HH Challenges Lungu to Act on Those Cited in FIC Report

Hakainde Hichilema has challenged President Edgar Lungu to immediately act on those cited in the Financial Intelligence Centre reports of 2017 and 2018 to justify his statements on the corruption fight.

Hichilema, the UPND president, has stated that a total of K10.6 billion is reported to have been lost through corruption and other financial crimes, according to the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) reports of 2017 and 2018.

“If you are not willing to head this crusade, one day, the Zambian people will head an anti-corruption crusade against you. As UPND, we will stand, as we always have, with the people to demand Zambia’s money back. If you think you will shield these culprits until 2021, there is life after 2021. The Bembas say ‘umulandu taubola’. The Zambian people will one day demand what rightly belongs to them. I am sure Zambian people would want to one day respect you as a former President, but to earn this respect, we urge you to also respect them today by securing their resources and therefore their future. As it is now, Edgar Lungu is being viewed with contempt, and many would say he deserved it because he has exhibited a leadership weakness that a President should never show,” Hichilema stated in a statement issued today. “The rampant corruption and economic sabotage reported in the Financial Intelligence Centre’s 2018 Trends Report does not only make sad reading for a country that is in such a terrible economic crises, it actually tells us how arrogant the PF Government is, and how and determined they are to continue looting the fortunes of our country, take advantage of the fact that Zambians are a peaceful citizenry that will only talk and eventually walk away from the issue. It is sad for the country, sadder for its people and sadder still and shameful for the PF supporters who do not even benefit from the corruption, but keep supporting the PF simply for the feel good effect of being aligned to the ruling party.”

He stated that the money reportedly lost through corruption in the last two years was enough to clear the $750 million eurobond due in 2022.

“In 2017, the country lost K4.5 billion through corruption, according to the FIC’s 2017 Trends Report. This has increased to K6.1 billion in 2018, meaning in two years, the PF Government has lost K10.6 billion, which is about US$1 billion through corruption…The President can save this country if only he can empower the law enforcement agencies and allow them to do their job of prosecuting the people that have looted the country and compelling them to return the money,” Hichilema stated.

“We want to believe that President Lungu means well when he says he is committed to fighting corruption. And if he does, we want to challenge him to inform the nation what he has done to those who were cited in 2017 report for milking K4.5 billion off the country through corruption. How many successful prosecutions did Zambia record on his watch? Is Mr. Lungu letting these people go scot-free and yet still expect us to believe that he is fighting corruption? Mr. President, we are still waiting for your Executive action on the 2017 Trends Report, and we demand that those cited be compelled to bring back the K4.5 billion that they stole in 2017.”

He stated that the money being lost through corruption and other financial crimes belonged to Zambians and not PF money.

“For 2018, the law enforcement agencies have again received 80 reports of suspected money laundering. We demand to know how many of these cases have been acted on. We demand that the K6.1 billion be forensically traced and brought back to the Government coffers this year. This is not PF Government money; it is the money of the Zambian people, which was entrusted to you Government. And on your watch, it was lost. We demand it back!” Hichilema stated.

“You know the thieves and corrupt elements in your Government. You know each of your Ministers and the wealth they had when they joined you. You know for instance that a few years ago, your Minister Lusambo was just a parker at Cash Crusaders. Today Mr. Lusambo has become such a wealthy businessman that he can donate goods worth millions to his constituency. If not through corrupt dealings and pillaging of public resources, where do you think Mr. Lusambo might have gotten the money from when you know his salary as a provincial Minister?”

He further gave an example of infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela who previously was a police constable but had allegedly amassed a lot of wealth while serving in the PF government.

“You know Mr. Chitotela was just a police constable before joining the PF. Then he became a Minister and today Mr. Chitotela has amassed massive amounts of wealth. When ACC arrests him, you tell us that he is innocent and will continue as Minister until proven guilty. Where is the integrity and morality in keeping an allegedly corrupt person on your administration? Yes, the law may provide for that, but why did you not apply the same principle when Emerine Kabanshi was embroiled in the ZAMPOST Social Cash Transfer saga if your motive is not to aid and abet corruption? Same game and different rules, these are signs of your weak presidency Mr. Lungu,” Hichilema stated.

“As we demand the repayment of the K10.6 billion (about US$1 billion), which your colleagues have stolen in the last two years, we also demand that you immediately introduce amendments to the Public Procurement Act among others, to prohibit participation of shell corporations in public procurement. This is a key channel through which money is being stolen. Amending the Public Procurement Act was actually one of the promises the PF Government made in 2017 as part of the structural reforms towards fiscal fitness. Why have you grown cold feet if not to facilitate corruption? And yet to find it quite easy to amend the entire Constitution simply because you would rather weed out elements of the Supreme Law that are inconvenient to the PF, irrespective of the cost to Zambia.”


  1. Kang'ombe

    You are wise Mr. President, that’s good challenge let His Excellence do something for the majority Zambians.

