Kasama Man Kills Self Over Nshima

A 23-year-old man of Kasama has committed suicide after he allegedly quarreled with his young brother over nshima, the country’s staple food.

The deceased, who has since been put to rest, has been identified as Evans Mwila, 23, of Chief Mukonge’s Chiefdom in Kasama, Northern Province.

Northern Province Commissioner Richard Mweene confirmed this in an interview.

“We received a report of suicide in which a 23 year old man identified as Evans Mwila hanged himself in the nearby bush after an alleged dispute with his young brother,” Mweene disclosed.

He added the two had an argument in which the deceased later informed his mother that he would commit suicide because his younger brother had been disrespecting him and denied him food.

Mweene said police have not made arrests.


  1. Rousy

    Why lose your life that GOD gave you over
    Petty issues?
    I don’t get it.

  2. Mukonkoto K

    Mahhhhh! Too bad over nshima sure!!!!?

  3. Chibuta k

    Too bad

  4. Wanyala

    Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Very komokisable,,,,…..

  5. Chakulya matambo

    Iyeeeee bafiwa sure ubwali those are bemba and bisa

  6. kufahakurambwe

    Hey guys here is another opportunity to blame Lungu and his cohorts….lol

  7. Grace

    He just had issues… there is so much life has to offer other than nshima…



  9. Nason

    The police should carry out an investigation. there is more to unvail in the matter. 😭😭😭

  10. SIRCH

    2 BAD

  11. Enock mukonka

    *this is a sign of hunger in the land.
    *R.I.P My dear brother

  12. Kato Muzo

    Chris Phiri you have bewitched your mbuyas

  13. William mumba

    May God forgive him and president lungu has nothin to do with thse so dont blame him

  14. Jessy namukoko

    I think the devil was just at work

  15. Zepheniah

    Lets not blame each othr,mitima zimababa samtymz.A Person Can Do That Ovr Discrimination.Only Prayrz Can Help Us Ovrcam Such Evryday Challenges.

  16. Lackson

    2 Bad

  17. Lackson

    Nshima anyway R.I.P

  18. Kondwani Kaminsa

    Foolish Man Killing Himself For Nothing

  19. Amigo

    There could have been more to this story!

  20. Collins

    Too bad

  21. Phiri James

    Too bad

  22. aaron

    Too bad R.I.P

  23. Geoffrey

    To bad over nshima

  24. TOKOTA

    Insala kapondo TOKOTA 🦍🦍 🦍🦍 🦍🦍 🦍🦍 🦍🦍 🦍

  25. man of destiny

    Hmmmm zoona zoona pansima I think he has been planning to do for a long time

  26. It's me

    I chazi techinobe

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