Kambwili Battles for NDC Ownership in Court

The fight for the ownership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was back in court with Chishimba Kambwili urging the court to dismiss former secretary general Mwenya Musenge’s case challenging the former’s position as party president.

Musenge has sued Kambwili and party general secretary Bridget Atanga for allegedly masquerading as the party’s leaders.

Musenge is also seeking an interpretation of the NDC constitution regarding the tenure of office Kambwili, Attanga and the entire central committee.


But Kambwili through his lawyer Christopher Mundia has asked Justice Ruth Chibbabuka to throw out the matter for lacks of merit.

Justice Chibbabuka has since adjourned the matter to June 13 to allow her study the two applications.

Musenge is being represented by lawyer Andrew Musukwa.


  1. Member

    Patiently waiting for the verdict .

  2. Alick

    Ba Chishimba, pakwisa mu NDC mwalenakilila lelo mulefwaya ukupoka umwine wang’anda umukashi no kumufwinta panse ne ng’anda ibe yenu awe ibwelenimo, mwibomfya ulufumo……………

  3. King cool

    Awe Tata ine kulaloleshafye,

  4. Indoshi palupe

    Chimbwi kambwili this is not your party, go from yours!

  5. Daniel Banda

    If the law could apply common sense Kambwili was still in PF when NDC was formed by Musenge the entire Zambia is aware about this. Let’s not bring anarchy by supporting selfish and shameless people like this tribalist and racist man and his bootlickers.

    • Mwikala totwe

      All the Zambians know it that way, Kambwili joined as just as an ordinary NDC member, since when was he elected as president. Chipuba sana. And those Supporting fat Albert should be ashamed of this.

  6. Angoni

    Its a known verdict.

  7. Kings

    Chishimba And Kambwili Don’t Waste Our Time, Start To Think As Grown Up Persons. Musenge What Prompted To Make Kambwili The Party Consultant When You Knew You Are Weak Soldier? Seat The Two Of You And Solve The Problem If You Are Not Fools Of The Bembas, We Don’t Want To See The Party To Die Because Of The Foolishness That You Have Manifested By Going To The Courts Of Law On Simple Issue. N D C Is The Lucky Party, So Don’t Disturb It.

  8. Shimaini

    Kambwili has no brains, yesterday he was consultant to NDC while clinging to the Roan Seat not Party President! Stupid baffoon!!

  9. Drugsquard

    CK is just fueling confusion in NDC. He repeatedly refused that he was not the NDC President but a Consultant. What has changed overnight? Who was the President of NDC then when he was offering consultation services? If we clear these two issues then we will be able to finish the case right here and now.

  10. FAMOUS

    I think Mwenya musenge knows that Kambwili is the right full owner of the part,when Kambwili was in Pf he didn’t want to come in the open that he has formed a part because he was still in Pf waiting for the right time to come that’s why Mwenya musenge wasn’t made a part president because he knew very well that there is someone who deserves that post.And when Kambwili was dismissed from Pf was made part president why didn’t mwenya put himself as a president of the NDC if he formed it.

    • Vanity

      Famous you are right 100%

      • Alijoe

        And one thing you should no is that, SG is more powerful than consultant,

    • Alijoe

      When you create a part it doesn’t you a president no dear, a person can create a part and get a person how have a vision to be a president who doesn’t have money to create a part. That is democracy

    • Daniel Banda

      Yah! Famous for confusion. Zambia can not achieve adequate development with people who think like this. Which media ever said NDC has held a convention where Chishimba Kambwili was elected as their President, Let alone reported that Musenge appointed Kambwili as NDC President. Zambia can only improve with people who can demonstrate knowledge about the happenings in the country. if you know nothing, silence is golden for you. Or ni support nikuzionesa upuba sooh?

  11. sebanaWekute&Ass

    PF breed of ultra cones.

  12. pupwe

    Ukupokelela uwamatako ayakulu…….