    • Bk

      Ladies and Gentleman how much did hh hide in America after selling our Zccm.? It is sad that today he wants to look smart
      Zambians have not forgotten 2021 is not Upnd NOOOO!!!!

      • kufahakurambwe

        @BK I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume you have a little sense. This is my free advice to you. Get your head out of the sand and read. You can start with Mulenga & Jelita & gradually step up. Good luck. Reading can seriously damage your ignorance.

      • CN

        Is it possible for a common Zambian citizen to sell property that belongs to the people of Zambia like ZCCM ? How can you change ownership without the Zambia’s Attorney General knowing ? And what about residential and work permits for foreign buyers ? May be we should go back to school and learn more.

      • WANGLING


    • Ricardo

      yes we demand action from his excellency to confirm his position in this matter.be a man of integrity

  2. Spade not Spoon

    Mr HH, I know yours is to provide checks and balances, but what you are asking this man is the same as asking a lion to account for the blood of a missing person in the village.

    • Kazungo Kendrick

      No, pf have stolen the money they have to bring it back, Zambian citizens we are suffering as if we are not belong to this country. Wait for 2021 pf your days are numbered, Mr HH continue working

    • kufahakurambwe

      @ Spade not Spoon this is utterly hilarious. Thumbs up you’ve made my day.

  3. professor Clerk

    no wonder the country is developing at a snail’s pace. K10.6 billion is too much. What is happening in zambia???

  4. Truth man

    Ya mene Ya mene! Let’s see someone do his job. It is a good challenge with only moral rules attached. Integrity is at stake here.

  5. Binda

    Bintu byonse Buju na kimye,

    • Binda

      Bintu byonse biji na kimye – there is time for everything, it’s said.

  6. Collins

    Wake up Zambians check ur envoy ‘s leadership.

  7. jacob lungu

    mr .lungu has no vision to serve as a president.

  8. Saibwende Saizungha

    “We also demand that you introduce amendments to the Public Procurement Act”, this bwana is what you were supposed to order your mps yo present to the ndf sitting, because to me it makes more sense,but alas you ordered them to stay away,another lost chance to making real changes to the constitution

  9. Hev Rena

    The problem is that PF enrolled former MMD thieves into their midst.Hence they were infected with this virus of cleptomaniac stealing.Which in turn affected the civil service.The kind of cartels found in govt are indeed hair raising!Why should ministers be involved in procurements thru cartels.DEc,ACC and OP can no longer see.

  10. BJ

    Checks and balances is what your party bwana should have been doing other than the many walk outs that we have witnessed lately. One cannot win a battle from out the ring. Had you been dearly for mother Zambia, the actions by MPs will have told us a story. A story to take us there. Stop being selfish and work to better the living standard of Zambian citizenry. Share the many resources with your many poor Zambians. Emulate your fellows abroud, who are able to even pay school fees for vulnerable students. Efyo abanenu Ba winer imitima yaba kasala. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  11. B LSimpamba

    These are genuine checks and blances not politising

  12. HOMMIE 24

    10.6 this is too much.the blem should not be on the goverment alone but also on the citizens of zamba for allowing this to happen and fail to do anything about it.i think u are foolish as a country

  13. HOMMIE 24

    lungu should resigne and apologiz or await to be given a maximum sentence after 2021

  14. CM

    I av never seen a corrupt government like this before.Ba Lungu where are you taking this country? Zambians wake up the Easteners are thieves,Robbers and Scanderers never to be trusted.I salute you pilato for the song entitled Koswe mumpoto

  15. Chalwe

    Am happy that you have now accepted that he is President of Zambia

  16. Trust Havuluma

    That’s what we want our only president

  17. Flanker

    Health and Technology


    • KKMM

      Its true Mr President HH what you are saying is what has happened you are a good leader I see leadership in you 2021 they are going to see I was a pf but now I have seen what you are talking about Sir 2021 we are changing this week leaders we have in the offices of our country please your Excellence do what Mr Hichilema has said if you are not a week leader. Thank you so much for leting us know the amount of money they have stolen, HH 2021 IS YOURS NOW ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and umulandu tawubola

  18. Starfara

    God is not blind that he can’t see what they are doing nor deaf that he can’t hear the crys of the Zambians, the day will come when they will be punished believe me guys!!!!!!!

  19. KKMM

    Its true Mr President HH what you are saying is what has happened you are a good leader I see leadership in you 2021 they are going to see I was a pf but now I have seen what you are talking about Sir 2021 we are changing this week leaders we have in the offices of our country please your Excellence do what Mr Hichilema has said if you are not a week leader. Thank you so much for leting us know the amount of money they have stolen, HH 2021 IS YOURS NOW ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and umulandu tawubola

  20. Schoolboy

    Zambia forward

  21. Rock Aiman chinzooma

    Yaaaa, tables are upside down, HH, keep on watching the ball, look honorable, football training is done as a team, but when going gets tough, tough gets going, substitutions that looks are done willfully by the players, takes place at that time to try and escape possibility of loosing the game. Hay Zambians open up eyes, cranial capacity and ears in order to be not cheated under a mare word of comfort. Another sign of corruption, no were, where none experts in business are given recourses in terms of k80.000.00 monetary with out collateral. How safe is that money with a none trained???. Run away from your special duties, but you will be soon unveiled and caught.

