Zambia are 2019 Cosafa Champions

Zambia has beaten Botswana 1-0 to lift the 2019 Cosafa Cup at Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Tapson Kaseba scored the only goal of the game as Zambia were crowned 2019 COSAFA Cup champions after a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Botswana in the decider at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on Saturday.

The result means Zambia are regional champions for the fifth time, one less than gold medal leaders Zimbabwe, and lift the trophy for the first time since 2013 having lost out in the previous two finals.

For Botswana it is more heartache as their quest for a maiden COSAFA Cup glory continues following a second final defeat, the previous one coming in 2016 when they lost to South Africa.

Zambia started the tournament with a 4-2 win over Malawi on penalties after the match ended 2-2 in regulation time and dispatched a star studded Zimbabwe by a similar margin on spot kicks after the match finished 0-0 in normal time.


  1. Soccer Fan

    Congrats boys, you have made us proud yet again. However you need to improve further for you be a force to reckon on a greater stage, say AFCON


    Congratulations boys

  3. Dominic Mutale

    Congratulations Chipolopolo boys

  4. Mayo mayo

    congratulations boys. remain focused for the games rather tonarments to come ahead of you.twalumba.

  5. Kamster


  6. Simpito Mukandwa

    Twamitotela ba Zambia

  7. Kennedy Nyimbiri

    Congrats chipolopolo though your performance was a disaster. Surely you need to pull up your socks.

    • Zemwa

      Kennedy nyimbiri u are too talkative, moreover u don’t know how to play football, mind the way u talk.

      • Mary

        Kuwaya wayafye. Naka COSAFA cup. Friends will be Ku afcon, you will be watching friends, nge nsoni?

    • Daniel Banda

      Which school and level was attained by Kennedy Nyimbiri where he learned about praising a disastrous performance? It is doubtful that he did well at grade 7 where special paper excluded people with such an IQ from seeing the corridors of a secondary school.

      • Mary

        Its you who is dull. How do you praise such play and expect to go to the Afcon worse world cup. Struggling with Bots, can’t you get embarrassed?

  8. Ian chipola

    thanks for making us happy.

  9. Mr pm

    Congratulations guys and keep it up for bringing the cup pa Z but next time we need a good display in the pitch though today’s display was tactical

  10. One oren

    Congratulations my boys but put more efforts don’t relax

  11. kenny simz

    Congrats to us Zambian’s ,i congratulate the coach who made the team to do better. This should not stop here because u have won the cup noooooo !!! continue working hard and bring as many as possible

  12. Cimo

    Congrats boy for bringing the trophy to Zambia, go Zambia go. But surely the performance was Frey being half on the ball position against your opponent was not god, anyway thanks u have lifted the trophy, next time improve……

  13. Mn

    Congrats boyz 4 bringing the cup 4 de 45th time but next time coach u should work on the midfield and the strikers to assist kambole coz against Malawi we almost lost that game had it been 4 the mistake by Malawi we would have lost the game

  14. Patson

    Mwabombeni ba Zambia.but don’t relax especially midfield Na striking force to partner with kambole

  15. Maambo

    It’s better to learn about a victory than a loss.

  16. Jms

    Thanks our prayers have been answered let’s start our victories yes you can do it guyz

  17. sauje

    Congratulations Zambia. Thanks for making us proud.

  18. Ferdinand mulolo

    Nice win boys go zambia go am glad you brought the trophy pa z

  19. Az

    Zambia’s first half performance was dog shit.. Improve gentlemen if we are to go far beyond than COSAFA.. FAZ should implement a law just to prepare young footballers for the next national team.. I mean look at how under 20 Senegal is performing at on going world cup…

  20. Mr. BJ

    Sweet victory, despite the dismal performance. Bravo our coaching team. Congrats!!!

  21. Herv Rena

    Conglats Chipolopolo,though your standards are still below par.Anyway consolation for missing CHAN.

    • Madalitso M Phiri

      Congratulations to Agrey Chiyangi, his bench, and the boys. Last year we played very well but we were condemned because lost. This year, we played badly, as they say, but won the cup! For me, that was a 3rd string Chipolopolo dispatching the best of Zimbabwe! Great achievement!

  22. Daniel Banda

    Chipololo Woyee! Woyee!
    But Down with Top Star and ZNBC for collecting money from us every month and failing to bring the game to our screens.


    Congrats Ba ZAMBIA,,, but performance was bad BA COACH just control the midfielders and strikers ,,, BRAVO!!!!

  24. Nswana chilengi

    This is great, congrats Zambia the chipolopolo boy

  25. James

    Good goal keeper, Youremember Banda improved the tempo of the game. Zambia’s game boring because of having 2 defensive midfielders Jack & Benson. Anyway Zikomo cup ya bwera.

  26. Cha-cha-cha

    Well done well done guys, put more effort to get another cup.

  27. Misheck nondo

    Comment Mwagwira nchito kwambiri anyamata mwatisangarasa

  28. Sakulanda

    Weldone guys job well-done

  29. Martin Kunda


  30. jonson

    poor and bad performance

    • Zemwa

      Jonson u don’t know how to play football just keep quiet

  31. Pamusebo

    Good results in difficult times.