  13. Truestory

    Bonse aba babili fipuba.


    bakabwili stop what you are doing NDC is not your part please form your part and vote for your self

  15. Kapijimpanga

    Consultant is not president musenge is party SG waiting to elect s president at the conversion where he was also likely to stand as president kambwili has ulcers in his mouth he does not know the difference of consultant and president the pipo know now kambwili forget him

  16. Chendabusiku

    Are our Journalists not aware of the on going battles regarding the presidency of NDC. This case is court and our “learned” journalists or is it writers keep on referring to this fraud accused Chishimba Kambwili as NDC President. While in MMD case they try to distinguish between the two factions!.

  17. Chendabusiku

    It will be interesting to hear how This Pomp-we suspect will claim NDC presidency. Kambwili is accused of receiving corruption money from the Chinese he has been insulting. He has fraudulently not paid tax on this income. The corrupt people or officers at ZRA are watching as they dance to their own alleged corruptions and nepotism.

  18. Martine Tembo

    We will see the interpretation. Few months ago, CK was stripped off his MP position for saying NDC was his party and now pipo elected JC without a campaign statement from MM. waiting to see and if it turns out that CK looses, will there be another legal pursuit against unlawful dismisal from the MP position. Wait and see….

  19. Jms

    What is the difference between a consultant and an adviser now many parties have advisors and when you analysis the situation you will find that its only ck on top why because he knows the party well inside and outside that’s why due to allow him do other jobs outside the party he has to be recognized as an consultant to allow working with outsiders NATU BA TOTELE KO who is the SG no wonder it has been easy to replace him you see but you can’t see properly some people are laggards

  20. Evance kaseba


  21. Lions

    Bwafya Zambia politics any way am supporting Dr.ck.

  22. Abel Roston

    Viva Kambwili our NDC President mr musenge you alone nothing you can do with a party just control your self people confusing you will leave you and you will have no where to go that man you are pushing is a real man he has wisdom knowledge and understanding more than you respect him he’s the president of our NDC PARTY

  23. Naked monkey

    Zambian smokers why behaving as if you don’t want to school, try to solve this problem privately u ar elderly people please. Kikiki!!!

  24. Abel Roston

    Viva Kambwili our NDC President mr musenge you alone nothing you can do with a party just control your self people confusing you will leave you and you will have no where to go that man you are pushing is a real man he has wisdom knowledge and understanding more than you respect him he’s the president of our NDC PARTY

  25. Abena kafue

    I see from the postings that people don’t know who actually formed ndc.

  26. Abena kafue

    I see from the postings that people don’t know who actually formed ndc. Because even musenge himself used to say that ” the Messiah was coming not me” what did he mean?

    • Alijoe

      He create a part and he will brings someone who will be a president by process of construction of NDC at convention, not by putting yours without people will.

  27. Abena kafue

    Many pf cadres will attest to the fact that they own musenge through the money they are giving him for legal processes. Watch.

  28. Joseph malombe

    The hour has come for angry power but we should mean mise our anger because, your followers will get stuck and they will have no way to go.You know Mr Kambili and Mr mwenye Musenge,these are what has brought separation between Mr HH and GBM,also remember it brought separation between Mr SATA and HH this was because, each and everyone was biting on his shoulder to say iam the only one.Leadership is not self ambitious or self determined. It is the group work.Leadership needs humbleness and and consultative.Iam urging Mr KAMBWILI and Mr MUSENGE not to be distracted by those who know that NDC is coming hot.They just want to make you differ with each other. When they see that in NDC there is no peace,they will capitalise on you.Mr KAMBWILI and Mr MUSENGE,be carefully with how you tackles the matters of the party.Don’t let people know what you are planning to do and be aware of any interrogations from un nessisally people for they will destroy your integrity and the integrity of the party as well. Both of you guys,stand a taste of time.God bless you all.

  29. peter phiri

    we all know how ck gladly embraced the title of ndc consultant whilest holding to 2 portifolios as Roan mp and ndc consultant respectively.It is after ck’s Roan seat was declared vacant by Speaker Dr Matibini,that ck has openly declared him self as ndc president.The question is when was ck declared president and by who?when did the central committe of ndc ever met to change ck portifolio from a consultant to a president?It is a known fact that Musenge single handly orgarnised and registered ndc party when ck was busy fighting legal battles with pf challenging his dismissal from pf.What has happened to a position of a consultant did he relingush it it?We hope ck is not trying to abuse Musenge’s good will and hosipitality.

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