  22. enalo

    It is his duty to make checks and balances. Hit the nail on the head.

  23. Ng'wa ng'wa imbu

    Next time when voting lets think twice.Our monies are stollen which could be used in hospitals or even schools.So in 2021 even if J.K sings again dununa reverse lets refuse to entertain nosense thru the ballot,am sure we can redeem ourselves.PF is corrupt

  24. Dr Fonicks

    This is really sad. masses are wallowing in abject poverty at the expense of a few individuals. where is this country heading? By the look of things it seems like the President is adamant about the corruption by the government officials. surely, it needs a stern action by Mr. Lungu. failing to execute punitive measures entails being part of the cartel. I am losing confidence in our government. no wonder Mutati was relieved of his position as Finance minister. Gentlemen, feel pity for mother Zambia. The biggest problem is that there are many former MMD stalwarts at the expense of founding PF members. Nangu kutila uubomba mwibala this is just too much. The day of reckoning is just behind the corner.

  25. De illest

    This is a doomed country. Zambia was cursed

  26. FGM

    PF has lost direction. * High poverty levels. * Zambian businesses not growing as they used to, due to liquidity cash problems. * Public projects have created millionaires in foreign countries at the expense of Zambians. * Corruption is ever rising. Zambians will be given chance to continue on the same route or redeem themselves in 2021.

  27. Fisunge

    Even if he checks and balancing he’s still a Satanist people of Zambia don’t give him chance to come and suck our blood including our children’s blood danger don’t make that mistake a Satanist is always a Satanist until he sucks your blood so don’t listen to him I read my jelitaa and mulenga and I can’t give my name to a Satanist through a vote he refused a referendum so which checks and balances

    • Tayan

      When a white guy makes it in life u say he is intelligent n its normal with u but to your fellow african , u r like its voodoo, satanist bluh bluh, as eva sucked n of your fam members? If he has then give us proof we willl support you…

  28. Dude

    I won’t either.

  29. Malama

    Leadership is a privilege, not a right, so many don’t get the point. They think leadership is an entitlement; it’s really sad. When such things happen they thrive on a culture that tolerates such. We Zambians as a whole are irresponsible and that is why we sit and watch when rubbish is going on. When someone decides to step up and speak up we same Zambian want to bring such a person down. We need to grow up and face the fact we chose these people and we have to power to kick them out. Each Zambian is pointing at Lungu, wait a minute? Who elected Lungu? WE ELECTED HIM TO THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENCY. We Zambians by our behaviour don’t respect the office of President; we just don’t and that is the kind of education we need. We lack Character needed to make wise choices in selecting Leaders. Lungu is can’t be bigger than one ordinary Zambian because a Zambian entrusted him with those Instruments of Power. We are to blame for allowing ourselves to be in such a situation. Let’s start thinking properly and logically. Let’s first accept responsibility and then learn from our mistakes.

  30. Tayan

    Zambia is demonically possesed y do i say this
    1 ignorance _ we zambians r ignorant that we dnt wnt to face the truth and let those that comit offences be brought to book, we would rather protect them because watu ni watu or becouse of these tuma change they give us and allow them to make billions of kwacha for them, if cont with this behavior we remain poor in fill other peoples pockets mwi laya umungulu for cheap things like chitenge or t-shirts and youths should stop behaving like hungry Dogs( cadres) argue about real issues not about who has got power please help save our country
    2. We love reading about new big stories, the bigest crimes and cases that are happening in our country and allowing the enemies stab us in the back…
    Instead of us looking at the govt expenditure, how is the govt using the resources and current challenges we have e.g power, water… we r nw reading about pamele to stop us from asking questions and reading about pamela.
    3 Tribal hatred _ ati because our stupid and useless forefathers could not reason together and we call our selfs christians ati zambia is a christian nation when we have hatred for one another while God said love your neighbour as you love yourself aka mocha lesa hepocrites.
    4 jealousy_when a white man becomes rich its ok but fellow african ati ni voodoo or satanist
    5 corrupt _ scratch my back , i scratch yrs too
    Wako ni wako
    6 Youths doing dirty works and becoming hungry dogs called “caders “the innocent people afraid to talk. Youths will rather kill for money
    Continue attacking yourselfs like caders while yr country’s wealth n beauty is fading n shared among the greedy leaders and u realise on a late stage.. before you argue find out, come out on public give your views i guess if we were doing this we could have been best communicators but we are the worst communicators .

  31. Abel

    To every beginning has an end,you might think you are enjoying today not knowing that you are drowning yourself into future suffering, GOD OF ZAMBIAN CITIZEN give us what we need in 2021.AMEN

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