Muslims Hail Tolerant Zambian Spirit

The Muslim community in Zambia has hailed President Edgar Lungu for his solidarity with them during their month-long season of Ramadan.

In a statement, the Muslim community said that the support received from various Zambians demonstrate the spirit of tolerance that exists in Zambia.

Full Statement:


05TH JUNE 2019


The Muslim community in Zambia would like to extend its sincere gratitude to His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the Zambian people at large in wishing us a blessed Eid to mark the end of fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan.

From public statements to social media posts to personal messages both in person and in our inboxes, the Eid greetings have reaffirmed our belief in the warm, tolerant and brotherly nature of the Zambian people. It is a trait many countries can only wish to emulate that makes Zambia stand tall as a beacon of tolerance, peace and unity. We salute you all.

The Muslim community in Zambia remain committed to being part of the continued development agenda of our nation, socially, politically, economically and will always strive to be a peaceful and caring community.

Eid Mubarak.

God bless our country. 🇿🇲. One Zambia. One Nation

Issued By Makeni Islamic Society Trust On Behalf Of The larger Muslim Community Of Zambia


  1. EDDIE


  2. ShiBwalya

    The problem with Zambians is that they are slow in figuring out things. This is a coded message from Muslims saying that – they are now ready to take over from Christians in this country. That is, the “infidels” (the Zambian unbelievers) are ready to be converted. But always remember that according to Muslims, any “infidel” who refuses to be converted must be killed. Conversion is not voluntary. Check their KORAN (Muslim Bible).

    • Ik

      Kindly tell people the truth and do not mislead them.
      Bring your evidence from the Koran and Islamic tradition that support your claims.
      The Koran says “there is no compulsion in religion” Koran 2:56

      • I am peace

        I am the Final Prophet.
        No one but Allah.
        Koran is the only true book.
        Islam is true religion. It is a honour to convert the non-believers to follow the true Prophet, Mohammad (PBUH) and only true peaceful religion of the world. Amin

        • mast

          Sakwiba Sikota is a stooge of RB who is a stooge of Muslims who funded Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s elections. RB was given millions of dollars to give contract to Sable Transport, allow Mosque in Rhodes Park, go after Dr. Mahtani and finish off opposition parties in Zambia. Sikota is writing to please his Masters.

      • Amos Chanda


        Just click and know the truth about peaceful religion.

    • Ik

      Ba ShiBwalya where are you getting your facts from??

    • Sim1

      Get away Satan shi bwalya.

  3. My brother seek knowledge wherever it might be. Don't spread falsehood

    He should check his facts well before he comes out

  4. Honorable Mutande Brian

    One God, one warship and one baptism, the only Bible which can tell the truth is new king James vision, we only believe in Christ, Zambia is a Christian nation,,,,

  5. mukonchi must prosper

    Zambia was declared a Christian nation,wonder what these susid bombers are doing in our country

    • Ik

      Did God declare Zambia a Christian nation??
      Open your eyes wide and see…


    OwowowOwowo okay namona ama Muslim


    No one knows the true religion is and moreove what you believe is what happends by the way do you that the division starts pali jesus christ, moslem they jesus is a proffet and christians hes a son of man our saviour but even the moslem do believe that kuli mulungu.enx

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