  32. Eleson kalumba

    congratulation boys

  33. attack mayor

    Job well done boys,you have made us proud

  34. The saint

    U have wiped tears from our eyes well-done

  35. Mr smith


  36. BJ

    Football is a funny game. One expects three things: win, lose or a draw. Those who are too expectant, end up crying or die from bp. Our team has finally made us proud. It’s good that it has proven it’s critics wrong. Cosafa of late has been highly rated. Let CHAN be your next stop.

  37. Indoshi palupe

    Amakula yawina !!!!

    • Alu.B

      A ndoshi always find fault so that he gets chance to bewitch.

  38. Kanyembo

    Not a every convincing win,but a win is a win.Botswana had a better game.

  39. jae

    Not bad but boys should improve in making
    Goals…..congrats boyz

  40. Besa Rostone

    Well done boys

  41. bierch

    great congrats star citizens of Zambia, continue playing ugly football like that great country we know on Europe and continue surprising everyone with ever victory. ignore being stylish aim at winning that’s what makes us happy————–

  42. simbombo

    congratulations to you chipolopolo boys

  43. Sampa

    Well done guz

  44. Evangelist Tikhale Magombo-CHIKANDA

    Congrats Zambia beware of our youthful side soon we will surprise you like in 1988,but you deserve my congratulatory message.


    congraturation to you boys but improve on middfilder and strikers coaches work hard.



  47. Hot Geezy

    Congratulations to the boys

  48. Evans Sikatali

    You have done a great job.Continue to work extra hard, don’t get confused with the money I will be given. Thnx.

  49. Chrispin Sinyinza

    Congratulations once again Zambia, you have lifted our flag once more, Amazing!!!!!!!

  50. John Simusamba

    Kudos to you boys!!!

  51. George heart violet

    Well done guys although your performance was řęåłłÿ something else

  52. Alu.B

    Is better

  53. Chiddyobo knox

    Aggrey is simple a gud and successful coach. Zambia shud consider giving him the top national coach duties and he will bring us back to where we used to be among the top in africa

    • Binda

      Aggrey to coach chipolopolo 1 ? Not now. Faz should let him continue wth chipolopolo 2 for Chan- and start preps now.

  54. James chaala

    Congrats❤ guy’s we👉 luv

  55. James chaala

    Congrats❤ guy’s we👉 luv

  56. Madalitso M Phiri

    That was a 3rd string Zambia dispatching an AFCON BOUND star studded Zimbabwe. Great work by Chiyangi and team. Zambian coaches can do this!!

  57. Mr peace

    The final win was very impressive.How ever please Zambians,let us understand when others win and be contributive in our comments than flashing unnecessary views towards the football house.


    Let’s go back to the drawing board and see what transpired for us to win these matches, Don’t j go back to the drawing board when you lo

  59. TK mukulusa

    congratulation boy’s 100%

  60. luapula

    Job well done guys go zambia go bt u have to improve in some areas

  61. za mwape powe

    congratulation ba zed but not playing well next time u put kelven mubanga shandrick musonda,l bwalya

  62. Saidy


  63. Bhadgui


  64. joseph kampwali

    Congrats guys

  65. helllosa

    Improve plz next tym guyz


    Congratulations guys

  67. Daniel Banda

    What are those people congratulating the team and at the same time condemning the performance thinking? The principle of playing a game fairly and win. The team accomplished the COSAFA assignment successfully by winning the 3 matches given to them, so what do you want?

    • George simadikiti

      Mr banda,we are blaming the standard of playing it was totaly bad Botswana was playing like there on training which is not good all if u see ur team had no middfds and also upfront only kambole was sharp kaseba his good but his very slow and he don’t have a how I wish if am given that oppotunite to be a coach I would put kambole,u remember banda,chityabususu and Bruce musakanya as my first upfront line telling it can be a degerous combination

  68. George simadikiti

    We very happy to win a cup.but though the performance of u guys was very poor it’s only that Botswana had no enough chances on a goal but any way we say boller coach when u see that one player is tired make changes immidiatly so next time u should sapen up ur team not apa naa pa boller kuli goalkeeper if it was me as a goalkeeper I can just save only five good ones and allow one so that u see that u are the cz of the problem.

  69. Emc

    I congratulate the coach for approaching all the three games tactfully. All the three teams we played have the same type of playing. We did well not to concede early as it happened with Malawi.our duty was to absorb their pressure and frustrate hence they became exhausted and we scored. Keep it up!

  70. Greech

    Bola kwingisha,no matter how much you play ngatamwingishe ninshi ni wala.

  71. eden h

    goal keepers display was superb I like the spirit…congrats boys

  72. SEE MIND

    Was lucky cangrats. The game played they didn’t well. Ok Chipolopolo guys !!!

  73. chilambwe jonathan

    Nice One Guys Keep It Up

  74. Lusungu banda

    Congratulations but keep yourselves and do not become excited with lifestyles

  75. £

    Don’t forget that the main team lost 2-1.

  76. Osman

    Okay for the win but we are very far in football



  78. Maps D

    congratulations! I think these boys can win the world cup. Go Zambia

  79. Wellington mubanga

    Congratulations chipolopolo boys

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