. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  86. Dude

    Thanks for the correction. Bemba is just too rich. Anyway, if people think they have made any political mileage out of this, they should think twice! Otherwise they are in for a shock come 2021.

  87. Wedson Simfukwe

    Amos Chanda,you are a stiff naked fool

  88. kasonde

    but y resigned mr chanda tafiweme

  89. Joezman

    Boma yaziko

  90. MandaBernard

    Zambians wake up everything goes.with.time who knows?

  91. MK

    Where are we in terms of politics? Who can some one resign and hoping to be given another post? Thats being stupid at all. If your resignation is from deep down of your heart and you have not resigned because of the FIC,ACC and DEC thats great. But if there is any thing behind you, the law will take its course over you and you have to be brought to book.

  92. MK

    Who can some one resign and expecting to be given another post? Thats being stupid at all. If your resignation is from the deep down of your heart and you have not resigned because of the FIC,ACC and DEC thats great. But if there is any thing behind you, the law will take its course over you and you have to be brought to book. There is no smoke without fire

  93. chrisper

    Mr chanda sir. Tell us the truth to me I think you are a thief you stollen the bags of money of people of Zambia now you saw it is enough for your wished

  94. chrisper

    Mr chanda sir. Tell us the truth to me I think you are a thief you stollen the bags of money of people of Zambia now you saw it is enough for your wished .we. Want reason why why why

  95. Dr Fonicks

    Amos Chanda resigned from his position because he is alleged to have been leaking cabinet information to State House staff and his concubines. He was supposed to be fired but begged to offer resignation ad if it was his intention. The fact that he was in a very sensitive position warrants him to be offered other employment. He was not ready to resign but actually was fired.

  96. DAKA mabvuto

    Nkani ionaka MONGA yayipako APA ba Zambia uja mubemba BWALYA OUT OF THE PART ,CHANDA WITHDRAWN. NAGANIZA KUTI LET THEM MAKE THEIR OWN PARTY ,Kelvin bwalya fine President ,Amos chanda vice President, or let them join NDC OR UPND KWASILA.


    Good thinking ba DAKA.But I think if these called Politicians care for the ZAMBIANS as they claim, then to me this combination can do it:
    1. Economist – President.
    2.CK, Running mate.
    3. Amos Presidential Aid
    4.Kalaba Finance


    Ooh I have forgotten one key person: KBF: SECRETARY GENERAL

  99. gift High Classic

    Don’t Pretend us if we don’t Know What is Going on in our Country. Are You Sure You Can Resign Without a Reason pf pf pf pf and you are Expecting to give you another Chair……….for What Muthu Wandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There is a Reason Why don’t Cheat Us Niggers.

  100. SEE MIND

    Congrats >>>but you was close to fired eyes you enough is enough pack and go. Welcome another replacement !!!

  101. SEE MIND




  103. Mr smith

    Things are bad👉👉👉👉👉👉

  104. Peeee

    Amos Chanda was caught red handed and told to resign instead of being fired! Nothing is hidden under the earth! Humans have microscopic eyes! We know it all! “Mpombo wibilima! Ababilima tabafika!”

  105. Masauso

    Never shud u praise stupid things

  106. Vincent chola

    Nothing is permanent here on earth, we appreciate God for that move believing that our Preyers are not in vain.. Any corrupt leader will have chance this time because its enough. We believe not in a died Muhammad but a living God…if its God will√√ × plan√√, we exoty Him, for He is worthy….

  107. Mr peace

    Planing to aspire for some greater position or create a ka party which will end up being swallowed up by other big parties?

  108. Mk

    Kcm saga is the issue

  109. Gomfrey Mbomah

    This is an issue of kugong’ona .

  110. Martin cwanny-dee macwani

    Mr chanda
    Tell us
    The truth,
    Why hiding the truth
    What went wrong?

  111. Lozi

    Bantala misoka mwalaonaule icalo cakwa Jehovah Lesa!

  112. Kai

    It’s good you didn’t make mistakes,hope you will do good also.. .

  113. Simon Z

    it is good Mr chanda to resign than been fired by the president. We all appreciated for holding your position without any wrong did.

  114. Bwafya

    Well done mr chanda

  115. Emmanuella Tembo Ejst

    Its Gud Mwandi Amos Chanda U Have Done Gud Job Nothing Wrong To U I Even Respect U God Bless U And Yo Family Even Harry Kalaba Gud Job God Bles U Not Were By U Did Something Wrong Thats Wen U Want To Stop No

  116. Musonda Stephen

    Civil servant press briefing mu Zambia

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